Friday, November 14, 2008

Olmert: Israel discriminating against Arabs

Let me put this as clear as I possibly can: Olmert must be declared din moser (duty to kill a Jew who transfers property and collaborates with the enemy to imperil Jewish lives) and din rodef (duty to kill an evil pursuer intending to imperil Jewish lives and property).

This is what the moser v'rodef Olmert had to say yesterday in Knesset:

Ynet News: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert painted a grim picture Wednesday in respect to discrimination against Arabs seeking public service jobs.

In a special parliamentary session on the matter, Olmert said: "It is terrible that there is not even one Arab employee at the Bank of Israel (out of 900 employees) and that in the Israel Electric Company Arabs constitute fewer than 1% of all workers."

"The issue of integrating Arab employees into the public service has been occupying me greatly," he said. "The gap between their ratio in the population and their integration into the public service arouses concern and unease."

The prime minister said that over the years the State maintained a policy of discrimination, thereby creating a vicious cycle. On the one hand, the Arab community was unable to create management mechanisms, while on the other hand, Israeli governments deprived Arabs of rights that could help them improve their quality of life, he said.

"I feel great discomfort over the fact that the State conducted itself improperly for many years, and should have made a fundamental change," he said. "We have not yet overcome the obstacle of discrimination. This is deliberate discrimination, and the gap is intolerable. There is no arguing that some government ministries did not hire Arabs for years."

However, Olmert noted that despite the grim situation, "the government I headed did more than any other government to change this state of affairs."

I know many of you out there cringe at the thought of a Jew drawing Jewish blood, even if it is of a Jew who is committing evil and life-threatening actions against innocent Jews. Well, what those of you who can't overcome this queeziness need to understand is that it is this treasonous Jew who is often the greatest enemy and threat, who seeks to abolish all things Jewish, including Jewish life if necessary, in their effort to appease and assimilate with the goyem who hate us.

There is a reason that we are commanded by Jewish law to do anything and everything in our power to stop them. If kindness and pleading fails, if passive resistance fails, than there is but one course of subsequent action that must be taken and that's all out resistance, whatever it takes, including the use of deadly force if necessary, to stop them from succeeding with their wicked plans to debase and imperil the Jewish people.

I unapologetically and proudly support the Zionist resistance in defense of Eretz Yisroel. May they be blessed with success in all of the battles that lie ahead with the moserim v'rodefim who deliberately collaborate with the enemies of the Jewish people.



  1. Because killing Rabin shot the "peace" process dead right there...

  2. Killing Olmert would do harm to the Zionists unless it is done as part of a larger movement of Zionist resistance. If it's an isolated act by a single assassin the only good that may come of it is causing those in government who seek and support capitulation to more seriously consider the consequences.

    Ultimately, our redemption from the Hellenists will only come through successful Zionist rebellion.

  3. Olmert is a democratically elected head of state. He's there because most Israeli voting people chose him to be there.

    I'm thinking the death of this one man wouldn't be enough to satisfy whatever religious justification calls for it.

    That's a perilous path to head down.

  4. His death should also be a democratically elected process. He needs to be tried and publicly executed.

    On the larger scale, the Zionist resistance to the Israeli government comes first, even if they represent a amall minority of the Jewish world. Persecution of Jews who are guilty of nothing but wearing kippot and living in the Land of Israel is something that must be faught. Their resistance is where my support lies, NOT with the government of the State of Israel.

    The Zionist resistance movementagainst the State of Israel must succeed or all is lost.

  5. I can not proclaim an opinion on your post. I am not a Jew. I am not an Israeli.

    What I would caution against is the danger experienced by France after their Revolution. At first the enemies seemed clearly drawn. Later the revolutionaries began to denounce one another as being enemies of the revolution. The same happened in the Russian Revolution.

    If you can condemn someone to death for a thought or policy rather than for their own direct actions then how long before there are more people being denounced and executed?

    Would the death of Olmert, executed by consensus or by lone assassin, bear positive fruit for Israel or Zionism? The death of Rabin did not halt the policy of trading land for promises of peace that would never come true.

    If you can't stop the policy by execution then would your efforts be better put toward confrontation with the policy than with the proponents of said policy?

  6. Thank you for your comment, Hyunchback. In response to your suggestion that Zionists use diplomatic and passive means of opposition to the Israeli government's plans to expel them by force I would point to the abysmal failure of Gaza as the perfect example of when passive resistance fails and resistance by force needs to be used.

    BTW, Olmert has already committed capital crimes against the Jewish people, not just had thoughts or ideas about it. His launching pogroms in Gaza and Amona, his supplying the terrorist enemy with weapons, ammunition and money, his emptying the prisons of convicted terrorists and murderers, his cowardice under fire in the Hezballah war, and much, much more.

    Now he declares unconditionally that Judea and Samaria be made Judenrein, publicly demands that Jerusalem be made the captial of Palestine, vows the Golon must be returned to Syria without precondition, is in favor of the Saudi Arabian idea of limited right of return, wants to expand arab only cities within Green Line Israel and refuses to defend the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon from daily Gaza rocket attacks.

    If all that doesn't make him worthy of execution for high treason against the Jewish people, well, I don't know what does.

    As to your points about rebellion and revolution gone bad, you make an excellent point. Anarchy cannot happen, so what must happen is a Zionist movement that promotes the cecession of Judea and Samaria from the State of Israel. The Jews don't need to invade Green Line to fight the established government in Telm Aviv, but they do need to organize a plan to cecede from Israel and fight for these lands to remain under Zionist sovereignty and law.

    If Israel is to survive long term than it will be on the backs of a Zionist cecession movement, not working pasively alongside a corrupt, self-loathing government that wants to throw it all away.

  7. Hyunchback's comment is in the same zip code as mine, if not the same street.

    Right wingers throughout history have rarely employed assassination against their political opponents. Assassination is a game damned near monopolized by leftists. And as Hyunchback points out, the Reign of Terror-style party purges where "everyone threatens the cause" paranoia rules and the personality cult to scapegoat ratio reaches parity.

    It's the easy way out. Stalin won his debate with Trotsky with an icepick, after all.

    Such thinking is innately degenerative and totalitarian in the long term.

    Olmert may or may not deserve to die for his infinitely asinine management of Israel's national security.

    Is there an established way for bringing such a referendum to a vote by the Israeli people (something like Proposition One: "Shall the Israeli Defense Force remove Ehud Olmert from his office at noon tomorrow and execute him for crimes against the State of Israel? Yes / No")

    If such a mechanism is in place to vote people permanently off the planet in Israel (talk about Greek democracy with a bullet...), would such a measure pass?

    If not, Olmert is a symptom of a larger problem facing reactionary Zionism.

    We're talking civil war dynamics here.

    Against a government already predisposed to be swayed to concession by terrorism.

    It's a tempting path, but it's best to stay off of it. That way lies madness.


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