Thursday, August 31, 2006

Media hoaxes prove Israel must kill more moslems, dhimmis

Predictably, we now know the story of Lebanese ambulances allegedly being rocketed by Israel was, in fact, a complete hoax just like the phony "Mr. Green Helmet" facade before it, and the false "Reuters reporters" ruse recently staged in Gaza. Bogus reporting by an anti-Semitic, leftist media that is clandestinely advocating for the moslem filth is such an old story by now that anyone with an IQ over 50 is abundantly aware of the fact that Israel has been the victim of a rampant pro-moslem media bias.

The question, therefore, is what to do about it? Can Israel ever hope to defeat both the anti-Zionist left and the anti-Zionist vermin without being vilified by the world's anti-Zionist media? Of course not. The deck is stacked, and any ideas of winning the enemies "hearts and minds" by trying to make "concessions" and "good will gestures" is pure suicide. Trying to befriend this unholy alliance is simply not an option.

So, once again, we must ask ourselves what is the answer? How do you stop the seemingly unbeatable axis of leftists, moslems and media who are united together in a mission to destroy Israel? The answer is simple: Kill more moslems.

You see, the reason why the leftist media bungholes give the vermin a sympathetic voice is because they fear them a lot more than they fear the "ultra-sensitive" Israelis, who bend over backwards not to hurt anybody's feelings or sensibilities. Do you think the dhimmi left is really going to go into Gaza and report negatively upon the vermin when at any time these barbaric sadists will chop off the head of anyone they don't like? Let's get real.

Meanwhile, if the "wimpy little Jews" are given an unfair shake by the MSM what exactly will they do to those who slandered them? Maybe offer a furled brow, followed by some pathetic pleading to the editors to be less biased in the future? Come on...that doesn't hold up to well against a beheading, now, does it?

Of course not. The only answer is for Israel to kill moslems - a lot of moslems. In fact, every moslem who is in Eretz Israel needs to be told they have two options:

1. Leave right now
2. Be killed

Next, Israel needs to tell all the quislings in its midst who support the moslems effort against the Jewish people that they have two options:

1. Leave right now
2. Be killed

Finally, Israel needs to tell all the surrounding moslems that they have two options:

1. Recognize Israel completely and surrender all claims against it
2. Be killed

Now, if Israel really started enacting these tough measures against the vermin and their dhimmis, how quickly do you think the bungholes of the liberal media would back off their chutzpahdik libeling of Israel with staged hoaxes and contrived stories, and finally become more respectful in their reporting of the Jewish State?

Oh, like, immediately, perhaps?

Hell, even Mike "self-loathing-dhimmi-Jew" Wallace would probably feel compelled to go to Israel and kiss ass to the great leader who made it all happen. Let's all hope that interview happens sooner rather than later, because both Mike Wallace and Israel are at a stage in their lives where they are just hanging on for dear life.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Part Two: Wake up! Wake up!

This past week's Torah reading, Shoftim, and accompanying Haftara, Isaiah 51:12 - 52:12, are chock filled with lessons that modern Israel could benefit immensely from if they only would open their eyes and shed the insidious PC liberalism that's infected the nation. This is Part Two of a two part series.

What's my sign? Shut up, you hippy freak!

The leftwing secular mystics make me sick with their humanist idol worshipping and fortune telling. Torah doesn't speak too highly of them either.

When you come to the Land that God, your God, gives you, you shall not learn to act according to the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you one who causes his son or daughter to pass through the fire, one who practices divinations, an astrologer, one who reads omens, a sorcerer, or an animal charmer, one who inquires to the sorcery of Ov or Yidoni, or one who consults the dead. For anyone who does these is an abomination of God, and because of these abominations God, your God, banishes these nations from before you. You will be wholehearted with God, your God. -Devarim, 18:9-13

This just in: God doesn't care for the ways of liberal, hippy freaks. Unfortunately, these leftist moonbats have infected Israel so perversely they have almost destroyed the country. Leftist vegan nutjobs taking nude mudbaths? Trying to feel the karma of the spirit of the stars, the sun, and the earth, while chanting to the nether world for guidance? VOMIT! Get rid of these freaks, already, and become a nation of decent, kind, Torah loving Jews who stand for what is right.

Don't touch these boundaries

There is nobody who is more noble and true in their devotion to the Land of Israel than the Settlers, who brave the most unbearable conditions to stand strong for what is right. What does Israel's craven leaders do to show their appreciation? Bulldoze their homes, villages, synagogues and cemeteries, of course.

You shall not move the boundary of your of your fellow [Jew], which the settlers before you marked out in your inherited Land that God, your God, gives you as a possession. -Devarim, 19:14

Ever notice how well it's been going since the corrupt concessionists started redefining the borders of Israel and expelling the Jewish settlers from their homes? After reading the Torah text above, one can't help but wonder how in God's name traitors like Sharon and Olmert have been allowed to get away with the crimes they've committed. Um, well, maybe Sharon actually didn't get away with it (he's not looking too good these days), and Olmert may find his own hell to suffer in soon enough, too.

This means war

War is not to be fought the way Ehud Olmert and his band of merry leftists would have it.

When you draw near to a city to wage war against them, you must first call out terms for peace. It will be that if they respond to you accepting peace, and open (their gates) for you, then the entire people within it will pay you a tribute and serve you. But, if they do not make peace with you, but makes war with you, you shall besiege it. God shall deliver it to your hand, and you shall smite all of the males by the blade of the sword. Only take the women, small children, animals, and everything that is in the city, all its spoils, for yourself as booty from your enemies which God, your God, provided for you. This is what you will do to the far away cities outside of the land of your inheritance. But, from the cities of peoples in the land of your inheritance that God gives you, you must not allow any of them to live. Rather, you shall destroy them: the Hittite, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivvite, and the Jebusite, as God, your God, has commanded you, so that they will not teach you to copy their abominations causing you to sin before God, your God. Devarim, 20:10-18

OK, I think we all can be pretty clear now about this, now, right? Does God want the vermin to remain in the Land side-by-side with the Children of Israel? NOOO! Does God want the Jews to make "concessions" and "good will gestures" to the vermin? NOOO! Does God want the Jewish people to utterly destroy the vermin who refuse to leave the Land? Yes!

According to both Rambam and Ramban, however, the commandment to offer peace does hold for even the Canaanites, and, therefore, the vermin scum, too, by default. If they surrender to Israel and give their loyalty, if they accept living by the seven Noahide Laws, if they obligate themselves to perform national service, then, and only then, may they be spared.

Thus, to simplify further, here are the steps to properly follow for the milchemet mitzvah (the commandment for battle).
  1. Offer the ultimatum for peace
  2. If peace is rejected, then kill all the vermin who remain in the Land.
  3. Peace is realized

Wake up! Wake up!

