Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Biography: Ehud Olmert

It always helps to take a deeper look into the heart of a man if we hope to truly understand what makes him tick. Today, MZ will do just that when he profiles Israel's highly incompetent, sorry-assed, quisling/coward for a Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert.

The Early Days

Born in Israel before statehood in 1945, Ehud grew up in a home where politics was always a big part of life. His father at one time smuggled guns to Irgun, and after Israel became a state he was affiliated with the minority Herut Party (pre-curser to Likud) and, consequently, the Olmert's often found themselves blacklisted for opposing the ruling Mapai Party's (pre-curser to Labor, and staunchly Marxist in ideology) views. This tortured memory of being picked on by the intolerant majority of Socialists and Communists, with the accompanying closed doors and rejections from his peers, helps explain much about the strong ideological pull to the Left that would later come to define both Ehud's political and personal life.

That would come much later, however. At this early time of his life, being raised in a rightwing, secular nationalist home by his hardline parents it was only natural that Ehud would become involved in his youth with what's known as the Betar organization, which advances the revisionist Zionism of the late, great, secular nationalist, "Zev" Jebotinsky. Things would soon begin to change for this hawkish youngster, however, as the radical leftwing ideology of University awaited him.

Entering adulthood

In law school, Ehud met a Communist/feminist/peacenik/artist named Aliza, who would soon become his wife. Through marriage, Aliza, who came from a family of prominent Communists, opened doors that used to be closed for rightwingers like Ehud. He opened a law practice in Jerusalem, and then launched his political career by becoming a member of Knesset with the Likud Party, at the young age of 28, in 1973.

In the Knesset during this time, Ehud was still at his most hardline regarding political ideology, and advocated strong policies to advance the dream of Greater Israel. After serving several years in the Knesset, Ehud successfully ran for Mayor of Jerusalem in 1993, where he served two terms ending in 2003. This would be the era when his hawkish, right-leaning views would begin shifting markedly to the left.

Family life

Meanwhile, Ehud and Aliza had started a family together and had 3 children, plus a 4th whom they adopted. All of these kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, would become radical leftwing activists as they grew older, which clearly influenced Ehud's one time hawkish ways.

Today, both of his sons live abroad while his daughters remained in Israel. The eldest son (Shaul) is an artist/Palestinian activist in New York, who is heavily involved in the Yesh G'vul Organization, which is an advocacy group for IDF soldiers to desert the army and become leftwing refuseniks.

His other son, Ariel, opposed serving in the military as required by law, became a refusenik, and went off to France where he now studies literature and art.

His daughter Dana is a very outspoken anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian rights activist in Tel Aviv. She is also a militant lesbian and a gay rights activist, who recently protested in an Arab-led anti-Israel rally.

His oldest daughter, Michal, is also a militant leftist, but is married and chooses to stay away from the spotlight her more flamboyant younger sister so enjoys. She is currently teaching courses and conducting workshops on "creative thinking".

Of course, Ehud's wife is also a radical leftist and helped to found the militant Palestinian rights organization known as "Women in Black", who perform candle light vigils all over Israel every time a "Palestinian" is killed by the IDF. She is also a prominent activist in the Peace Now organization, which is anti-Zionist and favors advancing the moslem's "Right of Return" to Israel.

Mr. Prime Minister

All these influences clearly took there toll on the one-time hawk, who, since returning to Knesset in 2003, is credited (blamed?) for persuading Ariel Sharon to reverse his pro-settler policies and adopt policies of withdrawal and retreat instead. After Sharon had a stroke, Olmert came into power on an interim basis, and then was permanently elected to head the new Kadima Party with a single issue platform of giving away the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Then came the two front war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezballah in Lebanon. After much agonizing over what to do, and declaring himself "tired of winning" and "tired of being courageous", Ehud, the now dovish Prime Minister, sued for peace and unconditionally surrendered to Hizballah under fire. In addition, Olmert and his security minister recently announced plans to also retreat from the Golan and give it away to Syria with the hope that the "Land for Peace" philosophy he once despised will somehow succeed this time.


OK, we are now up-to-date on Ehud's World, and, as one can see, Ehud's transformation from rightwing hawk to leftwing capitulationist has come almost completely full circle. Any more time in office, and he may just give away all of the land as a good will gesture, grant right of return, and obliterate the Jewish State just as his wife and kids have been hoping he'd do for all these years. Let's hope he's stopped before it's too late.



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