Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kahane was right

I had this video posted originally as a 4 part series, but I just found a version of the entire video and reposted it here while deleting the others. It's about 77 minutes, but after watching you will understand why he is still so deeply revered by so many. Quite simply, he was absolutely right and had the guts, charisma and following to make the corrupt Israeli political scum tremble.

Kahane...there was/is no substitute.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fan Mail

Every once in awhile MZ gets an absolutely prescious email from a virulent anti-Semite. Check this beauty out from Ben: writes: My question is to you filthy scum is WHY are you not in the military fighting for israel?

Chicken? I said that I would never vote for a Nigger but I will vote for Obama BECAUSE he will destroy the zionist filth and crush Wall Street scum. HURRAY!

Happy Trails Numbnuts,


The use of the "N" word makes it unlikely he's humanist liberal, so, hmmm... what is he? I know I'm putting my money on this gem being a card carrying, dyed-in-the-wool, National Socialist. Still a leftist, yes, but more the Pat Buchanan style lefty than the Jimmy Carter varietal, though the differences are more semantic than substantive.

Ben, so nice of you to send me an email. I'm sure I speak for all people of sound mind when I offer prayers that you have the good fortune of someday acquiring the sanity and sense to become a worthwhile human being.


Good riddance, Ehud

Hail, hail, the witch is dead! The wicked, wicked witch is dead!

Er...almost dead.

Apparently, the investigators had enough on Olmert to force his resignation at long last. He will not be actually leaving office until at least mid-September when Kadima announces their new candidate, and possibly will not be officially removed until March, but at least the end is near and imminent.

Although it thrills me that this criminal pile of sh-t is being run out of office in shame, my joy is tempered by the reality that the next in line will either be Tzipi the pile of sh-t, Ehud (Barak) the pile of sh-t, or Bibi the pile of sh-t...

Still, it's always good to see a bad man fall. In this case, it was one of the all time worst.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mattos: Take Vengeance

This week's Torah reading, Mattos, was pretty blunt about how God wants the Jewish people to deal with their enemies:
Hashem spoke unto Moses, saying: "Take vengeance for the Children of Israel against the Mideanites."
Modern translation:
"God implored the leaders of Israel: "Take vengeance for the Jewish people against the Moslems."
Any questions? time to go about ridding the Holy Land of the vermin.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Putrid moslem dirtbags assault Jewish worker

This is the 3rd terrorist attack on Jews by arab workers in the past 3 weeks. How many more attacks are necessary before the Israelis awaken and run the dirty vermin out of the Holy Land once and for all?

They rape, enslave and kill the women; assault, torture, and kill the men; crush the skulls of the defenseless children, yet, the voices of reason, the voices that understand the price for peace is the expulsion of the moslem crud from the Land of Israel, are silenced.

( Thirty-eight year-old Avi Turjeman, an electrician from Kiryat Gat, suffered moderate head and hand injuries when he was attacked Thursday by two Arab construction workers on a building site. The three were working on a building in the southern kibbutz of Masuot Yitzhak when the unprovoked attack occurred. The Arab assailants fled without a trace and without an apparent motive, after committing the fourth employment-related attack on Jews by Arab workers this year.

According to Rafi Ben-Tal, the security coordinator at Masuot Yitzchak, Turjeman was working on a house when the two Arabs, who were standing on the roof of the house, jumped on the Jewish contractor, and one of them began hitting him with the hammer. The attacker and the other worker then escaped.

"I had no argument with them and did not talk to them," said Turjeman. "They attacked me from the back, one hitting me in the head and hand with the hammer, and the other helping him near the door. I managed to grab the hammer and jump out of the window." Ben-Tal noted that the workers escaped in an unknown direction in a white Mazda 323 sedan. The motive for the attack remains unclear.

Indeed, these wretched moslem pustules need to be hunted down and killed. The answer is vengeance, for it is a holy and just thing for us to avenge. We must as a people live by strength if we expect to receive peace and respect. Strength means to punish the arabs collectively when arabs attack. The arab as a people needs to be blighted entirely from the land, expelled without haste and with great celebration.