To conclude the modern lessons of Shoftim, we turn to the Haftara reading of Isaiah. In this we will find the message that we Jews sing every Friday night during our Kabbalat Shabbat prayers in the song Lecha Dodi: Oori! Oori! - Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Don your strength, O Zion, don the garments of your splendor, O Jerusalem, the Holy City, for no longer shall there enter into you any uncircumcised or contaminated person. Shake the dust from yourself, arise, enthrone yourself, O Jerusalem; undo the straps from your neck, O captiive daughter of Zion. For thus said God: Without price you were sold, so you shall not be redeemed with money! -Isaiah 52:1-3

Wake up, O Israel! The time has come to rid yourself of the corruption, the derelicts who are running your defiled state, and turn to a leader who walks the path, who believes in what he does because he is righteous, because he looks to do what is good in God's eyes, because he respects the Land that He gave us as an eternal inheritance, and because he loves the Jewish people more than he loves money or power.


Part One: Wake up! Wake up!

This past week's Torah reading, Shoftim, and accompanying Haftara, Isaiah 51:12 - 52:12, are chock filled with lessons that modern Israel could benefit immensely from if they only would open their eyes and shed the insidious PC liberalism that's infected the nation. This is Part One of a two part series.

Justice corrupted

You shall not pervert justice, you shall not show favoritism, and you shall not accept a bribe, for the bribe will blind the eyes of the wise and make just words crooked. Righteousness, righteousness shall you pursue, so that you will live and possess the Land that Adonoy, your God, gives you. -Devarim 16: 19-20

Corruption, unfortunately, is the rule rather than the exception in Israeli politics. Bribery and scandal is so commonplace in the Knesset that it would take an entire week of posts here to outline even a fraction of them. As the Torah excerpt above outlines, unless righteousness is sought by the government, not money or power, it will be an abject failure to the Jewish people. Ehud Olmert's disastrous government has proven to everyone that these words are as true today as they were 3,000 years ago.

In addition, Israel's foolhardy acceptance of foreign aid, particularly the aid from the American government, has led directly to tragic concessions that have left Israel on the brink of collapse. Justice and payola are simply not compatible, and we see this play out every time Israel capitulates to the vermin in order to appease "world opinion". The fact is, of course, this "world opinion" BS is really just being beholden to the best interests of "the money" rather than the Jewish people, which, sadly, translates directly to more spilled Jewish blood.

It's time to tell the USA "thanks but no thanks" regarding the money; righteousness should not ever be for sale.

The Self-loathing Enemy Within

If there will be found among you in one of your cities, which Adonoy, your God,gives you, a man or woman who commits what is evil in Adonoy's eyes, to violateHis covenant, and he serves the God of others and prostrates to them, or to thesun, or to the moon, or to any other heavenly body which I have not commanded,and you hear, and investigate, and find it is true, and the abomination was donein Israel, then you will remove that man or woman who did this evil act to yourcities and stone them to death. -Devarim, 17: 2-5

The punishment for treason and worshiping false Gods must be the harshest penalty of them all according to Torah. Death must be administered for self-loathing Jews worshiping false entities and committing evil deeds against the Jewish people, because it is the only way to prevent society from imploding. When abomonations like "Gay parades" are permitted, or even encouraged, we see how far things have fallen. Of course, having the moon worshiping vermin advocated for in the Land by leftist Jews is also an abomination, and those quisling Jews working on their behalf must be executed if we are to be right in God's eyes, or survive as a nation.

End of Part One; Part Two tomorrow


Friday, August 25, 2006

Polls say Olmert must resign

It's only a matter of time before Mayor Olmert gets Golda'd out of office. Check these numbers:

Ynet News - Political earthquake: A poll published on Friday in the Yedioth Ahrnonoth daily shows that 63 percent of Israelis feel that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert failed in managing the war in Lebanon and should resign.

Only 29 percent believe the prime minister is fit to continue leading the country.

About 74 percent of those polled said Defense Minister Amir Peretz mishandled the war and should resign his post. A mere 20 percent said Peretz should keep his post.

The only thing that scares me is that after Olmert and his incompetent leftwing coalition are run out on a rail, in their wake could very well rise the corrupt, equally concessionist Bibi. This man is a total phony, hates Settlers and religious Zionists, and would do just as much damage as Olmert over time because he stands for nothing. He was an abject failure as PM once, and will be again if given the opportunity. I pray that somehow a true rightwing leader will arise from this.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good morning! Ugh...

Ever get out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, read the morning news, and just shake your head with disbelief at what you see? Sometimes? Every day? Once in awhile? Well, that's the way my morning got started after I saw this ridiculous article in Ynet News by gay pornstar Michael Lucas, who recently went to Israel to entertain the IDF.

Ynet News - Did you ever think how many parallels can be drawn between gays and Jews? This letter would be way too long if I even started to list. But for one, we were both persecuted and hated throughout centuries, and we both gave the world the biggest artists, scientists, writers, actors, musicians. So maybe we both are chosen people.

Yes, I produce gay porn. But for the most part, I am just like you, proud to be Jewish, love my family, proud of Israel, and was glued to TV for the past month, worried for my people. The fact is, lots of people love and need porn. I do not harm anyone, I make them happy.

This morning is one of those mornings, I guess. I can't even muster up the gray-matter to post one of my usual clever responses. Loyal readers, please help out an incredulous, tongue-tied MZ by offering your comments and insight to help make sense of this drivel.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Biography: Ehud Olmert

It always helps to take a deeper look into the heart of a man if we hope to truly understand what makes him tick. Today, MZ will do just that when he profiles Israel's highly incompetent, sorry-assed, quisling/coward for a Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

The Early Days

Born in Israel before statehood in 1945, Ehud grew up in a home where politics was always a big part of life. His father at one time smuggled guns to Irgun, and after Israel became a state he was affiliated with the minority Herut Party (pre-curser to Likud) and, consequently, the Olmert's often found themselves blacklisted for opposing the ruling Mapai Party's (pre-curser to Labor, and staunchly Marxist in ideology) views. This tortured memory of being picked on by the intolerant majority of Socialists and Communists, with the accompanying closed doors and rejections from his peers, helps explain much about the strong ideological pull to the Left that would later come to define both Ehud's political and personal life.

That would come much later, however. At this early time of his life, being raised in a rightwing, secular nationalist home by his hardline parents it was only natural that Ehud would become involved in his youth with what's known as the Betar organization, which advances the revisionist Zionism of the late, great, secular nationalist, "Zev" Jebotinsky. Things would soon begin to change for this hawkish youngster, however, as the radical leftwing ideology of University awaited him.

Entering adulthood

In law school, Ehud met a Communist/feminist/peacenik/artist named Aliza, who would soon become his wife. Through marriage, Aliza, who came from a family of prominent Communists, opened doors that used to be closed for rightwingers like Ehud. He opened a law practice in Jerusalem, and then launched his political career by becoming a member of Knesset with the Likud Party, at the young age of 28, in 1973.

In the Knesset during this time, Ehud was still at his most hardline regarding political ideology, and advocated strong policies to advance the dream of Greater Israel. After serving several years in the Knesset, Ehud successfully ran for Mayor of Jerusalem in 1993, where he served two terms ending in 2003. This would be the era when his hawkish, right-leaning views would begin shifting markedly to the left.

