Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. I love turkey with all the trimmings, love watching football, love drinking plenty of wine, and love to have the family and friends gather together without any religious rituals outside of basic kosher dietary laws. In fact, the most fun for me is figuring out how I make wonderful traditional dairy delicacies like mashed potatoes and green bean casserole pareve without it losing any of that sumptuous flavor.

I take tremendous pleasure at shocking people at how well I can somehow make these traditional dairy foods taste so much like the original without compromising koshrus. My inlaws always mock me for my "goyesha" menus, as they never grew up eating mashed potatoes with gravy as a side to their turkey. They never, ever had green bean casserole with poultry. When I make sausage stuffing they are simply baffled that a kosher Jew would actually make this kind of food.

Ahhh...but they eat it, and love it, and are stunned that it can actually be done so well. It's my passion, actually, to strive to not only make kosher versions of traditionally non-kosher foods, but make them taste as good or better than the treif original. Sometimes it can be done, sometimes it can't, but I make the best possible run at it every time.

Even better is when I have over people who don't keep kosher at all compliment me on the foods without knowing at all that they are pareve or kosher. They just eat it, enjoy it, praise it, and I thank them, but only afterward do I inform them that it was a pareve substitute they were eating.

In a small way, I feel as if I'm performing the mitzvah of Jewish outreach. Secular Jews are always under the impression that kosher means "tastes like crap". These negative impressions often cause Jews who don't know any better to never even consider leading a more Jewish life because they couldn't tolerate the limitations on what they can eat, or the poor taste of he food that they can.

When they eat my foods, and really, really like it, they are often stunned that kosher can be good, and it sometimes opens their minds up a just a little bit regarding the whole kosher thing. If they lose that anti-kosher prejudice, than maybe, just maybe, they will be more open minded at some point to considering some level of kosher themselves.

Anyway, it's one way for a small, simple Jew like myself to try and make a difference, and while I'm at it enjoy the delicious results of my labor of love at the same time.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Kuntar awarded top medal by Syria's Assad

That filthy-arab-vermin-terrorist-child-and-cop killer Ehud Olmert pardoned in July as a "good will gesture" has now been awarded Syria's highest medal of honor, the Syrian Order of Merit, by President Assad.

Kuntar, who proudly and cruelly tortured a 4 year old girl in front of her own father before murdering them both and causing the suffocation of the baby sibling being held in her mother's arms, is a celebrity hero to arabs everywhere for killing Jews and getting released from jail when a frightened and intimidated Ehud Olmert pardoned him.

( Terrorist Samir Kuntar visited the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on Monday. Several hundred residents of Druze villages in Israel gathered to cheer for Kuntar, who is also Druze. Kuntar served almost 30 years in an Israeli prison for murdering three Israelis, one of them a four-year-old girl, and causing the death of a toddler.

Kuntar turned to the residents of Majdal Shams, Masada, Bukata and Ein Kaniya who had come to hear him and promised them they would not remain Israeli for long. “President Bashar Assad has promised me that he will help you,” Kuntar said. “I say to you, soon President Assad will fly the Syrian flag over the Golan.”

Among those who attended the gathering were MK Said Nafa (Balad) and Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Israeli Islamic Movement. When questioned by an Israeli reporter Nafa expressed defiance, saying, “We're not afraid of jail, we'll keep protecting the interests of all Arab peoples.”

One resident of Majdal Shams who attended the event spoke with the Israeli paper Yediot Acharonot and described his hopes for the future: “We hope that we'll celebrate the next Syrian Independence Day here, with the entire Golan returned to Syria as part of a peace deal between the government of Israel and President Assad.” He praised Kuntar, saying, “Samir Kuntar is an example of how a firm stance achieves results.”

Assad gives Kuntar Top Award

Kuntar came to the Golan from Damascus, where he met with Assad. Assad awarded Kuntar Syria's highest medal, the Syrian Order of Merit.

"Kuntar was not only the senior prisoner during his time in jail, he is chief among free and honorable men,” Assad said. “His firm stance and commitment to Arab rights, despite everything he went through, have made him a symbol of the struggle for freedom in the Arab world and the entire world.”