Here's what Kahane had to say: Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge. The Torah dons sackcloth over the distortion of the concept of revenge, which has become a target for the arrows of all Jewish Hellenists and worshippers of the alien culture, as if revenge were negative and evil by nature.

The very opposite is true! No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place. G-d, Himself, is called NOKEM, Avenger: "The L-rd is a zealous and avenging G-d. The L-rd avenges and is full of wrath. He takes revenge on His adversaries and reserves wrath for His enemies" (Nachum 1:2). Our sages also said (Berachot 33a), "Shall we say that even revenge is great because it appears between two names of G-d? 'A G-d of vengeance is the L-rd' (Psalms 94:1). Rabbi Elazar responded, 'Indeed. Where revenge is necessary, it is a great thing.'"

In short, they MUST go.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moslem Bull Dozes Jews in Jerusalem, Part II

Time after time the enemy within attacks Jews, and time and time again nobody in Israel with power has the guts to call for the expulsion of the arab menace from the Holy Land. To the contrary, after every attack greater capitulations and whimpering are all that the tired, meek, corrupt Israeli leadership has left to offer.

( For the second time in three weeks, an Arab commandeered a bulldozer to commit a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. He wounded several people before being shot and killed.

The terrorist began his attempt to murder Jews on King David St. near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. He took a tractor from a construction site, and began plowing into vehicles along the street, hitting at least three cars - one of which he completely overturned - and a bus. One driver was able to escape from his car even though the tractor plowed it into a bus stop. When the terrorist reached the intersection of Keren HaYesod St., a citizen and Border Guard policeman shot and killed him. The entire incident was over very quickly, eyewitnesses said.

Less than three weeks ago, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem killed three people in a similar attack before he was himself killed by a heroic yeshiva student/soldier. The tractor used in today's attack was smaller than the one used in the previous one. Of the 23 injured, one is reported in moderate condition - apparently with an amputated leg - and the others have light injuries or are suffering from trauma. Among them are a woman and her nine-month-old baby son.

"We have long called for a policy of not hiring Arabs in construction," said Shifra Hoffman of Victims of Arab Terror. "We hold the government guilty of this attack for not implementing this policy."

The usual nothingness is being done to punish the arabs collectively for this heinous act. Once again it is washed away as yet another "isolated incident" by a "disgruntled worker" who had "personal problems".

Of course, the truth is that this is not an isolated act by a madman at all. It is part of the greater war as a whole that the vermin arab filth have been waging since they built the Golden Dome on our Temple Mount. The arab wants the Jews expelled or dead, period. This simple fact is non-negotiable, and as Israel continues to retreat in shame from the moslem scum, the vermin continue to press forward with their jihad with ever-increasing audacity.

Said Meir Kahane: "The beginning of Jewish wisdom, in this case, is to finally, in the name of G-d, admit to the truth even though that involves the painful admission of basic error, of a fundamental bankruptcy of ideology, of a lifetime of mistake. What has taken place in Eretz Israel and what will continue to take place but in more terrible ways, are not "disturbances" or "riots." There is WAR today in Eretz Israel, there is an uprising of the Arab stranger against the Jew in the Holy Land.

The blind Jews of both Israel and the Exile, in their utterly mad refusal to want to admit the truth - due to their liberal, gentilized illusions and delusions - allowed the cancer to fester and grow both bigger and bolder, until today it shakes the very core of a State of Israel that stands confused and perplexed, with none but gentilized dwarfs to guide it."



Friday, July 18, 2008

Olmert financing construction of Arab city in Israel

Lemming Watch: Moslems seeking to destroy Israel, kill the Jews, and establish an Islamic republic in its place were handed yet another victory today by champagne sipping, caviar nibbling Israeli president Ehud Olmert. Incredibly, his corrupt, suicidal, treasonous government is finalizing approval of the creation of a Jihad City in Israel.

