Thursday, May 29, 2008

MKs: Olmert's high treason punishable by death

Israeli Law:
Section B: Treason
97 (a). A person who, with intent to violate the sovereignty of the state, commits an act that has the potential to violate the state's sovereignty is liable to life imprisonment or the death penalty.

97 (b). A person who, with intent that any area be withdrawn from the sovereignty of the state or placed under the sovereignty of a foreign state, commits an act that has the potential to bring this about is liable to life imprisonment or the death penalty...

I had to come out of my sabbatical for this one. MZ's renowned, determined call for Olmert to be prosecuted and executed for high treason is gaining some steam in the Knesset. The idea was proposed in a special Knesset meeting this week by MKs Eldad and Eitan (NU), who were enraged by Olmert's clandestine effort to unilatterally concede the Golan Heights to Syria.

The chances of Olmert actually ever being tried, and subsequently executed, for treason in an Israeli court is incredibly remote, of course. However, the fact that it is openly being called for by elected members of the knesset at least brings awareness that the high crime of giving away land to the enemy will not go unchecked.

I am so proud of these men. To openly call for the Prime Minister to be tried for treason, and face the death penalty if convicted, takes incredible courage.

Ynet: "He whose acts remove lands from the State's territories and from its control will be sentenced to death," Knesset Member Arieh Eldad (National Union-National ReligiousParty) said Monday. Eldad spoke during a special meeting of the Knesset's Golan Heights lobby. He explained that he was referring to "a definition of the treason clause in the Penal Law."

His faction member, MK Effie Eitam, a resident of Moshav Nov in the Golan, noted that "we must make it clear that we are talking about death by a court of law."

In the letter titled "A treason offence", Eldad claimed that "the Golan Heights Law from 1981 applies the Israeli law on the Golan Heights as it is a sovereign part of the State of Israe. The Israeli Penal Code from 1977 defines in clause 97B the term 'treason': A person who caused a territory to be removed from the State's sovereignty or enter the sovereignty of a foreign country, an act which could lead to a death sentence or life imprisonment."

The MK added that "since Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that he is holding Turkish mediated negotiations with Syria, which are aimed at signing a peace agreement in exchange for handing over the Golan Heights to Syria, his acts are similar to a treason offense.

"I would be much obliged if you could instruct the police to launch a probe into this matter, and if it is found that Mr. Olmert committed this offense, you should instruct that he be tried for treason."

God willing, Olmert will someday be swinging from a noose in the public square for his crimes against Israel and the Jewish people. MK's Eitan and Eldad deserve the highest respect from Zionists everywhere for their courage of conviction in a house otherwise plagued by corruption and cowardice.