Kuntar praised Assad in turn, saying, “The great thing about Syria is that when I was arrested 30 years ago, Syria stood firmly and fought against Israel, and when I visit today she still holds the exact same position.” Kuntar praised Syria and Assad in the name of Hizbullah.

State: Talks with Syria Must Continue

Meanwhile, in Israel, the state told the High Court that peace talks with Syria must continue. In response to a petition from MK Limor Livnat (Likud) calling to put the talks on hold, the government argued that suspending the talks would damage Israel's relationship with Turkey and Israel's image abroad.

Livnat argued that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should not be allowed to hold talks with a lasting impact on Israel's future, as he is only a caretaker prime minister and is no longer even the head of the Knesset's largest faction, Kadima. Olmert has been holding talks with Assad with help from Turkish mediators. The state asked the High Court to dismiss Livnat's petition.

Olmert still wants to expel the Jews and surrender the Golan Heights to Syria, a country being run by Samir Kuntars who get off killing and torturing Jews, as yet another "good will gesture" for peace with the animals. We must pray he never lives to see such a day.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Olmert to release another 250 terrorists

So much goodwill being spread from der Fuhrer Olmert; unless you are a Jew that is...

Another goodwill gesture to the Palestinian Authority: Israel will release 250 Fatah prisoners in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha which will take place at the beginning of December, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced Monday during a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem.

Israeli officials clarified that the gesture will include the release of prisoners who were involved in terror but belong to the moderate camp, and are not members of Hamas or the Islamic Jihad.

The release is part of Israel's effort to encourage the moderate forces and prove that such gestures can only be reached by taking the road of peace.

All the prisoners slated to be freed will be forced to sign a commitment that they would not return to terrorism.

Of course, since all the jihadis must promise Ehud to never do anymore terrorism ever again we all can rest easy. Good work keeping the Jewish people safe once again, Mr. Prime Minister!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Olmert: Israel discriminating against Arabs

Let me put this as clear as I possibly can: Olmert must be declared din moser (duty to kill a Jew who transfers property and collaborates with the enemy to imperil Jewish lives) and din rodef (duty to kill an evil pursuer intending to imperil Jewish lives and property).

This is what the moser v'rodef Olmert had to say yesterday in Knesset:

Ynet News: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert painted a grim picture Wednesday in respect to discrimination against Arabs seeking public service jobs.

In a special parliamentary session on the matter, Olmert said: "It is terrible that there is not even one Arab employee at the Bank of Israel (out of 900 employees) and that in the Israel Electric Company Arabs constitute fewer than 1% of all workers."

"The issue of integrating Arab employees into the public service has been occupying me greatly," he said. "The gap between their ratio in the population and their integration into the public service arouses concern and unease."

The prime minister said that over the years the State maintained a policy of discrimination, thereby creating a vicious cycle. On the one hand, the Arab community was unable to create management mechanisms, while on the other hand, Israeli governments deprived Arabs of rights that could help them improve their quality of life, he said.

"I feel great discomfort over the fact that the State conducted itself improperly for many years, and should have made a fundamental change," he said. "We have not yet overcome the obstacle of discrimination. This is deliberate discrimination, and the gap is intolerable. There is no arguing that some government ministries did not hire Arabs for years."

However, Olmert noted that despite the grim situation, "the government I headed did more than any other government to change this state of affairs."

I know many of you out there cringe at the thought of a Jew drawing Jewish blood, even if it is of a Jew who is committing evil and life-threatening actions against innocent Jews. Well, what those of you who can't overcome this queeziness need to understand is that it is this treasonous Jew who is often the greatest enemy and threat, who seeks to abolish all things Jewish, including Jewish life if necessary, in their effort to appease and assimilate with the goyem who hate us.

There is a reason that we are commanded by Jewish law to do anything and everything in our power to stop them. If kindness and pleading fails, if passive resistance fails, than there is but one course of subsequent action that must be taken and that's all out resistance, whatever it takes, including the use of deadly force if necessary, to stop them from succeeding with their wicked plans to debase and imperil the Jewish people.