Ynet News: The government is expected to approve Sunday the establishment of a new Arab city in the Galilee region, in a bid to resolve the housing crisis faced young Arab couples in northern Israel.

The new city's establishment has been promoted by Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit. In a recent visit to Arab-Israeli town Umm al-Fahm, Sheetrit said: "We are aiming for a modern city where every young couple would be able to buy a house and live there just like in any other modern city in the world."

The government is expected to task an inter-ministerial team with formulating a plan for examining the issue. The government intends to accept the team's recommendations by the end of the year.

Ministers have been told that "demographic and social changes to the Arab population and the need to integrate it into Israel's economy and society require us to establish a new urban area for this population."

Interesting, isn't it, that he's determined to make Judea and Samaria Judenrein, while at the same time he takes the tax money from the Jews and builds arab cities for moslems to launch Jihad inside of Green Line Israel.

Excuse me, but how is it that nobody has put a bullet in this traitor's head yet? Seriously, he should have been executed, and his government overthrown by force, a long time ago. At this point, I have to wonder: Is Olmert seeking to actively commit genocide upon the Jewish population, or is he mearly providing them the government assisted suicide that they themselves desire?

Forget aliyah, at this point I think we need to figure out a way to rescue whatever Jews are left standing after Olmert has finished euthenyzing the masses.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pardoned vermin receive red-carpet treatment

So, Israel pardons 5 brutal moslem murderers, who subsequently receive the red carpet treatment at the Lebanon airport with a huge moslem rally to follow. Yup, the war against Hezballah went really, really well I'd say...

J-Post: Five Lebanese prisoners freed by Israel in exchange for the two slain IDF reservists received an official welcome at the Beirut airport on Wednesday by President Michel Suleiman and his government.

Suleiman, Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and members of major political factions - including Hizbullah's rivals - led a long line of politicians, as well as Muslim and Christian clerics, in greeting them on the airport's tarmac in a show of unity and opposition to Israel.

The five were flown by two army helicopters from the southern Lebanese border town of Naqoura, where they were cheered by hundreds of spectators and received a red-carpet welcome and a Hizbullah honor guard.

At the airport, the five stood in battle fatigues on a stand as the president addressed them as "the freed heroes."

"Your return is a new victory, and the future with you will only be a shining march in which we achieve the sovereignty of our land and the freedom of people," Suleiman said in his address. "I congratulate the resistance [Hizbullah] for this new achievement."

The five, including Samir Kuntar - Israel's longest-held Lebanese prisoner - then shook hands with and kissed the dignitaries on their second stop before a massive Hizbullah welcome rally in south Beirut.

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah appeared at the rally and congratulated the freed prisoners. The black-turbaned Nasrallah walked on stage surrounded by bodyguards and shook hands, hugged and kissed each of the five men, who were freed as part of a prisoner exchange.

Earlier Wednesday, after being driven across the border by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the men changed into camouflage uniforms. An honor guard carrying Lebanese, Hizbullah and Palestinian flags escorted the men to the stage as a brass band played martial music and rows of uniformed fighters saluted in Naqoura.

In his first comments after his release, Kuntar told Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV, "I salute today those who sacrificed in order to achieve this new victory."

Kuntar greeted Nasrallah and Hizbullah operatives "who raised our heads high up."

In 1979, Kuntar and three other gunmen made their way in a rubber dinghy from Lebanon to Nahariya, five miles south of the Lebanese border. There, in a hail of gunfire and exploding grenades, they killed a policeman who stumbled upon them, then burst into the apartment of Danny Haran, herding him and his four-year-old daughter out of the house at gunpoint to the beach below, where they were killed.

Wonder how the family of Kuntar's victims felt?

J-Post: They said they couldn't watch the government handing over terrorists who would kill again, for two dead soldiers - especially when the state did not have any information on the soldiers' condition ahead of the exchange.

