Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ground invasion set to begin

Well, at least it's something. Olmert has finally agreed to launch the full scale ground offensive that should have taken place at least a week ago. That said, I am happy he has finally given in to the advice of the IDF senior officers, who have undoubtedly been begging for this invasion for some time now.

Jerusalem Post - The security cabinet approved early Tuesday morning expanded ground operations in Lebanon, while the IDF, under the assumption that only a few days were left for the operations against Hizbullah, was already gearing up Monday night for a massive ground incursion into Lebanon on three different fronts, utilizing the Golani, Nahal and the Paratroopers infantry brigades.

The plan, senior IDF sources said, was to utilize the last remaining days of the operation, which they estimated would be over by week's end, to push Hizbullah back as far north as the Litani River in central Lebanon.

I just hate seeing these artificial time tables being imposed upon the Israeli war effort. Why must the invasion be completed in a couple days? The war should be waged until Nasrallah and company unconditionally surrenders and not one second less.

Also, the idea that some half-baked "international force" will come in and protect Israel from the vermin is preposterous. Anyone ever heard of the UNRWA? They've been aiding and abetting the Pseudostinian terrorist effort since 1948. Sure are real honest brokers, huh? How about that UN resolution 1559? Yeah, the UN was just about to get around to disarming Hezballah, right? Right.

Look, the idea that some UN or NATO group of anti-Semites will actually lay their lives down to defend the Jewish State is ridiculous. Israel must permanently annex southern Lebanon so that they can at least have a chance to live in peace and security. Anything less is a waste of time and human life.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: This is war. War is hell. War only ends when one side wins and the other side surrenders unconditionally, and to the victor goes the spoils.



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