I unapologetically and proudly support the Zionist resistance in defense of Eretz Yisroel. May they be blessed with success in all of the battles that lie ahead with the moserim v'rodefim who deliberately collaborate with the enemies of the Jewish people.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arab rejects islam, embraces Israel

This really inspires me. An arab "Palestinian", raised on propaganda to hate the Jews and Israel, breaks free of islam, studies the unfiltered historical truths of the holy land, and embraces Zionism and the Jewish people.

Reading his story is so heart warming, so uplifting, it makes me wish the self-loathing leftist Jews would similarly step outside of their bigotry, be honest with history and themselves, and begin to understand what this brave arab had the strength of character to discover: That Israel is a nation of the Jews, for the Jews, and nothing but the Jews, so help us God.

Arutz Sheva: Shalom. As an Arab Muslim I once asked myself: Why do I hate Israel? I really thought about this question. After only a little deliberation, the answer was clear: because I am a Muslim and Islam is extremely intolerant.

It's intolerance to everything non-Muslim that is the problem. But today I have rejected the teachings of Islam for this very reason. I have left Islam.

As an Arab "Palestinian", living in an Arab country, coming from a Muslim family, I was brought up with hatred of Why does Islamic intolerance forbid other nations their right to exist in their own land? Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims.

Now I'm older, I have matured enough to view the world from a different perspective. I reviewed real history and studied the sequence of events before and since the restoration of the State of Israel. I decided to step outside the mindset of a typical Muslim. It didn't take long to realize that I was on the wrong track and I moved quickly to the other side. In order to be at peace with myself, I have come to reject the hatred of Israel and now love my former enemy. I have not embraced another religion, but I am seeking a new spiritual path.

Why do the Arabs and Muslims have to reject the presence of a Jewish state in a tiny percentage of the land of the Middle East? Why does Islamic intolerance forbid other nations their right to exist in their own land? The whole world should realize that Islam is at war with all nations on the planet. In our Muslim societies it is not "the extremists", but the whole society infected with this hatred. It is in the mosques, the schools, in the media and in the homes of nearly every Muslim family. It isn't just Israel they hate, but America and Christians as well. Islam hates all other religions.

In the case of Israel, its only fault is that it's a Jewish state that wants to live in peace within its borders. It's not a struggle of so-called "Palestinians" to establish a country and retain some land, which was never theirs - I know, because I studied the real history. The real problem is racism and the intolerance of Muslims, the blind hatred and jealousy when seeing a flourishing, strong and modern country where people from other faiths can live peacefully.

Why are the Jews forbidden to have a country? These people have contributed much to the world's culture and offered the best scientists, artists, doctors; and they have been victims of intolerance throughout history. Why are they forbidden to live in their national Zionist dream and return to their homeland, which was some desert which they cultivated and transformed into one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth? Why do the Arabs and the Muslim world have to take everything and claim every land they step on as theirs?

"Palestine" never existed and should never exist - and this is coming from me, an Arab classified as a "Palestinian." The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel and would not bring one day of peace to Israel. I know how my The creation of a Palestinian state would be the biggest threat to the existence of Israel.

People think promoting such a state would be the equivalent of supporting the Nazis in their quest to destroy the Jews. Israel has already made the mistake twice of giving land for peace, once in Southern Lebanon and secondly in Gaza. We all know the terrible results: the expansion of Hizbullah's power in Lebanon and the creation of a terrorist state in Gaza. Hamas and other terrorist organizations now have the space to launch more terrorist attacks and hostile activities on Israeli cities and villages.

Israel's right to exist shouldn't be open for discussion. Hamas, Hizbullah or Islamic Jihad, and the people behind them, must be destroyed. Nothing should hinder Israel's army to do whatever it takes to protect their people and ensure the safety of Israel, from Tel Aviv to the smallest settlement inside Israel, which should include Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

I don't blame the Israeli army for any defensive measure it takes. It fought Islamic terrorism long before any other nation faced their atrocities. The Israeli soldiers have been on the front line on behalf of the whole free world. I am proud to support the Israeli Defense Forces, the most civilized and humane army in the world, no matter how the media might try to portray them.