"I understood today what sort of a person leads Israel - a person who disgraces us and the entire Israeli people," said Yoram Shahar, brother of Eliyahu Shahar, the policeman murdered by terrorist Samir Kuntar in a 1979 attack in Nahariya. "The prime minister needs to resign from his position and hand the reins to someone else, someone more competent who cares about this country,"

In that same attack, Kuntar also murdered Dan Haran, 31, and his four-year-old daughter, Einat. The Harans' younger daughter, Yael, was smothered to death as her mother, Smadar - the sole survivor of the incident - tried to keep her quiet so the terrorists wouldn't find their hiding place.

On Wednesday, as Israel handed Kuntar - who was serving four life sentences - over to Lebanon, the families felt abandoned.

Dan Haran's brother, Roni Keren, a 55-year-old insurance agent and water polo coach from Kiryat Tivon, said the swap made him feel ashamed.

"And this is not just me - many people call us and tell us that they're embarrassed to see this government setting these terrorists free," he told the Post.

"This humaneness will kill us all," Keren said. "It is unprecedented that these terrorists live here at our expense, study and have a normal community life [in jail], and then they are freed to carry out more terrorist attacks. We face a cruel enemy, and we need to think of changing the way we handle them."

Keren said the family had gone to his brother's grave on Wednesday during the long hours of the prisoner swap.

"We couldn't sit home and watch them handing Hizbullah the murderer of my brother," he said. "We told Dan that we were sorry that we didn't do enough to stop this deal, and we should have."

The time has come for Olmert to be publicly executed. Israel doesn't need another election, it needs a coup, a revolution. Alas, too many Israelis have become indoctrinated with peacenik mentality, renounced their Jewish identitites, and given up the fight for survival. They are tired, beaten, Hellenized, and ready to be marched like lemmings into the sea.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Israeli government capitulates; pardons terrorists

What a pathetic spectacle it is to see the Jews of Israel cowering as if they're still a persecuted minority living in an Arab country. The exile is alive and stronger than ever in the Liberal State of Self-loathing Hebrews.

( Hizbullah boasted about the prisoner swap recently approved by Israel, in a report from the AP. The terrorist group who kidnapped and killed several IDF soldiers announced Tuesday that Israel's approval of the swap deal is an official admission of defeat by the Jewish state.

Under the terms of the deal, Israel has agreed to release 15 live terrorists, including arch-murderer Samir Kuntar, as well as the bodies of hundreds of Hizbullah fighters, in exchange for the dead bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, captured by Hizbullah in 2006. Kuntar, one of several terrorists with blood on their hands that Israel will release, has promised to resume his campaign of terror against Israel the moment he is free.

While all of us who think with our heads, not with our rectums, can see how overtly stupid it is to respond to terrorist kidnappings and murder by pardoning unrepentent terrorist vermin and releasing them so they can kill Jews again, the "enlightened" remain staunchly clueless and cowardly.

Said Kahane: And the public grows numb. It has come to accept as natural, life with terrorist bombs. That which, years ago, led Jews to angrily attack Arabs and demand action, now leaves them apathetic and fatalistic in their acceptance. It is the inflation of terror. The more attacks, the greater the acceptance of them as a way of life. The more the dead, the less we seem to be able to look upon them as individuals who lived and left behind families. Their very repetition makes the bombings lose their "newness" and the radio and television reports no longer are "exciting" or "fresh."

But it cannot continue. We cannot allow the situation to continue. Every victim is abeloved one who leaves behind loved ones and sorrow and tragedy. Every victim isa fellow Jew. Every death and outrage is a Hillul Hashem, a desecration of the name of the L-rd, G-d of Israel. Our apathy, our acceptance of the situation, onlyguarantees further and worse inflation of terror. It guarantees further deaths, cripples, and agony and anguish. It cannot continue, and it must as long as Arabs are allowed to live and wander freely in the Land. The solution is ultimately only one: The removal of the hostile and dangerous Arab minority from the Land of Israel...

There will surely be those who will speak of this as "immoral." To these products of gentilized culture, one can only recommend the words of the rabbis: "He who is merciful at a time when he should be cruel, is destined to be cruel at a time when he should be merciful" (Kohelet Raba, 7:16).And "When one comes to slay you slay him first" (Sanhedrin 72a).