Family life

Meanwhile, Ehud and Aliza had started a family together and had 3 children, plus a 4th whom they adopted. All of these kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, would become radical leftwing activists as they grew older, which clearly influenced Ehud's one time hawkish ways.

Today, both of his sons live abroad while his daughters remained in Israel. The eldest son (Shaul) is an artist/Palestinian activist in New York, who is heavily involved in the Yesh G'vul Organization, which is an advocacy group for IDF soldiers to desert the army and become leftwing refuseniks.

His other son, Ariel, opposed serving in the military as required by law, became a refusenik, and went off to France where he now studies literature and art.

His daughter Dana is a very outspoken anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian rights activist in Tel Aviv. She is also a militant lesbian and a gay rights activist, who recently protested in an Arab-led anti-Israel rally.

His oldest daughter, Michal, is also a militant leftist, but is married and chooses to stay away from the spotlight her more flamboyant younger sister so enjoys. She is currently teaching courses and conducting workshops on "creative thinking".

Of course, Ehud's wife is also a radical leftist and helped to found the militant Palestinian rights organization known as "Women in Black", who perform candle light vigils all over Israel every time a "Palestinian" is killed by the IDF. She is also a prominent activist in the Peace Now organization, which is anti-Zionist and favors advancing the moslem's "Right of Return" to Israel.

Mr. Prime Minister

All these influences clearly took there toll on the one-time hawk, who, since returning to Knesset in 2003, is credited (blamed?) for persuading Ariel Sharon to reverse his pro-settler policies and adopt policies of withdrawal and retreat instead. After Sharon had a stroke, Olmert came into power on an interim basis, and then was permanently elected to head the new Kadima Party with a single issue platform of giving away the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Then came the two front war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon. After much agonizing over what to do, and declaring himself "tired of winning" and "tired of being courageous", Ehud, the now dovish Prime Minister, sued for peace and unconditionally surrendered to Hizballah under fire. In addition, Olmert and his security minister recently announced plans to also retreat from the Golan and give it away to Syria with the hope that the "Land for Peace" philosophy he once despised will somehow succeed this time.


OK, we are now up-to-date on Ehud's World, and, as one can see, Ehud's transformation from rightwing hawk to leftwing capitulationist has come almost completely full circle. Any more time in office, and he may just give away all of the land as a good will gesture, grant right of return, and obliterate the Jewish State just as his wife and kids have been hoping he'd do for all these years. Let's hope he's stopped before it's too late.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Olmert's Security Minister offers the Golan to Syria as "good will gesture"

As if Ehud Olmert's reign as Israel's PM wasn't coming to a crashing halt fast enough, this latest capitulation should be enough to pound the final nail in Kadima's coffin. It seems Mr. Olmert's Security Minister, Avi Dichter, has proposed that Israel surrender the Golan Heights to Syria as a "good will gesture" with the hope that it will bring peace.

Arutz Sheva - Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, a former head of the General Security Service, says that Israel should give up the Golan Heights in exchange for "true peace" with Syria. Israel annexed the Golan, from which Syria often attacked Israel prior to the 1967 Six Day War, in 1982.

Dichter joined the Kadima Party shortly after its formation late last year.

Speaking with Army Radio today, Dichter did add that the "question of water rights and Lake Kinneret [the Sea of Galilee] are matters that I would not cede so easily." But he said that Israel should initiate a diplomatic move to talk with Syria.

"We know the prices," Dichter said. "We are experienced in paying the prices; we faced Egypt and Jordan, and we arranged things. We tried to do this with the Palestinian Authority, but to our sorrow, it did not work. But this doesn't mean that with other countries such as Lebanon or Syria it won't work, and perhaps this will make it clear to the Palestinians that there is no chance for any country to make gains by warring against us." Dichter did not explain how this principle applied to the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

Some left-wing MKs, as well as the radical left-wing Peace Now, came to Dichter's defense. Education Minister Yuli Tamir opined that Israel must begin negotiations with Syria, and MK Zahava Gal'on of Meretz said that this would remove Syria from the Iranian "axis of evil."

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "We will be happy to talk with Syria once it stops supplying rockets and weapons to those who use them against Israel."

The Gush Katif Residents Committee expressed strong opposition to Dichter's approach. "In light of the deterioration of our national security in the year following the retreat from Gush Katif," Chairman Lior Kalfa said, "we now must face the shocking idea that our sacrifice was for naught. How can it be that our ostrich-like government leaders continue to bury their heads in the sand as they consider replicating the failure of the Disengagement? Will they then sacrifice, as well, our brothers in the Golan or Yesha (Judea and Samaria), just because they are afraid to climb down from the tall tree they climbed and admit to the public they made a mistake?"

MK Effie Eitam (National Union), a resident of the Golan and a former IDF Northern Formation Commander, said that Syria cannot be a partner for dialogue. "Our dispute with Syria is not just territorial," Eitam said today, "and therefore a retreat from the Golan would endanger Israel's security. Syria has allied itself with the axis of evil of Hizbullah and Iran, whose goal is to destroy Israel, and cannot be a partner for negotiation."

"The government refuses to learn the lesson of our retreats from Lebanon and Gaza," Eitam said, "which merely increased the danger to Israel."

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union): "Using Dichter's logic, he would probably offer to give the Galilee to Iran, if Iran would deign to shoot 4,000 Katyushas at us. Whoever doesn't understand that 'territories for peace' never worked and has brought us only bloodshed, would be advised not to give advice on security matters."

Nothing has jeopardized Israeli security more than these deplorable land capitulations. Beginning with Menachem Begin's horrendous deal handing the Sinai back to Egypt, to Netanyahu's treasonous concession of Hebron and Joseph's Tomb to the Pseudostinians, through Barak's cowardly retreat from Lebanon Part One, to Sharon's inhumane expulsion of the Jews from Gaza, and ending with Olmert's devastating surrender and defeat to Hezballah in this just ended Lebanon War.

Olmert is already history for all intents and purposes, and a true hard-liner may finally be given the duties of righting the ship as a result. We are watching a truly unprecedented free-fall from power right now, and, if he doesn't resign his office soon, Olmert may end up being tried for cowardice under fire by an IDF military tribunal.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Olmert will forever be remembered for the shame he has brought upon Israel, and the inompetence he demonstrated while in office.


IDF war vets call for Olmert's head

Perhaps the sleeping lion is beginning to awaken in Israel? The people are pissed, and the call for Olmert's head has now officially begun.

Arutz Sheva - Lebanese war reserve soldier veterans, newspaper columnists on right and left, MKs, new Russian immigrants and more - are calling for the government to resign in the wake of the recent Lebanese War.

A group of reserve soldiers who fought in Lebanon will set off on a protest march today (Monday), calling upon Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz to resign. The soldiers say that Olmert and Peretz failed in managing the just-ended war in Lebanon.

The march will set out from the Kastel - an Independence War battle site near Mevaseret Zion - and will head towards the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, a 7-kilometer (4.5-mile) trek. The soldiers explain that the confused and contradictory orders handed down to them during the course of the war indicate an unclear strategy and set of objectives. They also claim that severe problems in logistics, manifest in outdated equipment and lack of food, helped lose some battles.