One can't but respect the brave Israeli army, which puts its soldiers' lives at risk in order to protect civilian life in Gaza or Southern Lebanon, the same civilians who, in both places, voted terrorist organizations in to power. The same "innocent civilians" who deny Israel's right to exist, who never are held accountable for the democratic choices they have made. Yet still, the Israeli army, and in the most critical times of war, tries as much as possible to avoid harming them, even at the expense of losing lives on their side, as well as suffering tactical and strategic disadvantages because of their moral behavior. I salute the Israeli army; I can't but support these heroes, and bow in respect to the memory of their fallen ones. I can't but stand with Israel in its fight for its existence in this crazy part of the world.

I used to hate Israel with a passion, but today I am proud to say that I have shed my hatred for Israel and it has transformed to a deep love, passion and respect for Zionism and all the values it stands for.

I am proud that today I support the full restoration of Jerusalem. For the first time in my life I'm at peace with myself and in great harmony with what I believe in; standing with Israel and the Jewish people, who are the most forgiving and tolerant people on Earth. They must be praised for their deep dedication to their cause, and for their patience in their endurance of harm and hatred.

Jerusalem should never be divided and the Temple Mount should also be liberated. All other religious groups in the It's the battle against Islam's imperial quest to conquer the whole world. world have free access to their most sacred sites; yet, the Jews still watch their holiest place, Solomon's Temple, under occupation. I can't but feel compassion for their dream; and I know that their fight is now my fight.

Israel's existence and survival is really a test and responsibility for the whole civilized world. It's the battle against Islam's imperial quest to conquer the whole world. Israel is the fortress and stronghold for freedom and tolerance in the Middle East, the front line in the world's war against the tyranny of Islam.

I have held my tongue for too long, but today a great burden has been lifted from my heart. I don't care if I've been considered a traitor by my people for loving Israel. It's an honor for me. If supporting Israel's right to exist is a sin, then I'm a sinner. I'm proud to be an Arab who stands with a country that should be emulated by all its neighbors. For the sake of its people and for the sake of the world's stability and freedom, I'm proud to say I love Israel. Even if I don't have Jewish blood in my veins, I know I am Israeli at heart.

Long live Israel!



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abolish civil marriage

Some of you may think MZ's gone insane reading the title of this post. After all, is there anybody more rightwing and traditional than MZ? Well, read on and you'll hopefully see that I am actually preserving, not perverting, the institution and meaning of marriage.

After wrestling with the idea on how to deal with the gay marriage issue, I have finally come to a conclusion: End civil marriage altogether. Think about it: What is government doing defining and preserving the "sanctity" of the "institution" of marriage in the first place?

It's time for a separation of marriage and state.

Marriage, of course, is at its heart a religious institution, which should be off limits for the government to begin with. If not religious, than marriage is still a personal decision that the government should have nothing to do with, as well. As we are seeing now, once marriage is prone to government's tentacles it becomes distorted and perverted into mass abomination.

Listen, the reasons people want to have a legal, life-partner are none of anyone's damn business. Traditional marriage can be the realm of the private sector, but in the public sector civil unions are the only way that all the competing units which wish to be together legally can do so without discrimination, stigma, or twisting traditional marriage into something it is not.

I am a traditionalist who married in a religious setting for all the reasons that my faith and culture outlines, but what do I care if a couple of buddies want to become a union to share a pad and a bank account, or a gay couple wishes to have a union to legalize their hospital visitation rights?

Answer: I don't.

Look, the government gets its hands on something private and they just screw it up. Let the priests, rabbis, preachers, community organizers, charm school teachers, janitors, carnival workers, or whomever else you may choose to consecrate your vows, whatever they may be, handle the realm of marriage.