This is Judaism; this is the religion that destroys the merciless before they ravage the innocent.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Israeli High Court guilty of treason

Today, the Mad Zionist officially ruled the High Court of Israel guilty of the crime of treason against the Jewish people, and, thus, by offical Israeli law subject to the death penalty. In Israel it is a capital offense to aid and abet enemies of the state, and that is exactly what they have done by ruling that the people of Israel may not petition to stop the release of convicted moslem mass murderers from prison.
( The High Court of Justice on Tuesday would not hear a petition filed by the family of slain policeman Eliyahu Shachar against the deal between Israel and Hizbullah, which involves the release of Samir Kuntar, who killed Shachar and brutally executed another man, Danny Haran, and his four year old daughter Einat in 1979. The petition was filed by Yoram and Simcha Shachar, the brother and sister of Eliyahu.

"The High Court spat in the faces of the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in Samir Kuntar's terror attack and spat on the graves of our loved ones," Yoram Shachar said after the court's decision. "We are very disappointed, insulted and hurt by the discriminatory treatment given to our pain compared to the pain of others. It can't be that they wouldn't even listen to us."

Almagor slammed the court's decision as "abuse of terror victims, who come to demand that their brother's cries from the grave for justice are heeded."

Simcha Shachar said before the court session that Kuntar "is an arch-murderer whom we cannot give a prize to by releasing him, even after 30 years. Let them give back bodies for bodies and not set free a murderer like Kuntar."

Meir Kahane compared these treasonous concessions with the sinister capitulation of the Temple Mount to the vermin in 1967:
"The very moment of glorious Jewish victory in 1967 was the beginning of a flight to shame. Not enough that the Israeli government of 1967 committed the worst of mistakes by not driving out the Arabs who tried to wipe her out. The fearful and timid leaders of Israel immediately approached the heads of the Moslem community to assure them that the Temple Mount - the holiest of holiest of Jewish places - would remain in their hands. Jews were forbidden to enter there to pray, on their holiest site, a site stolen from them by invading Moslems who desecrated Judaism by building two mosques there. (And can one imagine the reaction of Moslems if Jews, conquering Mecca, built, on the holiest site of Islam - a synogogue?)

From that day, the government of Israel, in a remarkable display of masochism, has paved the way for a total change of Moslem attitude. From a frightened, cowering population, they turned into a confident, arrogant, dangerous one. From a people who feared the Jewish conqueror, they became throwers of stones. knife stabbers, and grenade and bomb throwers. Most of all, the Temple Mount became once again theirs, this time returned to them by two-legged lemmings of the Mosaic persuasion - and they grow ever more passionately convinced that time is on their side.

The government, police, courts have all had a hand in the shameful, tragic Jewish descent into humiliation. The years that followed saw police again and again forceably remove Jews attempting to pray on their holy site. Moslems watched in growing amazement, and growing arrogance and boldness, as the Jew who wished to enter as a tourist with camera and jeans was freely allowed access but the same son of Abraham entering with prayer shawl and prayer book was banned. The product of thinking most Jews assumed had disappeared with the Warsaw ghetto revolt.

The Temple Mount served as the most glaring example of the fact that, despite Jewish protestations to the contrary, the land taken in 1967 was not liberated but "conquered." The Jews had come not as returnees to their own borders, but as an occupation army. One who loses property and then unexpectedly finds it does not allow it to remain in the possession of another. He leaps upon it joyfully and cries out: "It is mine!"

The Arabs correctly understood Jewish "concessions" to be the product, not of goodness and grace, but of timidity and fear. The Arabs have systematically destroyed every vestige of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, destroying valuable archeological evidence. A memorial to the Arabs killed at Sabra and Shatila is even placed on the Jewish holy site.