Olmert, his communist wife, his arabist daughter, and his draft-dodging leftist sons, all are on borrowed time as this cowardly government is about to go THUD! Let's just pray that what arises in its ashes is something for the better.

Remember this name: Effie Eitam. He is an ex-military commander, a war hero pilot from the bombing of Iraq's nuclear reactor, and a Greater Israel religious Zionist who proudly wears a yarmulke. Currently, he is an MK for the National Union, and, with Benny Elon's recent throat cancer problems, has become the leading political voice of the anti-concessionist right.

Now, KL, before you burst a blood vessel reading this because he is not a Kach warrior, and supported peaceful resistance to the IDF in the expulsion of Gaza rather than violent uprising, keep in mind he is a sworn enemy of Mafdal's corrupt, concessionist leader Zev Orlev, and resigned as leader of the Mafdal Party in protest of the other members refusal to leave Sharon's government over the impending ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

He also helped lead the protest against the Amona expulsion, and was hospitalized whent Israeli police on horseback trampled him. He is fiercely pro-settlement of Greater Israel, and rejects giving one inch of Land to the vermin.

That said, he has also done a tremendous job of outreach to the secular community of which he used to be a part (he's Ba'al T'Shuva), and advocated keeping the government together during the war for the sake of national unity. In other words, his "street cred" is actually pretty high for a rightwinger.

Anyway, you heard it here first: He very well may become the next Prime Minister of Israel - and in the process the first ever to wear a yarmulke in office. I've had the pleasure of meeting him personally and came away more than impressed with his positions. Maybe this is just hope speaking on my part, but why not think positively?


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blessing and a curse

Reflecting on last week's Torah reading, Re'eh, I've realized the parsha is too connected to what is going on today in Israel for me to not post some excerpts for you.

"See, I present you with a blessing and a curse. The blessing: that you hearken to the commandments of Adonoy, your God, that I command you today. And the curse: if you don't hearken to the commandments of Adonoy, your God, and you stray the path that I give to you today..." Devarim, 11:26-28

OK, as you can see we clearly have a "pro-choice" God. God has given us the free will choice to live by His laws and be blessed, or to live according to our own personal whims and desires and be cursed. The choice should be easy, right? I mean, nobody ever wants to be cursed so everyone must be going with God's commandments! It's a no brainer, isn't it?

Not so fast, lowly humans. We happen to be infected with the yatzer hara, or evil inclination, to do all those things that God tells us not to do, making the choice to follow His laws much tougher than it would outwardly seem. You see, the yatzer hara is nothing to sneeze at, and even God's promise of a "blessing or a curse" is not enough to overcome it without great effort and discipline on our part.

You shall utterly destroy all the places where the nations you shall possess worshipped their Gods; on the high mountains and the hills, and under every leafy tee. You shall break apart their altars; you shall smash their pillars; and their sacred trees shall you burn in the fire. Their carved images you shall cut down; and you shall obliterate their names from that place.

You shall not do this to Hashem your God...You shall not do as everyone else does here today,[i.e.] every man what is proper in his eyes...You shall cross the Jordan and settle in the Land that Adonoy, your God, causes you to inherit, and He will give you rest from all your enemies all around, and you will dwell securely. Devarim, 12:1-12:4, 12:8-12:10

Well, these are very obvious commandments given to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, yet they are not being fulfilled at all. Why? How is it possible that despite Israel's military might they choose not to wipe out the vermin and destroy their shrines? How is it possible that on the Temple Mount - THE TEMPLE MOUNT - we have permitted the Al Aqsah abomination to remain standing?

In addition, the commandment to not just do whatever we want whenever we want to because it's "all good", but to do what God wants of us instead, is being violated in the most perverse and extreme of measures. Gay porn stars entertaining the IDF troops? Moslem MK's publicly observing "Nabkah Day" (the mourning of the creation of Israel) and holding war time rallies in support of Hezballah and Hamas alongside leftist Jews?

The blessing that God offers His people in the Holy Land, provided we follow his decries, is that "He will give you rest from all your enemies all around, and you will dwell securely", and yet the corrupt liberals instead reject God, reject his offer of blessing, and instead accept His curse and the horrible terror that comes with it.

Like I said above, the yatzer hara is nothing to sneeze at. It has dominated the State of Israel since it came into existence in 1948, and will continue to draw the wrath of God (via the terrorist vermin) until the Jewish people rise up and finally choose His blessing of peace and life instead.



Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gay porn star to entertain IDF troops

Of course everything will be fine in Israel. No need to be concerned for the well being of the Jewish State. Things just couldn't be better in the Holy Land. Olmert is in charge, order and peace is restored, the flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing.

Ynet News - A gay Jewish porn star is to visit Israel at the end of the month to show solidarity with the country and perform and entertain for the gay community as well as raise awareness of gay issues.

New York-based Michael Lucas who is the owner and star of Lucas Entertainment will be in Israel from August 29 to September 4 where he will be performing a live show with free admission to Israeli soldiers.

"It will be my fourth trip to Israel, and my third time to perform there," he said on his blog. "I am very proud to be going to my home away from home and entertain gay Israelis in a time of war."

The Land of Milk and Honey has been transformed into the Land of Hershey Highway. The Temple Mount has been replaced by Brokeback Mount. Love of Torah has been discarded for love of Ghamora.

Oh...My...God. It appears that we can call it a day for the "modern" State of Israel. Was nice knowing you! Enjoy the gay porn! Buh-bye.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Olmert gives order to begin expelling Settlers

Fresh off his cowardly surrender to Hezballah in Lebanon, Ehud Olmert has turned his attention once again to destoying the homes and villages of Jewish families in Judea and Samaria. Isn't that bold of him?

Arutz Sheva - With its residents still in Lebanon under emergency call-up orders, the Yesha town of MaalehRehavam learned that officials were headed to post eviction orders on its doors.

Families in Maaleh Rehavam - a small outpost community in eastern Gush Etzion - were surprised to note this morning that Civil Administration officials were on their way to post eviction orders on their homes. Of the 30 residents, including five families, five are in Lebanon after having been called up on emergency basis this past month, and two others are in the standing army.

Some town officials believe that the army wished to take advantage of the situation in which a quarter of the men were away to give out the notices. "It is shocking to think," town secretary Moriah Halamish said, "that with war happening on two fronts, north and south, the defense establishment finds the time to give out these orders. The State is taking advantage of the fact that our men were drafted to war in order to fulfill this new expulsion decree. Good citizens go off to fight with emergency orders, and are then forced to return to receive a slap in the face in the form of an eviction notice on their doors."

This guy is incredible. The war hasn't even been over for a week, but Ehud's already bulldozing the homes of IDF soldiers and there families because he doesn't have the guts to do it to the vermin they were being shot by? I honestly hope that one of these days Olmert is going to face a civil war response to his eviction orders.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hezballah expanding to Syria

Time for Olmert to buy some more tissues and ice cream. Syria announced today they'll be forming a Hezballah, too, following Israel's humiliating defeat to the "Party of Allah" in the Lebanon War.

