Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kadima Minister seeks to end Jewish law of return

Post-Zionism: refers to the views of some Israeli and diaspora Jews and others, particularly in academia, that Zionism fulfilled its ideological mission with the creation of modern State of Israel in 1948 and that the ideology should therefore be considered to be at an end. -Wikepedia

Post Zionism is now the ideology holding power in Israel, as Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party, somehow considered a "centrist" party by most media types, has just come out in favor of ending the Jewish law of return. This position was up until very recently only taken by those seen on the far left, however we now see the transformation of the far left edge into the majority party in the Israeli government.

( Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit (Kadima) struck a blow to one of the central pillars of Zionism Tuesday, calling for an end to automatic citizenship for Jews who make aliyah (immigrate to Israel).

Addressing the governing board of the Jewish Agency, Sheetrit said that funds should be directed to helping immigrants already living in Israel instead of absorbing “lost tribes” from Africa and Asia. “Don't go finding me any lost tribes, because I won't let them in any more," he declared. "We have enough problems in Israel. Let them go to America."

How long can this house of cards last? That's all the vermin needed to see: A minister in Olmert's government seeking the end of aliya while mocking out the Jews who aren't white. What an incredible disgrace this man is to Israel and world Jewry.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Minister announces Israel to concede Golan

Ever wonder why it is so important to expel the moslems from Israel? Ever wonder what would happen if moslems became prominent ministers in the Israeli government? Well, here's the answers to both those questions, kiddies, as the first moslem Minister in Israel speaks out.

Ynet News:
As tensions continue to flare with Syria, Minister Raleb Majadele announces that Israel 'is willing to pay the price for peace with Syria and return the Golan Heights.' Numerous MKs slam his remarks, Kadima denies Majadele speaks for Olmert.

"The late president of Syria said it before he died and the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said it to the settlers in the Golan and emphasized that the extent of the withdrawal from the Golan will also be the extent of the peace with Syria…

"The price of peace with Syria is giving back the Golan and I think that Israel is ready to pay that price in exchange for peace and in exchange for peace with the Arab nations," said Science, Culture and Sport Minister Raleb Majadele on Friday in an interview to Kuwati daily al-Rai. The minister said he would be willing to serve as an intermediary in the event of such an agreement.

Majadele also voiced his approval of releasing Lebanese prisoner Samir Kuntar in a future prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hizbullah.

Majedele called for Israel to change its policies towards Syria.

"Israel must act differently with Assad. According to my strategy, despite everything that has happened, I am convinced that Syria sees peace as a strategic goal. Israel has no aspirations to conquer Syria or expand its territory into Syria, and therefore there is no reason for there to be a Syrian-Israeli confrontation.

"Israel knows that if it wants peace with Syria, the price will be the Golan," he said.

With Israel moving a large-scale military exercise from its border with Syria just to avoid unnecessary tensions, the timing of Majadele's comments comes at an increasingly volatile point.

Majadele's apparent willingness to cede the Golan was met with expected condemnation from right-wing Knesset members.

National Union-NRP chairman MK Zevulun Orlev said in response that Majadele was "undermining the State's very foundations.

"Majadele undercuts Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights - a matter which undisputed by law. His statements solely reflect Arab and Palestinian viewpoints that contradict the national mindset in Israel. These grave statements must be dealt with seriously," he said.

In related news, earlier this week Meretz leader Yossi Beilin put forward a mandate to permanently ban all Jews from Hebron, the City of the Patriarchs, as a good will gesture to the moslems. Thankfully it was defeated, but, sadly, it is a likely portent of what's to come.

I look to the Hellenized self-loathers, then to the moslem filth, then back again at the self-loathers, and cannot tell one from the other in the Animal Farm known as modern Israel.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Knesset majority says no to conceding Jerusalem

This is a good, though perhaps futile, sign that the majority of Jews in Knesset have not lost their minds...

( More than half of Knesset Members from both the opposition and the coalition factions have signed a petition against plans to hand over parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority.

The document rejects plans to relinquish Israel’s sovereignty over holy sites in the Old City and the City of David, just outside the Old City walls, as well as possible intentions to give eastern Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods to the PA.

Likud MK Yisrael Katz and other Likud MKs spearheaded the drive, and they were quickly joined by nearly 30 coalition MKs, including thirteen members of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s own Kadima party and all of Shas.

Two Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) MKs, David Rotem and Esterina Tartman, signed the petition, as did Yoram Marciano of Labor - the only Labor MK to do so. Four ministers also signed the petition, including Yaakov Edry and Ze’ev Boim of the Kadima party, and two others from the Gil Pensioners’ party.

“It is possible that Olmert could divide Jerusalem and we would have to face that reality, but it’s illegitimate, especially since he’s putting Jerusalem on the agenda to distract from his other problems,” said Likud MK Reuven Rivlin.

The prime minister asserted earlier this month that he does not need the Knesset’s approval to reach a joint declaration with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, including one that might include an agreement to hand over parts of Jerusalem to the PA.

Of course, Olmert and company have never let the will of the people stop them before from evicting Jews and making concessions, so we should not expect them to be swayed from their mission to concede over half of Jerusalem to the moslems as a "good will gesture", either.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

PA Newspaper maps out Judenrein Israel

This is what Olmert is conceding to. This is how the moslems want the final solution to the Jewish problem to look. This is what will become of Israel's roughly 6 million Jews if Olmert and his cronies get their way. This is why they must be stopped whatever the cost. I know it, you know it, we all know it, but does the average, detached Israeli know it?

Time will tell.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Abbas's Cartoon

This cartoon appeared in Mahmoud Abbas's own Fatah newspaper this week. Olmert is going to be offering him the Temple Mount, half of Jerusalem, and virtually all of Judea and Samaria next week as a "good will gesture".

Any questions?


Monday, October 08, 2007

Right Road to Peace

Benny Elon, the current head of the National Union Party, has updated his plan for peace with the moslems of Judea and Samaria to include the lessons from the Gaza pogrom led by Ariel Sharon. It is terribly unfortunate that his plan of annexing the land west of the Jordan river for Israel, declaring Jordan Palestine, and giving the moslems in Judea and Samaria full Jordanian citizenship while funding their transfer east, is not on the public radar at all.

( MK Benny Elon presents a peace plan that emphasizes the closing of refugee camps and Jordanian citizenship for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

MK Elon, head of the National Union party and its Moledet Party faction, has twice served as Israel's Tourism Minister. He originally wrote the plan, known as the Right Road to Peace, in May 2003. He has now updated it with references to, and lessons learned from, the Second Lebanon War, the Disengagement from Gaza, and other recent events.
The plan calls for Israel, the United States and the entire international community to recognize the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as the sole legitimate representative of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. Israel will assume full sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, while Jordan grants citizenship to the Arabs living there. Israel and Jordan will cooperate in coordinating the running of local affairs.

The Palestinian Authority will cease to exist, under Elon's plan, and will be replaced by Jordan. All weapons, of course, will be seized from the various terrorist groups. "Jordan is a reliable partner interested in stability," Elon explains, "and will replace our Palestinian 'partner' who is unable to bring peace."

"Palestine has already been divided once into two states, a Jewish one and an Arab one," Elon told the reporters. "The Arab state is now Jordan, which was originally established in 1922 when Britain gave most of the land to Amir Abdullah. Most of the population of present-day Jordan is originally Palestinian, having come from the West Bank of Jordan."

Sadly, this plan will likely never be heard. The leftwing media would never permit such a dialog to take place. You can see the Elon plan at the Right Road to Peace.