"He who controls the Temple Mount controls Jerusalem. And he who controls Jerusalem controls the Holy Land..."
As Kahane himself has pointed out: "If one comes to slay you, slay him first" (Sanhedrin, 72d). "Do not be overly righteous" (Ecclesiastes 7). "Said Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish: He who becomes merciful unto the cruel is destined to be cruel unto the merciful."


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jewish girl mourns terrorist ex-boyfriend

The crisis that Israel faces can be encapsulated perfectly by an interview in today's Ynet News with the Jewish ex-girlfriend of the Bulldozer Terrorist. So often, assimilated Jews will wax poetically about the wonderful relationships they've developed with "really cool arabs", proving to the world that we really can all "get along" if we'd only "give peace a chance", only to find out later how foolish they had been, and how their naive humanism tragically betrayed them.

Below is the interview with the Jewish ex-girlfriend, followed by one of Rav Kahane's writings about the horrible pitfalls that become such "enlightened" pursuits.

Ynet News: "I can't believe he did what he did; he was a good, caring person," the Jewish ex-girlfriend of Hossam Dawyyat said Thursday, a day after the bulldozer driver's killing spree in downtown Jerusalem left three people dead.

According to the 27-year-old ex-girlfriend, who also resides in the capital, Dawyyat "liked Jews and had many Jewish friends.

"Maybe a domestic dispute led him to this," said the woman, who asked to remain nameless, "he did a foolish thing; he wrecked his family and ruined the lives of his children."

In February 2001 Dawyyat was convicted by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court of assaulting her and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. He admitted to threatening her, including telling her he would kill her if she refused to marry him; and physically assaulting her on a number of occasions, despite the restraining order that had been issued against him. The couple broke up eight years ago.

The ex-girlfriend said Dawyyat's life could have been spared: "Why did they have to put those two bullets in him (after the attack was over)?" she said. "I'm very sad today. At first my parents were angry with me because I cried over his death, but now they are consoling me, because the media are harassing me. I'm reliving the entire episode after eight years.

"He loved me and I loved him; we were each other's first love. He wasn't violent all the time, only when he had a reason to be jealous," she recalled. "I loved him despite what he did to me. He was everything to me during that time."

Rav Kahane: All of this doesn't bother the enemies of Kahanism, but it bothers me. That Jews who came after 2000 years in the exile, are assimilating inside Israel. When you visit Israel you are tourists, you don't see anything. You see the Wall, you see Masada, and the Plaza Hotel; you don't see the tragedy that occurs not far from the Plaza and on every town and every city. The Arabs that come into the towns, to meet Jewish girls.

In the morning the Arab wakes up in his village and he is Ibrahim, he comes to Jerusalem or Natanya and suddenly his name is Avi, "hello, my name is Avi." There are over 3500 Jewish women married to Arabs and over 10,000 Jewish women living with Arabs in Israel.

In Beit Shemesh I'll never forget the Jew that came over to me, a man in his 50's and said to me, "Rav Kahane," he said, "I have two daughters and they are both married to Arabs. One lives in the Arab village of Taiba." and then he said, "When I lived in Morocco did I ever dream in my blackest nightmare, that my daughter would ever go out with an Arab? In Morocco? Never heard of such a thing! We came to the Holy Land and my daughters married Arabs!" That doesn't bother anybody?

The President of Israel "hometz ben yain" - vinegar the son of wine, the son of the chief Rabbi, this Helenist goes to visit Nevey Shalom, a settlement founded by a Jew who converted to Christianity and is now a monk; a settlement where Jews and Arabs live together, and he says "ze keren or" - this is a ray of light. This is our President? this is our president!

On the beaches of Israel in the summer time, you see cars parked most with license plates from Shechem, Jenin, Tulkarm, Hevron, Aza, what are they looking for? sun and water? There is sun and water in Aza too. They are looking for Jewish women! The prostitutes in Israel are all Jewish, the pimps are mostly Arabs and we, we bare the shame, because this is not new, this has been going on for 30 years. When did you last hear, the religious parties in Israel, let alone the other parties, speak up about this?