Ynet News - On the heels of what it views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights, an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Ba'ath party told WorldNetDaily yesterday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria learned from Hizbullah's military campaign against Israel the past month that "fighting" is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory.

He said Syria's new guerilla force would be trained by Hizbullah leaders.

"Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force," the official said.

Time to call in "Peace Now" to save the day, right Ehud? If there is one place in the world where you can't afford to sue for peace it's the Middle East. Israel's surrender is going to have dire repercussions.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Victorious Hezballah will not disarm, withdraw

Mocking Israel's effeminate pleas and the UN's toothless resolution for the "Party of Allah" to retreat from southern Lebanon and disarm their military, Hezballah today officially declared they will do no such thing and will stay in southern Lebanon, fully armed, as long as they damn well please. In response, Ehud Olmert announced he will unilaterally cry and eat ice cream.

Ynet News - Hizbullah announced that it objects to withdrawing from area south of the Litani River and to disarming despite UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

These statements were made by Hizbullah member of the Lebanese Parliament and member of the policy office of the Shiite militia, Hassan Fadlallah in an interview with al-Jazeera.

According to Fadlallah, the terror group refuses to withdraw from areas south of the Litani River due to the fact that its members are residents of south Lebanon. As to the disarmament issue, the organization claims it is not being discussed within or outside the Lebanese government.
In a related story, it appears that Mr. Olmert is now considering unilaterally releasing hundreds of Hamas terrorists from prison with the hope that the terrrorist organization will be so moved by this "good will gesture" that they will release kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

Arutz Sheva - Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri, a senior Hamas figure involved in the negotiations over the soldier, told Reuters that the Egyptians received the offer [to release over 600 moslem prisoners] and transmitted it to the Hamas Authority.

The offer also includes, in addition to the 600, the release of veteran Palestinian terrorists long held in Israeli prisons. Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman notes that the Government of Israel has thus far refused, at least officially, to release Palestinian terrorists in exchange for the captive soldier.

19-year-old Corp. Gilad Shalit, of a small community in the northwestern Galilee, was kidnapped almost two months ago from his tank just outside of Gaza. The Hamas terrorist kidnappers killed two other soldiers in the attack.

Abu Zahri refuse to divulge details of the alleged Israeli offer. He noted that three Palestinian terror organizations were involved in the abduction and are not willing to give up on their demands.

Well, if you aren't willing to defeat your enemy militarily, than begging, pleading and groveling is a nice alternative. To that end, I must say, PM Olmert seems to be a real natural. You go girl!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hamas, Fatah to unite in effort to destroy Israel

In the wake of Israel's catastrophic, humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezballah in Lebanon, the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Fatah have announced plans to unite in their effort to push the Jews into the sea. After seeing how easily Olmert was willing to cut and run in Lebanon, the islamic vermin in Gaza and Judea/Samaria have realized that the Israeli leadership is soft, weak and ripe for a coordinated terrorist offensive.

Jerusalem Post - Fatah and Hamas are close to reaching an agreement on forming a national unity government, Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah revealed on Monday.

They said PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to hold talks in Gaza City late Monday night with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh over the establishment of a new government and ways of ending tensions between Abbas's Fatah party and Haniyeh's Hamas movement.

"The two sides believe that in the wake of the Israel-Hizbullah war, the best thing for the Palestinians at this stage is to be united," one official told The Jerusalem Post. "That's why we are working hard to persuade Hamas to accept the idea of a national unity government that would see both parties in power. We believe the next phase carries serious challenges for the Palestinians

Meanwhile, Hamas said on Monday that it was studying the implications of the Hizbullah "victory" in Lebanon and warned that the presence of IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon would lead to more violence.

"The conflict could resume and even deteriorate into a regional war," said PA Information Minister Yusef Rizkah of Hamas. "The war has taught us that resistance should be a key factor in resolving the problems of Lebanon and Palestine."

Rizkah said the war united Arabs and Muslims around the world "because now they are looking forward to achieving freedom and dignity." He added: "If anything, this war has shattered the myth of the invincible [Israeli] army and [shown] that the Israelis are unable to confront the strong determination and will of Muslim fighters."

The "defeat" of the IDF in Lebanon, he added, marks the beginning of the regression of the Zionist project in the Middle East. "Israel will fail in Palestine the same way it failed in Lebanon," he said. "Israel failed to score real achievements despite 30 days of destruction. This is remarkable if we take into consideration the fact that Israel defeated many Arab armies in 1967."

Emboldened by what they perceive as the Hizbullah "victory" over Israel, several writers and commentators in the Arab world have begun openly discussing the possibility of destroying Israel. In a series of articles in the Palestinian and Arab media, many of them said that the poor performance of the IDF in the war proved that the elimination of Israel is no longer unattainable.

Palestinian political commentator Mustafa Sawwaf, analyzing the results of the war, wrote on Monday that it was now obvious that the IDF had lost its credibility and reputation as the strongest army in the region.

"This war has also harmed Israel's deterrence capability," he said. "Israel's deterrence force is gone forever and this revives hopes in the Arab world of confronting Israel in the future. The war has also affirmed that Islam constitutes a real threat to Israel, which now realizes that its end is close despite the military power it possesses."

As I've said from the beginning, Israel's crushing defeat in Lebanon at the hands of Hezballah, coupled with the humiliating unconditional surrender of Gaza to Hamas, tied together with Olmert's upcoming plans to flea Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, and deport 80,000 Jews into make-shift tent cities in Green Line Israel, points to only one logical conclusion: Israel is running out of time. If a truly rightwing government doesn't come into power soon, I fear the end of the modern State of Israel may be upon us.


Monday, August 14, 2006

"Muslims will unite and wipe Israel off the map"

Israel's unconditional surrender to Hezballah has officially gone into effect, and, with it, the open floodgates of moslem officials declaring victory and celebrating the impending destruction of the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Post - Expressing enormous admiration for Hizbullah, Palestinians across the political spectrum agreed that Israel had suffered a humiliating defeat.

"This war has shown once again that Israel is much weaker than it is perceived, especially in the Arab world," said Ziad Abdel Fattah, a Fatah operative from a village near Ramallah. "Other than kill hundreds of civilians, Israel failed to achieve most of its goals, particularly the destruction of Hizbullah. Everyone saw how Israeli soldiers were forced to retreat in the face of the heroes of Hizbullah."

Muhammad Atiyeh, who describes himself as a Hamas supporter, is convinced that the war in Lebanon could signal the beginning of the demise of Israel. "After 30 days of fighting, Israel had to beg the Americans for a cease-fire," he said. "Had it not been for the US, Israel would have vanished a long time ago. We have seen in recent years that Israel does not have the capability to confront Muslim warriors from Hamas and Hizbullah. The day will come when all Muslims will unite and wipe Israel off the map."

Echoing a similar view, Palestinian Authority Minister of Culture Atallah Abu al-Sabah said that the war in Lebanon has proven that it's only a matter of time before Israel disappears.