I don't want the disgusting government telling my religion how it needs to marry people, and the government doesn't need my Rabbi telling them how to set up fiduciary relationships for the general population. Government is making a mockery of marriage, so before they go any further let's fire them, tell them they are not allowed to enter this realm, and put an end to a national debate that never belonged in the hands of politicians in the first place.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Israel's move towards Civil War

Just when you think the Self-Loathing Concessionist State of Israel can't go any further left...

Ynet News: "I am not trying to retroactively justify the Oslo Accords, which I was against. But they defined a direction – and that direction is inevitable. After we learned to live with the guilt and pain we paid for Oslo, the ongoing terror and the disappointment with the stagnated diplomatic process, we are once again at the heart of the dispute. Now however, the time to make decisions grows closer, and we are at a precipice," said Olmert.

"Any government will have to tell the truth, and that truth, unfortunately, will require us to tear away many parts of the homeland, in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

"Anyone who thinks we can evade making a decision and continue to build ties with Arab and Muslim countries, as we are doing today – is living in a dream," he said.

Speaking of the domestic conflict in Israel, 13 years after Rabin's murder, Olmert warned that "the incitement hasn't lessened. The instigation hasn't decreased, and the hatred hasn't faded. Israeli citizens cruelly beat Palestinians who seek to harvest their olives, as they have done for hundreds of years in the places they and their families have lived. Young Israelis, overwhelmed by messianic dreams that have no foundation in the reality of our lives – beat our soldiers, break their bones and threaten their lives – and there is no end."
Incredible that the Prime Minister of Israel is publicly bashing and mocking Zionists who believe Israel is the exclusive, eternal, God-given homeland of the Jewish people, as if it's such a radical concept that those who believe in religious Zionism can be safely scorned by mainstream Jews in the Land of Israel without political risk.

On Kristalnacht we have the Israeli Prime Minister demanding the Jews give up Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan to the arabs who want to exterminate the Jews. Then, blame Jews who oppose this suicidal act for inciting moslem terrorists to kill Jews in some mentally ill form of logic that only a self-loathing defeatist could understand.

The Settlers are breaking the bones and threatening the lives of the Israeli soldiers? The Settlers are inciting and beating the innocent moslems? Uh, yeah, that's the's the damn Jews who wear yarmulkes that are ruining the world, so we must round them all up in boxcars and transport them to DP camps, and give their homes, land and wealth to the arabs so there can be "peace in our time"...


In other news, Bibi Netanyahu is refusing to allow former IDF general and military hero MK Effie Eitam join the Likud Party, because he will make them appear too "hawkish" for the liberal Israeli electorate. He then vowed to continue Olmert's "peace plan" of offering concessions and "good will gestures" to the arabs if he becomes the next PM.

Oh goody...

Eitam will likely align himself with Moshe Feiglin's leadership faction of the Likud Party, which is virtually banned by Netanyahu from being recognized in Likud despite their widespread popularity among Likud members. With polls currently showing a near even race between Kadima and Likud, we can expect that in all likelihood Livni or Bibi, whichever represents the majority party, will form a unity government.

This"progressive" unity government will turn their sites towards the Settlers for expulsion and pogroms, and it is at this time that a rebellion as we haven't seen since the time of the Maccabes will likely take place, as the quarter million Settlers slated for destruction reject the validity of the Israeli government orders to withdraw, and fight to the death for Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Reflection

Random post-election thoughts:

The liberal media obsessed over potential white racism costing Obama the election. Well, the white vote was almost exactly the same as ever along party lines this election so we can now put to bed the false notion that America is a racist country. Well, check that, white America is no longer racist towards blacks, however American blacks are most certainly racist against whites. The fact that 99% of all blacks voted for Obama proves that one of the biggest challenges of this administration will be to courageously identify and address the silent monster of racism, bigotry and entitlement that festers within the black community.

