Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Back

As you have all probably figured out from my less than subtle hints, the time has come to put on my ranting hat and get back to what I do best: railing about Israeli politics, self-loathing Jews, liberalism, and, of course, the great islamic menace.

I flirted with irreverence with the JZ experience, but it was really more a way for me to get away for a few months and post on topics outside of my MZ norm. Quite frankly, my frustration for what's been going on in Israel developed into full-fledged burnout. One thing I did retain, though, from JZ was the basic black background. It seemed to fit my message at MZ better than the old colors.

So you see, despite my disgust I found myself unable to completely get Israel out of my blood, and after a much-needed 60 day hiatus I can now come back with the vim and vigor you've come to expect from MZ. So here I am, back to make you laugh, rage, and think, while tackling subjects with a perspective that is still, sadly, all too rare.

6/30 UPDATE: Haloscan is now installed, so all the old comments have been restored.