I honestly think the vermin might have a point. Israel's insipid liberalism brought about this tragic defeat, and now the next Holocaust has grown one step closer to becoming a reality (God forbid) as a result. After all, Nasrallah has announced that Hezballah will not disarm, Lebanon has declared that their army will not attempt to force Hezballah to disarm, Israel has not been given back the kidnapped soldiers, and Olmert is still vowing to expel the Jews from Judea, Samaria, and half of Jerusalem.

It's really a race for Jewish survival right now. Will liberalism successfully bring about Israel's death before the Torah Zionists are able to rise to power and save the day? We are getting to a very critical time now, and the next concession could be the last one that the Jewish state can endure. I pray that secular liberalism is defeated before it's too late and the Jews are brutally driven into the sea.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Olmert concedes defeat, sues for peace with Hezballah

In a move that is unprecedented in Israeli military history, Prime Minister Ehud Omert will reportedly concede defeat to Hezballah on Friday and accept a humiliating UN ceasefire agreement that will leave Hezballah completely intact, force Israel to release Hezballah's list of imprisoned terrorists, require all IDF forces to retreat from Lebanese soil and be replaced with Lebanese, German and French forces, who will be deployed in southern Lebanon for Israel's protection.

In exchange, Hezballah will only need to return the two kidnapped soldiers they took at the beginning of the war and promise to stop shelling Israel with rockets in the future.

Ynet News - Getting close to ceasefire? According to various reports, the agreement is based on the deployment of French troops on the northern border along with UNIFIL and Lebanese army forces. UN officials expressed optimism regarding the plan but are still waiting for approval from Jerusalem and Beirut.

According to sources in Jerusalem, the new formula is premised on four components:

1. The deployment of a genuine military forces, apparently French and German, in southern
2. The implementation of Resolution 1559
3. Negotiations on a prisoner swap
4. The establishment of a mechanism for future Israeli-Lebanese dealings

According to various reports, the multinational forces being designed for this end includes Lebanese troops, UNIFIL forces, and several thousand French soldiers who are already in the region and can be deployed quickly, at least temporarily, until a more efficient and powerful international force is created. French soldiers are slated to play a major role in such force as well. According to estimates,
Hizbullah will be interested in a ceasefire and will end its rocket fire once a truce is declared, while continuing to fight against IDF forces in Lebanon.

A senior Israeli official said the revised UN Resolution will stop short of requiring peacekeepers to disarm Hizbullah but will call for an embargo to prevent the group from bringing in arms from Iran and Syria.

Kadima Knesset Member Otniel Otniel Schneller met with
Prime Minister Ehuld Olmert , who told him that "at this time, a new diplomatic formula with positive implications that could end the fighting is being formulated. If it isn't accepted, Israel will take off the gloves."

Schneller said that he left the meeting with a good feeling and was impressed that the prime minister is decisive.

"At this time there's an attempt to produce a new diplomatic draft, and if what I saw will indeed materialize it would be fabulous. It would prevent Israeli victims," he said. Schneller added that during the meeting, Olmert received a letter from one of the families who lost their loved ones in Lebanon.

"The letter only strengthened the prime minister, but I also saw dampness in his eyes – this is in fact the dilemma, bringing about a diplomatic agreement or continuing the battle. This decision is difficult both rationally and emotionally," Schneller concluded.

My heart is sick and broken; Israel has been defeated. The only consolation is that this could spell the end of Olmert and bring about new elections. We'll see...


MZ wants to beat the crap out of Mike Wallace

Myron (Mike) Wallace, the 112 yr. old leftist, self-loathing Jew interviewer for CBS News, needs to be fired immediately. If Mel Gibson got crucified (deservedly) by the media for his recent drunken tirade against the Jewish people, it would only make sense that this smug, leftwing, geriatric "news" correspondent of 60 minutes fame should be flogged and beaten in the public square for doting and cooing all over Iran's militantly anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, genocide advocating president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Here's what "whittle Mywin Wahwice" had to say about "da cutesy wootsy pwesident of Iwan" after interviewing him for a special upcoming 60 minutes segment. - Of Ahmadinejad, Wallace said, "He's an impressive fellow, this guy. He really is. He's obviously smart as hell."

Wallace said he was surprised to find that the Iranian president was still a college professor who taught a graduate-level course.

"You'll find him an interesting man," he said. "I expected more of a firebrand. I don't think he has the slightest doubt about how he feels ... about the American administration and the Zionist state. He comes across as more rational than I had expected."

Zionist State? ZIONIST STATE?? Wow. OK, I thought it was called Israel all this time, but what the hell do I know? Ahmedinejad an "impressive fellow"; an "interesting man"; and "More rational than I expected"?? Uh, "Earth to Mike, earth to Mike!" He's one of the terrorists who took Americans hostage in 1979, denies the Holocaust, wants Israel wiped off the map, and is openly supplying Hezballah with rockets to shoot into Israeli cities.

You gotta be kidding me. "Rational?"

Think this is just an aberration from Wallace? That he's really fair and apolitical, and not a self-loathing piece of shit? Wrong! Look at this quote from Mikey from back in 2005.

National Review - Here he is in a recent interview, on what he'd ask Bush if he had the chance: "What in the world prepared you to be the commander in chief of the largest superpower in the world? In your background, Mr. President, you apparently were incurious. You didn't want to travel. You knew very little about the military. The governor of Texas doesn't have the kind of power that some governors have. Why do you think they nominated you? Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that the country is so [expletive] up?"

Sounds fair and balanced, eh? This guy is HORRENDOUS. Hold on! There's still much, much more self-loathing to digest. Check this beauty out from our friend Myron in 2001:

Jewish Press - The Washington Post's Lloyd Grove reported last September that Wallace was spotted ordering a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur at a popular Capitol Hill restaurant. When Grove asked him about it, Wallace nonchalantly confirmed that, yes, "I had a cheddar and ham sandwich."

Pressed further by Grove, Wallace turned smarmy: "I am a Reform Jew," he said. "The best thing I can do is serve my master."

His master: The Ham and Cheese Sandwich! Wow. But, wait! There's still more! Actually, this takes the cake...

Jewish Press - Several weeks prior to his participation in the Brookings forum, Wallace appeared on "Larry King Live" and expressed his admiration for a certain Palestinian terror chieftain. He also confessed to having had his perceptions about the Middle East permanently altered many years back through an encounter with another Palestinian he came to admire.

Wallace: ....I became a self-hating Jew to the Israelis for a while.

King: Self-hating Jew, yes. I know you have known Arafat for 25 years. What do you make of him...?

Wallace: You know something, Larry, I came to ? I came to admire Arafat beginning back in 1977 in Egypt and then in Lebanon on a couple of occasions, and then went to Tunis with him and then even to Gaza. As far as ? and then finally Ramallah, I guess, a month or six weeks ago. He has made mistakes along the way as all of us do....

A little later in the interview, Wallace made the following rather startling confession when King asked him whether it's tough for a Jewish reporter to be objective about Israel.

