Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking News: Feiglin calls for revolution

Moshe Feiglin has called for revolution. Gotta love this guy! May he succeed in his mission to topple Israel's corrupt, leftist political system.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Likud Party Bans Zionism

Moshe Feiglin, the Zionist national candidate trying to bring Likud back to the right again, was crushed by the corrupt, leftist machine of Benyamin Netanyahu.

Not unlike what happened to Meir Kahane 20 years ago, who was then banned from Knesset by leftists who invented rules as they went along to protect their power, Feiglin was repositioned by Bibi's committee insiders from his democratically elected 20th spot on the Likud knesset list to 36th position, making it effectively impossible for him to gain a seat in the Knesset.

I have been telling everyone who will listen for years that Netanyahu is indistinguishable from Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert. He is deeply and unrepentantly corrupt, will continue the Olmert policies of unconditional surrender to the arabs, and will continue waging war against the Zionists as Israel's cities are burned to the ground. Drinking champagne with international dignitaries, having elicit sexual affairs with debutantes, and accumulating wealth and power, are the only things Netayahu actually cares for and loves.

Israel is but a stage prop to Bibi, his means to his ends, and nothing more. As far as he's concerned, the Jews can just eat cake as the arabs drive them into the sea. So long as he's rich, powerful, on the celebrity "A-list", and getting sexually serviced by all the right women, the rest is irrelevant.

Remember, he was run out of office once before for corruption, philandering, and selling out to Afafat despite claiming at the time to be the "nationalist" leader in the wake of the Oslo disaster. He even went so far as to hand over the holy city of Hebron to the PLO as a "good will gesture" to try and gain international favor.

Yawn...nothing changes. Moshe Feiglin, a wonderful yet incredibly naive man, thought that he could end Likud's corruption and political shift to the left from within by winning more votes from the people. Charming, yes, but totally unrealistic when the powers that be who make the rules and enforce the rules have no intention of letting that happen.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Breaking News: Feiglin has called for revolution. Hard not to love this guy!


Monday, December 08, 2008

Random thought thread

Working, no time, life busy...yada, yada, yada... This is dedicated to me not having enough time or energy to post new material, so consider it a random thought thread for whatever you want to say, and I'll offer my two cents, too.