Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kramer not a Jew!

Thank God! Public idiot #1 is NOT a Jew after all!

J-Post - Just when it seemed Michael Richards was about to leave the most troubling incident of his career behind, his publicist is having to explain how the comic could consider himself to be Jewish.

Last week, crisis management expert Howard Rubenstein acknowledged that Richards had shouted anti-Semitic remarks in an April standup comedy routine - well before his appearance earlier this month in which he harangued hecklers with the n-word. But he defended Richards' language about Jews, saying that the comic "is Jewish. He's not anti-Semitic at all. He was roleplaying."

As Rubenstein's assertion circulated, Jewish organizations and commentators pointed out that the man who played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld has not converted to Judaism and neither of his parents are Jewish.

Well, the other good news is that now the arabist media can't blame Richard's outburst on Israel or the Jews.

Then again...


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Olmert to EU: "I will not fight back"

Twins separated at birth?

Ehud Olmert continued his dizzying suicide spiral of pacifism on Tuesday night, declaring that he will not use military force to defend Israel even though the "Palestinians" are STILL firing Kassam rockets into Israel proper in violation of the bogus ceasefire Ehud the Meek concocted in an effort to gain greater social status with European leftists like Jacque Chirac.

Did I mention that one of Olmert's sons emigrated to France so that he wouldn't have to serve in the military?

Anyway, below you'll find the latest drivel to come out of Ehud's dainty little mouth as he dined on champagne and caviar with his Euro friends while telling the dirty little Jews back in Israel to eat cake.

Ynet News: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday evening in a meeting with European Union ambassadors in the Finnish ambassador's house that Israel is 'a little disappointed by the continued Qassam firings in the south by the Palestinians.'

Olmert said he hoped that the Palestinians would 'honor their commitment and will stop the fire,' adding that he is certain the European Union 'will appreciate Israel’s upholding of the ceasefire.'

Earlier, two Qassam rockets landed in open areas in the western Negev. The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades took responsibility for the shootings.

The prime minister is expected to discuss the rocket attacks with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, who is scheduled to arrive in Israel Wednesday afternoon.

Sources in the PM’s Office told Ynet that Israel does not plan on responding to the Palestinian factions’ ‘provocations,’ adding that they hope the Palestinian Authority ‘will contain the terrorists who are attempting to sabotage the ceasefire.’

Bully for you, Ehud Chirac! You show those vermin how determined you are to allow terrorist moslem shelling of the Jewish people to continue without offering the slightest military action in response. That'll really teach them arabs a lesson about peace, right Mr. Prime Minister?

Umm...before you speak, though, it would be proper to finish chewing your escargot first, Ehud.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Olmert's necessary path to self-destruction

Ehud Olmert has made his hatred for Zionism and the Jewish people painfully obvious in recent years, so the news that he has decided to unilaterally withdraw all IDF troops from the Gaza area while Sderot is under enemy fire, release hundreds of terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands from Israeli prisons, give government money to terrorist organizations who are still actively firing on civilians targets in Israel, plus agree to ethnically cleanse more Jews from Judea and Samaria, all for an empty promise (that's already been violated) from the Pseudostinians that they will temporarily stop terrorism, comes as no surprise to those of us who knew what Olmert stood for all along.

The question we must now ask: What can be done about Olmert's intentions to destroy Israel and replace it with an Arab State?

The answer: Not a whole hell of a lot.

You see, as long as the majority of Jews in Israel believe in liberalism, and its subsequent policies of capitulation to moslems, and, most importantly, wield a visceral hatred for religious Zionists and Settlers that borders on a sadistic obsession, Israel will continue to fall to the moslem enemy. And you know what? The sooner this fall is complete the sooner a real Jewish state can emerge from the ashes of the tragic blunder that is the Liberal State of Israel, and the better off things will ultimately be for the Jewish people.

