Friday, February 29, 2008

Ashkelon: The new Sderot

With the nearly abandoned wreckage of a city known as Sderot now virtually a ghost town, the moslems of Judenrein Gaza have begun to turn some of their missile attention north to the bigger port city of Ashkelon.

( A total of 24 people are hospitalized, mostly for shock, following the firing of more than 30 rockets and mortar shells from Gaza on Israel on Thursday. Among them are two with shrapnel injuries.

Among the rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza on Israel on Thursday, eight long-range Grad rockets hit the coastal city of Ashkelon. The city's 100,000-plus rocket-besieged residents were told just last night (Wednesday) by Defense Minister Ehud Barak that there was no need to change the city's deployment plans.

The Katyusha-like were fired in several waves in the mid-afternoon hours. Two rockets slammed directly into residential homes, and shock victims were treated at the sites. One rocket landed at the northern entrance to town, and marks the longest-range hit to date.

At the same time, five Kassam rockets were being fired at Sderot and the western Negev. A 70-year-old woman in Sderot suffered shrapnel wounds; she is listed in light condition in Barzilai Hospital. Two rockets scored a direct hit on a hothouse, and the Thai workers inside were just barely able to escape unharmed.

Later in the day, eight more Kassam rockets were fired into Israel; four of them landed north and east of Gaza, and four landed in Ashkelon.

This is significant. Now that the Kassams are able to routinely strike Ashkelon the opportunity for a nationwide strike of rockets, missiles and bombs has become very realistic. To the east, once Israel has ethnically cleansed all the Jews from Judea and Samaria as a good will gesture to the moslems, the interior of Israel will likely be pounded by continuous rocket fire. With the north already in the line of fire from Hezbalon's artillary, and the West and south getting wiped away by Judenrein Gaza, it seems there's not much left anymore.

Israel is getting exactly what they have coming to them for putting Olmert and his leftist/arabist friends in office. If the people there are so disinterested in their own survival that they are willing to commit suicide so as not to be picked on by the vermin anymore, well, so be it. I can't get angry if they want to capitulate to the enemy and be bombed into submission. I'm very sad that they have chosen voluntary anhialation, yes, but how can I get angry at the dire situation when they care more about pleasing their enemy than saving themselves?


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jerusalem Conference: Where Israel went wrong

Carolyne Glick, one of the most respected Zionist analysts of Israel's political situation, MC'd the recent Jerusalem conference. Here, pro-Israel experts offered ideas about how and when Israel went wrong, and why the state is now in peril of self-induced extinction.

Go to this link and read excerpts. I think you'll be impressed.

Basically, it is a recap of all the things we've discussed at this site over and over again. It's so obvious that I am pained to comprehend how anyone can possibly not see it.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bunny Vermin to eat every last Jew

It seems those lovable moslems just can't get enough of the delightful character entertainment for kids. First Mickey Mouse and now a fluffy Bunny Rabbit! It's amazing how adorable the children's shows can be as they swear by Allah that they'll hunt down, kill, and eat every last Jew.

Would the bunny rabbit at least promise to eat Olmert first?

Then again, nothing could ever be as terrifying of a video as this...

Dear, God...


Monday, February 04, 2008

Vermin suicide attack kills one, injures 20 in Israel

A Vermin terror attack can only mean one thing: more concessions to the arabs by the self-loathers, and more Jews expelled from there homes by the gallant Prince Ehud.
( One woman was murdered and at least 20 people were wounded; one critically injured, three moderately and the rest lightly injured in Monday morning's suicide bombing attack on the Negev city of Dimona. The city is also home to Israel's nuclear reactor.

“Every resident of Dimona today finds himself in a new reality,” said Dimona Mayor Meir Cohen after the suicide bombing that ripped apart his city’s commercial center Monday morning. “Life will no longer be routine.”

National Union Knesset Member Uri Ariel echoed the statement, warning that the suicide bombing is the prelude to “a new wave of terrorism.” Ariel joined lawmakers from the Yisrael Beiteinu party who asserted that terrorists “who can reach Dimona can also reach Jerusalem and the rest of the country.”

The opinion offered by a Dimona firefighter on Voice of Israel government radio shortly after the blast, was shared by all. The unidentified firefighter said he was not surprised that terrorists attacked the city, because of recent infiltration of terrorists from Egypt through Sinai following the destruction of the border barrier at Rafiah two weeks ago.

Palestinian Authority (PA) news agency Ramatan, confirmed the assessment a short while later, reporting that the two bombers were Gaza residents, although no information was released about their identities or exactly where they crossed the border into Israel.

The Fatah-sponsored Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organizations claimed responsibility for the attack in a joint statement.

Gaza-based Hamas spokesman Sami Zahari praised the suicide bombers and called on terrorists to carry out more attacks. He commented that it was “a natural reaction to Israeli escalation” and said it proved that Arabs “will continue to oppose Israel in every way, including with suicide bombings.”

Young PA Arabs gave out flowers and candy to passersby and danced in the streets in Rafiah to celebrate the attack.
Dancing vermin make easy targets.