Wallace: It shouldn't be if you're a professional reporter.... I was fortunate enough as a young, much younger reporter back in the 50's, I met a man by the name of Fayez Sayegh who was a Palestinian, and he was really a Palestinian to his roots, and he helped to let the scales fall from my eyes about the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis, between Arabs and Jews. And you take on quite a chore when you go against your own religion, go against what you learn, what I learned from my folks growing up, but if you are a professional reporter, you do it."

Well, at least he honestly and openly admits to being self-loathing. That's something we don't get to see every day. Actually, I see very little differerence between Wallace and Ehud Olmert in the self-loathing department. The fact is, they both have been terminally infected with liberalism, and there's really little or no hope left for either of them to come out of it at this stage.

Hopefully, they will just go away and _______ (fill in the blank) already.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poll: 97% of Palestinians support Hezballah

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I want to see Israel completely destroy the vermin and stop nipping around the edges with this "measured precision strikes" crap. There are those on the left (Olmert), however, who "feel" it would be "inhumane" to use such draconian tactics, claiming the civilians are not to blame for what Hezballah and Hamas are doing. Well, this ought to dispel that tired myth real quick.

Jerusalem Post - A public opinion poll published on Tuesday showed that support for Hamas and Hizbullah among the Palestinians has increased over the past few weeks and that the number of those who believe in peace with Israel has dropped sharply.

The poll found that there was an increase in the number of Palestinians who support Hamas's desire to eliminate Israel.

For the first time, a majority of 55% agreed that Hamas should not change its position regarding the destruction of Israel. Even 29% of the Christian Palestinians share this view.

The war in Lebanon has increased support for Hizbullah, with an overwhelming majority of 97% voicing their backing with the Shiite group. This position, according to the poll, is also held by 95% of the Christians.

Hizbullah's popularity intensified after the war began. More than 56% of the Palestinians said that their support for Hizbullah has increased over the past month, while 30% said it remained the same.

Again, the Christian minority also appears to have been radicalized by the war in Lebanon, as 66% of them said that their support for Hizbullah was now stronger than ever.

In yet another disturbing finding, most Palestinians no longer see Israel as a peace partner. About 75% of those polled said they do not believe there is a peace partner for the Palestinians in Israel, as opposed to 71% who said that Israel does have a partner on the Palestinian side.

Among Palestinian Christians, 63% also do not believe that the Palestinians have a peace partner in Israel.

Asked about kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl Gilad Shalit, who is being held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other armed militias, about 91% of the Palestinian public does not believe he should be released unconditionally. The vast majority of the Palestinians, 70%, believe that an unconditional release will not make any difference as far as the Israeli attacks are concerned.

I'm sorry, but when 97% of the vermin support Hezballah, 91% don't want the kidnapped soldiers released, and 55% say Hamas should not alter its stated mission of destroying Israel, driving the Jews into the sea, and establishing an islamic state governed by Sharia law in its place, why exactly should they be spared?

War is hell, kill the vermin, destroy their buildings, burn the villages and mosques, and don't stop killing them until they've unconditionally surrendered or are all dead. What could be clearer? How does anybody miss this?


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Land for Peace to Fiji

Time for another Israeli concession, gang! Fiji recently imprisoned, and then expelled, three Jewish tourists because, well, because they were JEWS, that's why! The best way for Israel to respond, of course, would be to expel some Jews from Judea and Samaria, then concede that land to Fiji as a "good will gesture" for peace . Maybe even give them some money and weapons, too - you know, just to show them that Jews are really nice people, and all. In return, Fiji will need to promise to never, ever terrorize Jews again, naturally. Yeah, that will really teach them Fijiers not to mess with Israel, won't it?!

Ynet News - Three Israeli backpackers were evicted from Fiji after a Muslim immigration officer ruled that they had humiliated Palestinians during their military service in the territories.

The three – Amit Ronen, Eldar Avracohen, and Nimrod Lahav – left Israel in February for a tour in Australia. In July they decided to spend a week in Fiji. On July 13 they arrived at Fiji airport where a surprise awaited them.

"We gave our passports to the officer, and when she saw we are Israelis she asked for ID cards. We told her we don't understand why we need ID cards and she responded shouting: 'You know very well how to ask Palestinians for IDs and humiliate them for three years."

That's what Avracohen wrote in a complaint letter he sent to Israel's Ambassador to Australia Nati Tamir.

The three were held at Fiji airport for six hours and officials rebuked their pleas to be allowed to make a phone call. Armed policemen took them to a cell at the airport where they spent the night before being sent back to Australia.

Just goes to show you, vermin are vermin wherever they may be. Fiji vermin are no different than Syrian vermin, or Saudi vermin, or American vermin, or Iranian vermin. All followers of islam are terrorist scum.

Again, Newt Gingrich is proven absolutely right: THIS IS WWIII! Wake up and smell the vermin!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Insight from NY

Finally, a sensitive, compassionate analysis about the Arab/Israeli conflict that MZ actually agrees with. Who says I don't have a soft side??

Click on this.

Hat Tip:
Home Cheese


Sunday, August 06, 2006

IDF captures kidnapper

Northern Israel has been hit and hit hard by the Hizballah rocket strikes, yet Ehud Olmert still fails to order the full ground invasion necessary to exterminate every last filthy moslem in southern Lebanon. Despite this cowardice, however, we do get some military success stories to point to, and here is one of them.

Arutz Sheva - The chief of military intelligence revealed Sunday that the IDF has captured one of the Hizbullah terrorists who kidnapped two IDF troops on July 12th The abduction set off the Re-engagement War.

IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev are still being held hostage by Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorists operating out of south Lebanon.

Major General Amos Yadlin told cabinet members, "In one of the operations in Lebanon the kidnapper was captured. He has been taken for interrogation."

He also confirmed that more than 400 Hizbullah terrorists have been eliminated since the beginning of the war.

We can only hope that this stinky, diseased moslem pile of vermin dung gets tortured so unmercifully his head won't be discernible from his ass. Of course, if only Olmert had the courage to send in the troops to flatten and then annex southern Lebanon we would already be talking about the end of the war.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Jews banned from Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av

More proof that Israel's government is an anti-Semitic abomination.

Arutz Sheva News - Despite a High Court decision, Jerusalem's Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site, was closed to Jews on the Fast of Tisha B'Av, which mourns the destruction of the Holy Temple.

Despite the fact that the Mount represents the focal point of the fast, only Muslim women and Muslim men over the age of 45 were permitted entry Thursday.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled two days ago that members of the Temple Mount Faithful could ascend the mount on Tisha B'Av during the normal hours during which non-Muslims are usually allowed on the Mount, Sunday-Thursday. The court ruled that the group could not carry placards, dress in a provocative fashion or draw any attention to themselves - and the group's founder, Gershon Solomon, was to be barred from the Mount altogether.

In response, the head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, Sheikh Raed Selah, told Israel Radio that the Supreme Court does not have the authority to rule on the matter, "because Israel does not have sovereignty over [the Temple Mount]." He also issued a call for Muslims to flock to the Al Aqsa Mosque Thursday to confront Jewish worshipers.

Following additional threats by Arab MKs Ibrahim Sarsour and Abbas Zkoor (Ra'am-Ta'al), Police barred not only members of the Temple Mount Faithful group – but all non-Muslims. They said the decision was due to a fear of violent clashes between Temple Mount Faithful activists and Muslim protesters.

