Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Forecast: It's the black racism, stupid

Based on extensive research of all the polls and pundits, and my own detailed political analysis of how the race is shaping up at the wire, plus my all important gut feelings about how this vote will break in the end, I am now projecting that by the narrowest of margins Barack Hussein Obama will win the election and become the first socialist President of the United States by a total of 275-263.

I think it's remarkable that Obama could get elected despite carrying so much baggage he couldn't fly commercially without redistributing some of his excess. It's also remarkable that McCain could get this close despite running an inept campaign that mishandled and bungled every possible opportunity he had to win.

In the end, the reason for Obama's victory comes down to one all important factor: BLACK RACISM.

When Hillary was beating Obama in all the blue collar states, and claiming a huge percentage of the working class white vote, the media always talked about how white racism was a huge issue. Clearly we now see that it wasn't the case at all, as the majority of those "racists" who bitterly cling to their guns and religion are now voting for that very same half-black, half-moslem for president in the general election.

What is the real racism factor at play here is the BLACK racist vote. Unbelievably, we are being told that over 99% of the blacks who vote will be voting for Barack Obama. This goes across every economic, gender, and religious category that effects all other voting blocs except the blacks.

In 2004, Bush received 12% of the black vote nationally. If McCain were to receive only half of that number he would have won the election, and remember that McCain is well to the left of Bush in many ways yet still couldn't catch a cold from the black community.

Why is McCain getting effectively zero percent of the black vote? Simple, because the blacks are voting for the black guy out of racism. They are effectively voting a unanimous national referendum against "whitey" and consider and black who dares cross over to vote for McCain as a despicable Uncle Tom.

So the next time you turn on the TV and see the gushing political pundits, most of whom are white liberals that have consistently given Obama preferential treatment because he is their GREAT BLACK HOPE, swooning over Obama's "historical" campaign as a sign of how far we've come, and how far we still need to go to overcome the residual white racism that kept this from being a landslide, keep in mind that you know better.

The racism is as bad as ever, if not worse, only now the racists are blacks and those white, elitle liberals, bitterly clinging to their taxes and abortions, who enable them.

I would like to add, though, that this goes further than just race alone. This is about liberalism and race combined. You see, if Obama were like an Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas in his politics, and running as a republican, he'd be getting the same treatment Sarah Palin got from the liberal media and feminists who think she is the root of all evil for not being a "progressive".

Obama, of course, is representing the hood properly by being one with Acorn and Reverend Wright, and not selling out to whitey. Obama is surrounded with radical leftists like Ayers, who hate America, capitalism, free speech, and everything else the left stands for, and PLO types like Khalid, whom Obama frequently dines and admonishes Zionists with over a good bottle of bubbly and some Iranian caviar.

In short, this was the perfect storm, the confluence of a black charismatic speaker, who supports radical leftwing causes, associates with radical, even terrorist, elements of society against the conservative American establishment, and, let us not forget, adds the sympathetic element of being born a moslem for good measure.

Obama perfectly represents the ugly left, the worst, most divisive and hostile elements of black racism combined with liberal elitism. Those of us who know better have every right to be absolutely disgusted with what happened in this "historic" election, and feel the worst is yet to come.



  1. Madze:

    If there really is a G-d, you should be receiving a torrent of comments on this post. For now, I'm refraining and want to see what other commenters have to say about your analysis. I will say only this:

    "Unbelievably, we are being told that over 99% of the blacks who vote will be voting for Barack Obama."

    Pure quatch. Unbelievable? Sure, because it ain't true. Not if I'm going by black turn-outs at McCain rallies (which I can see right before my eyes). Not if I go by the considerable numbers of blacks I've heard say to the cameras that they'll vote McCain. The black vote has long ago stopped being monolithically democrat. Republicans have many black supporters, black pundits and black politicians. Wiki lists well over a 100 "notable African Americans"...

    Any Republicans out there should come and argue their case here...

  2. Gert, according to Gallup only 1% of blacks are voting for McCain. Look it up if you don't believe me. All the other polls that break it down by race have the same results, too.

    You are reflexively responding with emotion rather than facts. You WANT to believe blacks are not racist so you have decided for yourself that these numbers must be false based on nothing at all.

  3. there is God, gert - this nation is officially under extreme judgment - tomorrow condi returns to the m.e. to ensure israel gives up land for a false peace - let's see what OTHER curses we deserve because we've turned our backs on Hashem!

    obama by 17 electoral votes. no, i will not call him president.


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