Tuesday, July 01, 2008

71% of Americans prefer neutrality on Israel

A recent survey from World Public Opinion reveals that 71% of Americans want the US to remain neutral on the arab-Israeli conflict. Had they surveyed the Mad Zionist, I would have whole-heartedly agreed with the majority. American involvement in Israeli affairs has proven to be extremely damaging to Israel, as relentless US pressure to make concessions to the Palestinians has only served to exacerbate the conflict.

WASHINGTON - A recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland in 18 countries revealed that 71% of Americans would prefer that the US stay neutral when it comes to the Mideast conflict.

In 13 others countries covered in the poll, respondents also said they wanted their government to remain neutral on the issue. In no country did the majority back the Israeli stand, while those residing in Egypt, Iran and Turkey said they wanted their governments to support the Palestinian side.

The poll, carried out by WorldPublicOpinion.org and University of Maryland questioned a total of 18,792 people and involved research institutes in the 18 countries examined, which included China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Britain, France and Russia, among others. Overall, the survey was meant to represent 59% of the world's population.

In all 18 countries, respondents gave low grades to all the sides involved in negotiations – Israel, the Palestinians, Arab countries, and the Americans; Israel received the lowest grade. A total of 54% of respondents said Israel does not fill a positive role in the peace process, while only 22% said it was conducting itself properly. Overall, 59% of Americans said Israel was not doing enough, figures that contradict other polls showing solid support for Israel's positions.

Israel would benefit greatly from an American policy of "hands off". Without the American handcuffs, Jews would be free to expel the moslem garbage from the Land of Israel, and have only neighboring enemies to deal with rather than the more dangerous enemy from within.

Of course, they still have to clean up the internal self-loathing mess before they can hope to drive out the rats.


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  1. It's a good thing that truth can't ever be determined by votes.


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