Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Olmert: "Hamas rule over Gaza shall continue"

Gratifying to know that this "war" is without a true military objective - just literally blowing smoke and taking a body count with no concrete objective besides a transparent, political tactic to boost Kadima and Labor before the February elections.

Ynet News: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stressed Monday that the objectives of Operation Cast Lead do not include toppling Hamas' regime in the Gaza Strip. Olmert, who met Monday evening with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, said that "(Israel) did not set out to eliminate Hamas' rule in Gaza, though we can do that too."

If Olmert and company would be going in on a mission to annex Gaza and deport the arabs, rather than posturing for the vote by blowing up some buildings and killing a few hundred moslems without any resolution to the larger conflict, Israel's surrounding communities and the repatriated arabs would all have peace.



  1. This conflict reminds of the "War in Lebanon" in which Israel's military prowess didn't amount to anything but IDF casualties and thousands of Katyushas falling on Haifa and the surroundings.

    Here's (perhaps the last) opportunity to annex Aza and re-create a Jewish community there but I'm afraid we don't have the right leadership to realize that goal.

    You're absolutely right about the body count. Amazingly brave Israeli soldiers, most of them younger than me, are sacrificing their lives for Kadima's benefit.

  2. Eitan, we have no military mission other than "ending terror". Well, the terror was a direct result of expelling the Jews and turning over control of Gaza to the Arabs. The math seems pretty simple on how to achieve the stated goal, eh?

  3. Annex Gaza and DEPORT Arabs? Bwahahahaha !

    Demographics are going to kill Israel within 20 years. Tough freakin' noogies.

  4. Madze! You're back! Not MIA after all! I thought you'd gone to ground or something. I mean, finally some "vermin" get exterminated and not a peep from you in days. ;)

  5. Gert, I was actually at a pro-Israel rally yesterday, though it pained me to go because I am so opposed to Olmert and his leftist cronies. Still, just the thought of getting in the face of a PLO sympathizer was to much for me so I had to go.

    Mission accomplished: I had an arab yell at my "There is no Palestine" sign and tell me that Palestine was there BEFORE Israel. My angry response about him being a myth just like his country gave me great joy the rest of the day.

  6. MZ: these rallies are little help, I'm afraid. If we don't show up they have no one to yell at. If we show up they and there are more of them than there are of us, they have someone to intimidate. My parents attended a rally, too. It was Shabbat so I didn't go.

    What's your take?

  7. Ducky:

    Right now, I couldn't disagree with you more: the Aryan Nations (Israel, US, EU) are about to get rid of the Palestinian problem. The writing on the wall for the New Endlosung is clear as water: under the guise of the War on Terror the Palestinians will be massacred or transferred or both. They will become footnotes in the history books.

    Their only hope is to hang in there for dear life and be absorbed into Greater Israel, thereby creating a true Apartheid State. Then, perhaps in 2030 or so some popular rumblings in the West may reach the corridors of power and a new Mandela might bring about a just, bi-national Israel.

    But Madze's strain of Right Wing Jews is on the march too and if the "war" goes well their numbers will swell. Withdrawal from WB? My arse: too much of a political suicide right now.

    Our battle is lost. The war? I'm not optimistic...

  8. shut up, pluckster.

    israel is eternal.

  9. Gert, your pessimism is indeed refreshing, but there's no reason to believe my "strain" is going to prevail based on the current political climate.

    I guess what I'm saying is my pessimism is more accurate than your pessimism, na-na-na-nana-na.


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