The fact that Obama could win despite his many nefarious connections, radical positions on infanticide and other social issues, open contempt for those who bitterly cling to their guns and religion, and his lack of experience in political leadership, is a true testimony to his intelligence, demeanor, campaign organization skills, political savvy, and incredible public speaking ability. Equally amazing is the fact that McCain was unable to ever once take advantage of the many opportunities he had to turn the tide on this election. He was as horrible of a candidate in every sense as Obama was spectacular.

Obama gave a tremendous victory speech. His tone offered the appropriate gravitas for both his incredible accomplishment in getting elected and the daunting task that lies ahead. Even though I'm diametrically opposed to most of his positions, as an American I was proud to have a president who projects such intelligence, thoughtfulness, seriousness, and oratory skill after 8 years of George Bush's 4th grade grasp of the English language.

I am sincerely scared about the prospects of Obama's presidency removing the word "free" from the American lexicon and replacing it with "fair", as in "fair" speech as opposed to "free" speech and "fair" trade supplanting "free" trade. Legislation on both these issues, as well as union members' right to private ballots, are going to be on the table at the beginning of his term, and if he follows his liberal voting history this could be trouble.

Sarah Palin carries the star power, devoted following, excitement, energy and national campaign experience to be a force in the future of the GOP, but whether or not she has the intellectual capacity to become viable as a presidential candidate remains in question.

Looking ahead to (gasp) 2012, the early contenders on the GOP side of the ledger will be Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Jindal, and Pawlenty. I'm sure others will pop up over the next couple years, too, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind. Of the these, I think Jindal, Pawlenty and Palin create the most energy and best opportunities to win. Romney will be another older retread and Huckabee is just a little too much the Baptist preacherman for many Americans.

I am less worried about what this means for Israel than I am for what this could mean to America. Israel seems to be in a self-loathing meltdown right now, and Obama being more sympathetic to the arabs will not really affect that direction either way. If anything it could help, because if America is no longer viewed by Israelis as the savior parent nation, who will always take their side over the "Palestinians", maybe they will vote for more nationalist parties as a result.

To summarize my feelings on the election and what lies ahead, I pray for the best but am bracing for the worst. It will be a rough ride for conservatives the next few years, but we need to remember that the times can make the man and shape the movement, so hopefully we will see better days ahead.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Forecast: It's the black racism, stupid

Based on extensive research of all the polls and pundits, and my own detailed political analysis of how the race is shaping up at the wire, plus my all important gut feelings about how this vote will break in the end, I am now projecting that by the narrowest of margins Barack Hussein Obama will win the election and become the first socialist President of the United States by a total of 275-263.

I think it's remarkable that Obama could get elected despite carrying so much baggage he couldn't fly commercially without redistributing some of his excess. It's also remarkable that McCain could get this close despite running an inept campaign that mishandled and bungled every possible opportunity he had to win.

In the end, the reason for Obama's victory comes down to one all important factor: BLACK RACISM.

When Hillary was beating Obama in all the blue collar states, and claiming a huge percentage of the working class white vote, the media always talked about how white racism was a huge issue. Clearly we now see that it wasn't the case at all, as the majority of those "racists" who bitterly cling to their guns and religion are now voting for that very same half-black, half-moslem for president in the general election.

What is the real racism factor at play here is the BLACK racist vote. Unbelievably, we are being told that over 99% of the blacks who vote will be voting for Barack Obama. This goes across every economic, gender, and religious category that effects all other voting blocs except the blacks.

In 2004, Bush received 12% of the black vote nationally. If McCain were to receive only half of that number he would have won the election, and remember that McCain is well to the left of Bush in many ways yet still couldn't catch a cold from the black community.

Why is McCain getting effectively zero percent of the black vote? Simple, because the blacks are voting for the black guy out of racism. They are effectively voting a unanimous national referendum against "whitey" and consider and black who dares cross over to vote for McCain as a despicable Uncle Tom.

So the next time you turn on the TV and see the gushing political pundits, most of whom are white liberals that have consistently given Obama preferential treatment because he is their GREAT BLACK HOPE, swooning over Obama's "historical" campaign as a sign of how far we've come, and how far we still need to go to overcome the residual white racism that kept this from being a landslide, keep in mind that you know better.