Let Olmert keep giving away OUR land to the moslems! Let Olmert keep capitulating to the enemy while showing cruelty and torture to the Jewish people! Let Olmert continue to bow to his false gods: the gods of secularist Europe, the arabist UN, and the radical secular liberalism of his Peace Now wife; as we watch the one true God, the God of Israel and the Jewish people, smite him and leave all he stands for in ruins.

Watching this play out so predictably gives me a bitter sweet sense of anticipation for Olmert's, and leftist Israel's, inevitable self-destruction. Israel's leftwing secular liberalism and cowardice must reach the point of total implosion before we can hope to rebuild what is right in The Land upon the tragic lessons of this divinely necessary collapse.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

The greatest secular holiday of the year has got to be Thanksgiving. May all of you enjoy a happy, healthy and family filled day of good food, fun and football. Eat too much turkey, stuffing and mashed potatos, and then wash it down with a huge punkin pie. Oh, and make sure you down substantial quantities of wine just in case you have trouble sleeping after the meal. ;)

All the best,


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sderot falling to Islamic Gaza

Yet another Israeli was mortally wounded today in Sderot by missiles launched from the same northern Gaza village that, of course, had been settled by Jews before the unilateral capitulation.

Ynet News: Following the mortal wounding of a Sderot man this morning in a Kassam attack, another rocket fell an hour later. The government has no answers to the non-stop rain of rockets.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad competed for responsibility for the attack, issuing announcements that they would continue attacking "the settlement of Sderot."

Moyal described the economic hardships faced by business owners in the city. 14% of the manufacturers in Sderot say they plan to leave the city, according to the Globes business news website. The Manufacturers Association of Israel said last week that rocket attacks have cost areas businesses some NIS 40 million over the past three years.

The findings of a recent survey on the situation were grim: 64% of the factories have lost customers due to the rocket fire, 60% said productivity is down due to stressed-out workers and 93% suffer from absenteeism.

The Yesha visitors said they would work on ways to help the city, including sending young volunteers to help the city and the possibility of a special campaign to encourage their own constituency to purchase products from Sderot.

The mayor told his guests that it is crucial that the government find a solution, “because if Sderot falls, this will be the end of Zionism.”

He was also clear that Sderot would not be alone if it does not survive the unending attacks: “Today it is Sderot. Tomorrow, Ashkelon and Ashdod, and later other cities.”

It's clear that as New Judenrein Gaza drives the Jews from Sderot, on the heels of Hezbalon's overwhelming defeat of Ehud Olmert to the north, the future existence of Medinot Israel is rapidly coming into question. At the current pace, all that will soon be left of the Jewish State is the homosexual enclave of Tel Aviv and half of Jerusalem.

Olmert, blithely fiddling away as Israel burns, may be the last Prime Minister of the modern State of Israel if things don't change soon.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Want world peace? Stay home and orgasm! seems the only way to end islamic terrorism throughout the world is to just sit home and wack off. Who knew?

Ynet News: Two peace activists from San Francisco have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter.

But they don't want you marching in the streets. They'd much rather you just stay home. The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, whose immodest goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm Dec. 22 while focusing on world peace.

''The orgasm gives out an incredible feeling of peace during it and after it,'' Reffell said Sunday. ''Your mind is like a blank. It's like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change.'' By promoting what they hope to be a synchronized global orgasm, they hope to get people to channel their sexual energy into something more positive.

The two are no strangers to sex and social activism. Sheehan, no relation to anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, brought together nearly 50 women in 2002 who stripped naked and spelled out the word ''Peace.'' The stunt spawned a mini-movement called Baring Witness that led to similar unclothed demonstrations worldwide.

The couple has studied evolutionary psychology and believes that war is mainly an outgrowth of men trying to impress potential mates, a case of ''my missile is bigger than your missile,'' as Reffell put it.

First the Olmert left says to unconditionally surrender to the moslems and there will be peace, and now we are told to just stay home and get off and then everything will be just fine. Gotta love all the great ideas coming out of these "progressives".


