Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good morning! Ugh...

Ever get out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, read the morning news, and just shake your head with disbelief at what you see? Sometimes? Every day? Once in awhile? Well, that's the way my morning got started after I saw this ridiculous article in Ynet News by gay pornstar Michael Lucas, who recently went to Israel to entertain the IDF.

Ynet News - Did you ever think how many parallels can be drawn between gays and Jews? This letter would be way too long if I even started to list. But for one, we were both persecuted and hated throughout centuries, and we both gave the world the biggest artists, scientists, writers, actors, musicians. So maybe we both are chosen people.

Yes, I produce gay porn. But for the most part, I am just like you, proud to be Jewish, love my family, proud of Israel, and was glued to TV for the past month, worried for my people. The fact is, lots of people love and need porn. I do not harm anyone, I make them happy.

This morning is one of those mornings, I guess. I can't even muster up the gray-matter to post one of my usual clever responses. Loyal readers, please help out an incredulous, tongue-tied MZ by offering your comments and insight to help make sense of this drivel.



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