Forbidding the Jews to enter the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av as a "good will gesture" to the moslems? The same vermin that Israel is currently fighting a war of survival against?? Where does the cowardice and capitulation end? It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that the government of Israel hates Jews.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tisha B'Av

Today at sunset marked the beginning of Tisha B'Av (the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av), which is the most somber day on the Jewish calendar. Both of the Holy Temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av, the first in 586 BCE by the Babylonians, and the second in 70 CE by the Romans. Mourning the destruction of the two Temples, and the subsequent Galut (exile) that's followed, is how the day is observed. It's as if we are sitting Shiva for a loved one who's tragically passed away.

Many people wrongly believe that the period of exile came to an end in 1948 with the formation of the modern State of Israel. This is a misnomer, however, as the galut is not simply the physical act of establishing Jewish governance over parts of the Land of Israel that God gave to the Jews as an eternal heritage. Rather, Galut primarily represents the absence of the Moshiach, or Messiah, and the still unbuilt third and final Holy Temple on the Temple Mount; the only earthly place where God bestows His presence to man.

There have been other terrible tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people on Tisha B'av as well, most notably the expulsion of the Jews from Spain under the penalty of death in 1492, which began the terrible period known as The Inquisition.

Jews are required to fast on Tisha B'Av in the same way as for Yom Kippur. We are also to refrain from bathing, using cosmetics, working as normal, studying Torah, shaving, wearing leather shoes, and having sex.

At the evening service of Tisha B'Av, after the Ma'ariv prayers, Eicha, or the Book of Lamentations, is read aloud to the congregation which sits on the floor as if sitting Shiva in a house of mourning.

Tonight I was at the synagogue for the services and it was very, very powerful. As the chazzans (there were five, one for each chapter) chanted in Hebrew, I read the English translation. I was very moved, and felt compelled to incorporate some of the passages into this posting, accompanied with my own commentary relating them to today's world, of course.

But first, a little background on the Book of Lamentations.


The prophet Jeremiah had been instructed by God before the first Temple was destroyed to warn the people that destruction and exile were on the way if the self-loathing Jews of that era didn't stop the mass desecration of God and Torah, and repent for their decadent behavior.

Rather than take heed of Jeremiah's warnings, the self-loathers accused him of spreading politically incorrect hate speech and intolerance to those who preferred to engage in alternative lifestyles, and, subsequently, he was imprisoned for demonstrating a criminal lack of sensitivity.

Some years later, after the Temple was destroyed and the Jews had been deported to Babylon by Nebachadnezzer, Jeremiah wrote the great book of Eicha, or Lamentations.

Passages with commentary

Gone from the daughter of Zion is all her splendor. Her leaders were like deer that found no pasture; they walked on without strength before the rodef (pursuer).

Could there be a better lament of the terrible times Zion faces today than that? A cowardly leader unwilling to demolish the rodef moslems? Yes, we know of ye, Ehud.

Jerusalem sinned greatly, she has therefore become a wanderer. All who once respected her disparage her, for they have seen her disgrace. She herself sighs and turns away.

Today, Jerusalem faces the disgraceful specter of a looming "Gay pride" parade and, of course, Olmert's wicked plot to cede over half of the city to the vermin. Could it be any clearer? A parade of gay men dancing down the streets in drag because they're celebrating taking it up the butt? I'm quite certain she would indeed sigh and turn away from that.

All your enemies opened their mouths wide at you; they whistle and gnash their teeth. They say, "We have devoured her! Indeed, this is the day we longed for; we have found it, we have seen it!"

Just toss in burning flags and "Alahu Ahkbar!" chanting and Jeremiah has described the vermin street to a tee. This was Gaza after the expulsion of the Jews; this was Lebanon after the retreat in 2000; and this will be Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, too, if Ehud gets his wish.

Rejoice and exult, O daughter of Edom, who dwells in the land of Uz; to you, too, will the cup pass, you will become drunk and you will vomit. Your iniquity is expiated, O daughter of Zion, He will not exile you again; He remembers your iniquity, daughter of Edom, He will uncover your sins.

The vermin may be dancing in the streets Israel vacated now, but the time will come when the payback for their savagery is meted out. When that happens, oh my will they be getting theirs in spades.

Bring us back to You, God, and we shall return, renew our days of old. For even if You had utterly rejected us, You have already raged sufficiently against us.

In other words, the misery of all these millennia we have suffered makes the redemption long overdo. The opportunity is here today, the time is now, and we must act with strength to do what is good in God's eyes: destroy the enemy vermin and make Israel whole for the Moshiach, and the Temple, so God's presence will return to us once again.



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moving Photo Essay

These pictures tell us what this war is really all about. Jews are just trying to survive and settle in the Land that is outlined in these Torah scrolls and sidurim (prayer books); words which God gave us to forever live by at Sinai nearly 3500 years ago.

The pictures of these soldiers reading from the Torah, wearing yarmulkes, tefillin and tallit, and doing their very best to make sure that the will of God is being performed to the best of their abilities, are very powerful images.

Hat tip to Pops.

May God be with them.


Mel Gibson on South Park

You MUST see this from Bacon Eating Atheist Jew. Odd as it may seem that I would reference a site with such a title, don't be misled by the name. His blog is a real rightwing Zionist site that deserves attention, and this video he dug up from South Park is really, really funny!


Ground invasion set to begin

Well, at least it's something. Olmert has finally agreed to launch the full scale ground offensive that should have taken place at least a week ago. That said, I am happy he has finally given in to the advice of the IDF senior officers, who have undoubtedly been begging for this invasion for some time now.

Jerusalem Post - The security cabinet approved early Tuesday morning expanded ground operations in Lebanon, while the IDF, under the assumption that only a few days were left for the operations against Hizbullah, was already gearing up Monday night for a massive ground incursion into Lebanon on three different fronts, utilizing the Golani, Nahal and the Paratroopers infantry brigades.

The plan, senior IDF sources said, was to utilize the last remaining days of the operation, which they estimated would be over by week's end, to push Hizbullah back as far north as the Litani River in central Lebanon.

I just hate seeing these artificial time tables being imposed upon the Israeli war effort. Why must the invasion be completed in a couple days? The war should be waged until Nasrallah and company unconditionally surrenders and not one second less.

Also, the idea that some half-baked "international force" will come in and protect Israel from the vermin is preposterous. Anyone ever heard of the UNRWA? They've been aiding and abetting the Pseudostinian terrorist effort since 1948. Sure are real honest brokers, huh? How about that UN resolution 1559? Yeah, the UN was just about to get around to disarming Hezballah, right? Right.

Look, the idea that some UN or NATO group of anti-Semites will actually lay their lives down to defend the Jewish State is ridiculous. Israel must permanently annex southern Lebanon so that they can at least have a chance to live in peace and security. Anything less is a waste of time and human life.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: This is war. War is hell. War only ends when one side wins and the other side surrenders unconditionally, and to the victor goes the spoils.