Monday, December 08, 2008

Random thought thread

Working, no time, life busy...yada, yada, yada... This is dedicated to me not having enough time or energy to post new material, so consider it a random thought thread for whatever you want to say, and I'll offer my two cents, too.


  1. It's better to be busy than to have the time to post millions of stories on a daily basis. Consider yourself lucky as we all should. On a bright note, Moshe Feiglin got the 20th spot on the Likud list which almost guarantees him a Knesset seat. Mazal tov to Moshe!

  2. are you trying to have a life outside blogging or what?


  3. Nanc, I have been very busy between home, work and I would rather just keep it random like this until things are calm and I'm inspired enough to dedicate time to writing posts. No complaints, though!!

  4. Eitan, great news, but Bibi is already in the process of changing the rules so he can ban Feiglin and any others on the right who won high seating.

    J-Post: Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu took legal steps to change the party's Knesset slate on Tuesday night, hours after the announcement of the results of Monday's primary in which hawks won big, while more dovish candidates faltered.

    Netanyahu's associates expressed concern that the party would take a big hit in the polls after far-Right activist Moshe Feiglin won the realistic 20th spot on the list and Feiglin-endorsed candidates won 19 of the top 36 slots, defeating candidates supported by Netanyahu.

    In an effort to show that he has remained centrist while his party has shifted rightward, Netanyahu said at an economic forum on Thursday night that he would form the widest national unity government possible.

    The Likud leader sent his former aide Ophir Akunis to petition the party's internal court to advance candidates elected to slots representing districts, interest groups and women, and move down to unrealistic slots candidates elected on the national list, including Feiglin and former "rebel" MKs Michael Ratzon and Ehud Yatom.


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