Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abbas rejects right of Jews to self-determination

The most liberal and moderate of all Palestinians has openly rejected Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State. In response, we can assume the Israeli government will hastily release hundreds of arab terrorists from prison and concede some land to the moslems.

Ynet: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said on Monday that he will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, as demanded by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"A Jewish state, what is that supposed to mean?" Abbas asked in a speech in the West Bank's political capital of Ramallah. "You can call yourselves as you like, but I don't accept it and I say so publicly."

Of course, MZ is just shocked, SHOCKED, to here this news...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Jews threatened by extermination as Yom Hashoah begins

Tonight marks the beginning of Yom Hashoah, in which Jews reflect on the tragic extermination of a mind boggling 6 million Jewish lives by renewing the vows of NEVER AGAIN!  As we all know, the Final Solution ambitions of Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists lives on today with their old "Palestinian" allies, who still share the same extermination intentions in partnership with the greater Islamist world. 

One of the saddest elements of today is how so many of us, just like the "Germans of Mosaic Persuasion" of 70 years ago, fell under the same spell of assimilationist denial which kept Jews in the path of extermination until it was too late. We are indeed a stiff-necked people, relying on the foolish idolatry of liberalism and humanism to bring about a Utopian salvation via some perverted, twisted, misguided interpretation of tikkun olam. 

A perfect example of our tragically gullible and naive worldview, that epidemically infects the minds of so many of my otherwise intelligent, rational, and educated brethren, is the case of Palestinian cleric Abu Al-Haj, who just three years ago was participating in the leftwing "International Conference of Imams and Rabbis for Peace", who can now be seen preaching for the complete extermination of world Jewry on Hamas TV.  

Click here to see the video, and read below for the corresponding article.

(IsraelNN.com) A Muslim cleric called this month for the extermination of the Jews in a Friday sermon broadcast on Hamas TV, according to Middle East media watchdog, the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Barely three years ago, Ziad Abu Al-Haj participated in an international conference of “Imams and Rabbis for Peace”, where he and others vowed to “condemn any negative representation” of each others’ religion.

Three weeks ago, however, the religious leader told his viewers on Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV that “Hatred for Muhammad and Islam is in their [Jews’] souls; they are naturally disposed to it…” According to the Hamas interpretation of Islam, Jews are inherently evil and therefore are a threat to Muslims and all humanity.

Palestinian Media Watch has provided an English translation of Abu Al-Haj’s sermon calling for genocide of the Jews:

"Who is it that is leading the world today in the vicious, all-encompassing war against Islam and Muslims? The answer is clear: it is the Jewish nation. It is the Jews who today are leading the all-encompassing war against Muslims...

We, the Muslims, know the nature of Jews the best, because the Holy Quran taught us. The prophetic traditions explained at length to Muslims the true nature of Jews... Their war and their hatred for Muhammad and Islam is in their souls, they are naturally disposed to it.

Israel today lives in the heart of Arab-Muslim territory, and it is a cancer that wants to rule the world. Know, my brothers! The Jews' expansion today brings the dissemination of an ancient thinking...

They argued with Allah's prophet Moses; they wanted to kill Allah's prophet Jesus, and wanted to murder Allah's prophet Muhammad...

The Jews want to destroy every inch ... Perhaps their famous book, which they deny [its authenticity] - known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but we call it, "The Protocols of the Imbeciles of Zion" - in this book, my brothers, the Jews set down their plan to besiege the entire world by land, by air, and by sea - conceptually, economically, and its communications, as is happening today...

The Jews' grandeur today, and their ascent to the world's throne, is because America, with all of its power, is ruled by the Senate, I won't say 'American' but rather 'Jewish' [Senate] ... The time will come, by the will of Allah, when their property will be destroyed and their children will be exterminated, and no Jew or Zionist will be left on the face of this earth."

Until my tribesmen awaken from their liberal stupor, and stop capitulating to those who seek their total annihilation, we will remain perilously vulnerable to another Shoah. 


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Exclusion Principle

The Exclusion Principle scientifically quantifies that two nations cannot occupy the same space at the same time. To summarize, the only answer to the arab/Israeli conflict is the expulsion of one of the two people's to a space of their own in which to to dwell. As we know, this is why the Palestinian State of Jordan was created in the first place, so the sooner the arab entity festering in Eretz Yisroel is deported there the sooner there can be a just and realistic peace.

"Binational" or "multinational" solutions are therefore impossible, while the "two-state" solution is attempting to split the atom and would create violent combustion. Even if one doesn't believe in Torah, science provides the same conclusion: THEY MUST GO!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chag Sameach Pesach

MZ will be taking a break for Pesach, but would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, healthy chag. Upon my return, I hope to post more prolifically and resume visiting my blogging friends more frequently.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MK Ben-Ari: Shut Down Libelous Rabin Academy

The slanderers and blood libelists at the aptly named Rabin Military Academy tried and failed to bare false witness against the Jewish Military. The left and their jihadi allies are only too happy to contrive any lie, no matter how obvious, in order to advance their greater mission: The destruction of Israel and the Jews who live there. 

Thank God we have a few sane Jews left in Knesset to say something, and none are more sane than the esteemed Michael Ben-Ari, who is not afraid to tell the terrorist vermin where to go.

IsraelNN.com: National Union MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari spoke out Wednesday during a Knesset session on Operation Cast Lead and said that the pre-military academy which was responsible for rumors that IDF soldiers purposely targeted civilians should be closed. He added that from personal experience, he knows that the IDF is moral and refrains from hitting civilians.

The story began two weeks ago when the Rabin pre-military academy, headed by Danny Zamir, published accounts from alumni claiming that IDF soldiers targeted civilians during the operation. The story made headlines in Israeli papers before being publicized around the world. On Monday, the IDF concluded that the claims were based on hearsay and emphasized that the rumors had done great damage to the IDF’s image.

Ben-Ari said that Zamir’s academy should be closed. He put Zamir in the category of left-wing inciters who partner with Israel’s enemies, a category which according to Ben-Ari also includes B’Tzelem, Peace Now, and Machsom Watch, groups which he claimed “weaken our stand against our enemies.”

Before Ben-Ari spoke, Arab MK Mohammad Barakeh condemned the operation and claimed the IDF acted immorally. “Some people make a distinction between innocent civilians and those that are not,” he said, “I will tell you something outright – everyone who was killed was an innocent civilian – this was a war for nothing.”

Ben-Ari, unable to contain himself, yelled out, “You shot at our houses.” Barakeh yelled back, “Quiet down you Kahanist,” after which Ben-Ari shot back, “You terrorist, don’t tell me to be quiet.”

MK Nachman Shai from Kadima spoke during the session and emphasized that all IDF investigations conducted so far show that soldiers acted properly. On the other hand, Meretz MK Ilan Galon said he did not trust IDF investigators. Labor MK Matan Vilnai, who serves as deputy Minister of Defense, emphasized that the army acted morally. “I can tell you with complete confidence from personal knowledge that the rules of engagement are very clear and that the IDF carried them out to the full,” he said.