Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breaking News: Feiglin calls for revolution

Moshe Feiglin has called for revolution. Gotta love this guy! May he succeed in his mission to topple Israel's corrupt, leftist political system.



  1. Definitely one to follow. Personally I find it hard to believe this demagogue will capture many votes at all. If it leads (not likely either IMHO) to civil war ('revolution') and they (the Far Right) lose, it'd be the end of Israel's expansionist policies: it'd be the moment the moderates wipe you off the table. Careful what you wish for...

  2. I'll take my chances, Gert. BTW, he is leading an internal revolution, a rebellion to cast out the system with grass roots momentum. It's beginning to take hold, and the more Bibi panicks and tries to stifle his voice the more popular he becomes.

    The leftwing domination of Israel is facing its greatest threat since Kahane, and their corrupt, morally bankrupt leaders are scared as hell.

  3. Madze:

    Stop calling your opponents indiscriminately "corrupt": it's childish and undermines what's left of your argument.

  4. Stop calling your opponents indiscriminately "corrupt"...

    Gert, clearly you know abslutely nothing of Israeli politics. If you did, that statement would embarass you greatly.

  5. C'mon Madze, calling opponents "corrupt" is the oldest trick in the book.

    Your assertion that I know nothing about Israeli politics I will even accept. But I don't really have to know much about it: Israeli politics is like any other nation's politics; a dirty contact sport. When the stakes are high people will resort to anything, including character assassination, smearing and sliming.

    Negative campaigning since Ancient Greece: Cos' It Works!

  6. I checked out the article. Seems Moshe has some plans (but just how concrete are these!?) If I had a choice between Kadima and Likud at this point, I'd vote Kadima. I need to find out whether I can vote via absentee vote or not. If I have my voting rights secure, I'll probably pick one of the parties which broke away from the N.U.

    How 'bout you, MZ? Who'd you vote for?

  7. Nanc, more of the same from Bush. Unfortunately, his vision of Israel's future is identical to Olmert's and Bibi's: I.E. Surrender on the cheap, take the money, and then run like hell before the arabs chop off your head.

  8. Eitan, good question. I think the Hatikvah Party led by Eldad looks like the best option right now, but part of me wants to support Feiglin... not sure yet what I'd do.

    Gert, admitting your ignorant is the first step to self-awareness. Mazel Tov!


  10. MZ: Gert, as long as I've known him, has been honest as far as his assessment of his own knowledge. I respect him for that (and other things;-)

    I don't think I'll vote for Hatikva. At its basis it's a secular Zionist party. BTW: I attended Hatikva's founding meeting at Tel-Aviv U. One of its leaders is a friend of mine. I guess I have somewhat of a claim to fame;)

    Check out my latest post if you get a chance. You're absolutely right: I NEED to get a job but my foot is still healing so it might take some time.


    ...and family...



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