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jews flee Sderot

The ethnic cleansing of Gaza's Jewish population continues to have disastrous ramifications for Israel. The kassam rocket shelling of Sderot, a town virtually untouched by moslem fire before the Jews were expelled from their Gaza homes and villages, has become so hazardous that the city's terrified residents are beginning to evacuate.

Ynet News: Pictures of Sderot residents leaving their town for Eilat Thursday instilled optimism among northern Gaza Strip gunmen, who continued firing rockets at Israel's south throughout the day.

The spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Muhammad Abed al-Aal, better known as Abu Abir, told Ynet: "We are proud to see the residents of Sderot leaving town with their children and luggage, and advise everyone to evacuate."

Abu Abir also threatened that "soon, the rockets will start flying from the West Bank towns toward cities deep in enemy territory. We've vowed in the past that we will evacuate Sderot, and we will stand by our promise."

Olmert is promising that further retreats and concessions will work to end the moslem violence. Meanwhile, his defense minister's body guard in Sderot was hospitalized by the latest Kassam attack and the Jews are forced to run for their lives because the government is unwilling to use the required force to protect them.

Soon, the PM may find himself cowering under a bomb shelter as some of his "good will gestures" bomb Jerusalem from evacuated Judean settlements.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Olmert: "I will concede land, release prisoners"

Check this out from JPost:

"You can read my lips: 'I'm ready for territorial compromises‚ and I haven't changed my mind," Olmert said in the Newsweek interview.

Olmert [also] said that he was already willing to meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and would be willing to release many prisoners to him in exchange for the release of the kidnapped Cpl. Gilad Shalit.

Ehud, the bell tolls for thee.


9/15/06 Newsflash: Moslem woman killed, Jewish boy loses legs in Kassam rocket shelling of the Israeli city of Sderot. PM Olmert reportedly will offer to personally behead 10 Jewish settlers if the terrorist moslems promise to stop the rocket fire soon.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Post-Election Questions

While I was being a good new daddy on my paternity leave, the Democrats took over power of the House and the Senate after their historically crushing victory in the mid-term elections. So, now that the leftists have been swept into office, what will become of the Republican party?

Have the Zionist neocons been supplanted by the Arabist paleocons?

Will disgraced anti-semites like Pat Buchanan rise to prominence within the Republican party once again?

Are religious Zionists going to find themselves politically homeless?

Has George W. Bush's administration become a puppet proxy for George H.W. Bush?

Seems to me that things are looking very bad when James Baker and Jimmy Carter assume the ideological leadership of America's two political parties.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Baby Boy Z is born, 7lbs 5oz

My son is born! Mrs. Z is healthy, and the boy is just a total gem. Healthy as an ox, and a real good looking kid, too, if I do say so myself. The whole MZ family warmly thanks all of you who have wished us well.

Shabbat Shalom!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The home stretch

Well, we are close now. At 11:30am tomorrow we will head to the hospital for Mrs. Z's 12:30pm appointment to have baby boy Z delivered to the world. We're busy finishing off all those last minute details: getting the house organized and cleaned, getting the plans for the bris in order, making sure the nurse is lined up, and generally making sure we have all those I's dotted and T's crossed before we reach that appointed time.

Personally, I can't wait. As someone who never liked being around kids much, the transformation after having your own child is incredible. I love my daughter; love playing with her, teaching her, hugging and kissing her, reading her stories at night, the whole thing.

The most important concern I have, of course, is for a healthy and safe delivery for the Momma and Baby, so I'll be sure to keep you posted. It's an exciting time thinking that, God willing, we'll be one bouncing baby addition bigger by tomorrow afternoon.

Finally, thank you to those who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers at this unbelievable time in our life. Of course I'll be praying to God often in the next 24 hours to bless us with a good and healthy day tomorrow, and can't wait for the next stage of MZ's family life to begin!