Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Olmert's necessary path to self-destruction

Ehud Olmert has made his hatred for Zionism and the Jewish people painfully obvious in recent years, so the news that he has decided to unilaterally withdraw all IDF troops from the Gaza area while Sderot is under enemy fire, release hundreds of terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands from Israeli prisons, give government money to terrorist organizations who are still actively firing on civilians targets in Israel, plus agree to ethnically cleanse more Jews from Judea and Samaria, all for an empty promise (that's already been violated) from the Pseudostinians that they will temporarily stop terrorism, comes as no surprise to those of us who knew what Olmert stood for all along.

The question we must now ask: What can be done about Olmert's intentions to destroy Israel and replace it with an Arab State?

The answer: Not a whole hell of a lot.

You see, as long as the majority of Jews in Israel believe in liberalism, and its subsequent policies of capitulation to moslems, and, most importantly, wield a visceral hatred for religious Zionists and Settlers that borders on a sadistic obsession, Israel will continue to fall to the moslem enemy. And you know what? The sooner this fall is complete the sooner a real Jewish state can emerge from the ashes of the tragic blunder that is the Liberal State of Israel, and the better off things will ultimately be for the Jewish people.

Let Olmert keep giving away OUR land to the moslems! Let Olmert keep capitulating to the enemy while showing cruelty and torture to the Jewish people! Let Olmert continue to bow to his false gods: the gods of secularist Europe, the arabist UN, and the radical secular liberalism of his Peace Now wife; as we watch the one true God, the God of Israel and the Jewish people, smite him and leave all he stands for in ruins.

Watching this play out so predictably gives me a bitter sweet sense of anticipation for Olmert's, and leftist Israel's, inevitable self-destruction. Israel's leftwing secular liberalism and cowardice must reach the point of total implosion before we can hope to rebuild what is right in The Land upon the tragic lessons of this divinely necessary collapse.



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