The irony, it would laughable, it would be a joke out of Chelm if it weren't so tragic. The religious head of the Druze, Sheik Taari, appealed to the chief Rabbi of Haifa to come out and oppose intermarriage of Druze men with Jewish women. So when you saw in the paper that the chief Rabbi of Haifa came out... no! After 20 years he came out because the Druze asked him too.

A hilul Hashem, a disgrace upon God, is what the "enlightened" are imparting upon their children by teaching them "progressive" and "humanist" ethos. Until this madness ends, until the light clicks on and they abandon their suicidal mission, Israel will remain cowering in the fetal position, paying jizya, and hoping not to be destroyed by the the "merciful" jihadi assassins.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3 dead, 66 wounded by putrid moslem filth

Incredible heroism displayed by Moshe Klessner, 18, shooting the vermin dead.

Keeping terrorist scum in your midst is certainly no recipe for peace and harmony. Once again, we are shown what happens when you fail to have the courage to expel the garbage from your house: innocent Jews get murdered.

J-Post: Three people were killed and 66 were wounded - one seriously, one moderately and the rest lightly - on Wednesday afternoon when a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in downtown Jerusalem.

The attack, at the junction of Jaffa Road and Sarei Yisrael St., set off a panic in the area and left a large swath of damage in the heart of the capital. Traffic was halted, and hundreds of people fled through the streets in panic as medics treated the wounded.

A car was dragged several meters by the bulldozer before being crushed under the vehicle. The parents of a baby being treated in Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital have yet to be tracked down, and it is believed that the baby was thrown out of the car by one of his parents before the vehicle was crushed.

Police said the incident was definitely a terror attack, but stressed that they had no specific warning. Three Palestinian terror groups claimed responsibility for the attack, but security officials said the killer was acting on his own.

Police added that the terrorist, Jabr Duwait, a 30-year-old father of two from Tzur Bahar in southeast Jerusalem, was carrying an Israeli identity card. They said he had a criminal record and was employed by the construction company working on the Jerusalem light rail project. The man drove the bulldozer out of the construction site before perpetrating the attack.

The terrorist arab came from East Jerusalem. If the Israeli government would ever do what needs to be done this would never happen again, as their would be no arabs left in Jerusalem to commit atrocities on the Jewish people.

Give peace a chance: expel the filth


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

71% of Americans prefer neutrality on Israel

A recent survey from World Public Opinion reveals that 71% of Americans want the US to remain neutral on the arab-Israeli conflict. Had they surveyed the Mad Zionist, I would have whole-heartedly agreed with the majority. American involvement in Israeli affairs has proven to be extremely damaging to Israel, as relentless US pressure to make concessions to the Palestinians has only served to exacerbate the conflict.

WASHINGTON - A recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland in 18 countries revealed that 71% of Americans would prefer that the US stay neutral when it comes to the Mideast conflict.

In 13 others countries covered in the poll, respondents also said they wanted their government to remain neutral on the issue. In no country did the majority back the Israeli stand, while those residing in Egypt, Iran and Turkey said they wanted their governments to support the Palestinian side.

The poll, carried out by and University of Maryland questioned a total of 18,792 people and involved research institutes in the 18 countries examined, which included China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Britain, France and Russia, among others. Overall, the survey was meant to represent 59% of the world's population.

In all 18 countries, respondents gave low grades to all the sides involved in negotiations – Israel, the Palestinians, Arab countries, and the Americans; Israel received the lowest grade. A total of 54% of respondents said Israel does not fill a positive role in the peace process, while only 22% said it was conducting itself properly. Overall, 59% of Americans said Israel was not doing enough, figures that contradict other polls showing solid support for Israel's positions.

Israel would benefit greatly from an American policy of "hands off". Without the American handcuffs, Jews would be free to expel the moslem garbage from the Land of Israel, and have only neighboring enemies to deal with rather than the more dangerous enemy from within.

Of course, they still have to clean up the internal self-loathing mess before they can hope to drive out the rats.