Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sderot falling to Islamic Gaza

Yet another Israeli was mortally wounded today in Sderot by missiles launched from the same northern Gaza village that, of course, had been settled by Jews before the unilateral capitulation.

Ynet News: Following the mortal wounding of a Sderot man this morning in a Kassam attack, another rocket fell an hour later. The government has no answers to the non-stop rain of rockets.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad competed for responsibility for the attack, issuing announcements that they would continue attacking "the settlement of Sderot."

Moyal described the economic hardships faced by business owners in the city. 14% of the manufacturers in Sderot say they plan to leave the city, according to the Globes business news website. The Manufacturers Association of Israel said last week that rocket attacks have cost areas businesses some NIS 40 million over the past three years.

The findings of a recent survey on the situation were grim: 64% of the factories have lost customers due to the rocket fire, 60% said productivity is down due to stressed-out workers and 93% suffer from absenteeism.

The Yesha visitors said they would work on ways to help the city, including sending young volunteers to help the city and the possibility of a special campaign to encourage their own constituency to purchase products from Sderot.

The mayor told his guests that it is crucial that the government find a solution, “because if Sderot falls, this will be the end of Zionism.”

He was also clear that Sderot would not be alone if it does not survive the unending attacks: “Today it is Sderot. Tomorrow, Ashkelon and Ashdod, and later other cities.”

It's clear that as New Judenrein Gaza drives the Jews from Sderot, on the heels of Hezbalon's overwhelming defeat of Ehud Olmert to the north, the future existence of Medinot Israel is rapidly coming into question. At the current pace, all that will soon be left of the Jewish State is the homosexual enclave of Tel Aviv and half of Jerusalem.

Olmert, blithely fiddling away as Israel burns, may be the last Prime Minister of the modern State of Israel if things don't change soon.



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