The racism is as bad as ever, if not worse, only now the racists are blacks and those white, elitle liberals, bitterly clinging to their taxes and abortions, who enable them.

I would like to add, though, that this goes further than just race alone. This is about liberalism and race combined. You see, if Obama were like an Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas in his politics, and running as a republican, he'd be getting the same treatment Sarah Palin got from the liberal media and feminists who think she is the root of all evil for not being a "progressive".

Obama, of course, is representing the hood properly by being one with Acorn and Reverend Wright, and not selling out to whitey. Obama is surrounded with radical leftists like Ayers, who hate America, capitalism, free speech, and everything else the left stands for, and PLO types like Khalid, whom Obama frequently dines and admonishes Zionists with over a good bottle of bubbly and some Iranian caviar.

In short, this was the perfect storm, the confluence of a black charismatic speaker, who supports radical leftwing causes, associates with radical, even terrorist, elements of society against the conservative American establishment, and, let us not forget, adds the sympathetic element of being born a moslem for good measure.

Obama perfectly represents the ugly left, the worst, most divisive and hostile elements of black racism combined with liberal elitism. Those of us who know better have every right to be absolutely disgusted with what happened in this "historic" election, and feel the worst is yet to come.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Nadler rips Obama at Boca Raton Synagogue

At Boca Raton Synagogue this past Sunday, Democrat congressman Jerold Nadler spoke very candidly about Barack Hussein Obama. Any Jew who still votes for Obama after seeing that clip seriously need to get his or her head examined.

Remember, my brethren, self-loathing isn't really part of being Jewish!


Obama vows to bankrupt coal industry

Just 24 hours before most of us vote on election day, a game changing report has been uncovered revealing Barack Hussein Obama intends to bankrupt the coal industry and skyrocket the cost of electricity in an effort to reduce the levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

These are not my words, these are not the words of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Michael Savage, but the exact words of Barack Obama himself in an interview with WTAM in San Francisco in January of this year.

Here is the audio:

Also, in that very same interview, Obama pledged he'll cause the price of electricity to skyrocket in his effort to clean up the planet. He argues that persuading Americans to cut electricity usage and buy more efficient light bulbs will be the solutions he'll try to sell in the general election.

Here is the audio:

The liberal media is covering this story up at all costs, naturally. Today, Newsbusters exposed CNN for their misleading efforts to dismiss this as an "old story" that doesn't merit coverage. As we all know, in selling out the truth as part their overtly biased effort to get Obama elected, CNN has had their viewer ratings sink to all time lows while FOX News continues to flourish, now regularly beating CBS News and the ratings of MSNBC and CNN combined.

Now, even though this incredible news is heavily surpressed by the Democrat controlled media, it is still getting reported both on FOX and all over the new media sources on the internet and AM talk radio. The gushingly biased mainstream news outlets may think that reporting only DNC talking points and Obama-approved analysis can prevent this damaging report from getting to the general public, but they are dead wrong.

In Pennsylvania, the once overwhelmingly double digit Obama lead has shrunk to just 6 points, and being one of the largest coal producing states you can bet that this last minute story about Obama's intention to bankrupt the industry and skyrocket our electricity costs will shrink that margin to at least a toss-up.

Another coal producing state, Ohio, has been trending back to McCain in the polls, too. One can surmise that Obama's chances will not be helped by his desire to bankrupt the coal mines and jacking up the cost of electric power.

Indiana looks solid McCain in the polls again. North Carolina is trending back to McCain from being a toss-up. Virginia was a double digit Obama lead 10 days ago, but now is back to within the margin of error. Colorado is just a 4 to 5 point leaning to Obama after looking solid for him last week.

Based on the trends, I think McCain has a real chance at sweeping battleground states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Missouri. If this is indeed the case, then the election will come down to Pennsylvania and/or Colorado.

Mark my words, whoever carries PA will be the next President of the United States. For McCain, converting that blue state red may indeed be a tall order, but after these unbelievably anti-coal Obama comments it is certainly not impossible.