Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jews flee Sderot

The ethnic cleansing of Gaza's Jewish population continues to have disastrous ramifications for Israel. The kassam rocket shelling of Sderot, a town virtually untouched by moslem fire before the Jews were expelled from their Gaza homes and villages, has become so hazardous that the city's terrified residents are beginning to evacuate.

Ynet News: Pictures of Sderot residents leaving their town for Eilat Thursday instilled optimism among northern Gaza Strip gunmen, who continued firing rockets at Israel's south throughout the day.

The spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, Muhammad Abed al-Aal, better known as Abu Abir, told Ynet: "We are proud to see the residents of Sderot leaving town with their children and luggage, and advise everyone to evacuate."

Abu Abir also threatened that "soon, the rockets will start flying from the West Bank towns toward cities deep in enemy territory. We've vowed in the past that we will evacuate Sderot, and we will stand by our promise."

Olmert is promising that further retreats and concessions will work to end the moslem violence. Meanwhile, his defense minister's body guard in Sderot was hospitalized by the latest Kassam attack and the Jews are forced to run for their lives because the government is unwilling to use the required force to protect them.

Soon, the PM may find himself cowering under a bomb shelter as some of his "good will gestures" bomb Jerusalem from evacuated Judean settlements.



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