Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Review

A busy weekend of activity, so let's get to it...

What do you call 60 dead moslems in Qada, Lebanon?
A good start.

Israel's war effort enjoyed a stunning success today when a building that was proven to be used to launch Katuysha Rockets into Israel was destroyed by a brilliant IDF air strike. Inside the building were hundreds of moslem filth who were aiding and abetting Hizballah despite Israeli warnings to evacuate. Sixty of the vermin were killed, many of them terrorist reproduction centers (putrid, wretched, moslem females), leaving the moslem scum with 60 fewer dirtbags to help kill Jews.

Afterward, in a staged rally organized by the Hizbanese forces, thousands of Jew-hating islamic vermin mobbed the streets and attacked the UN building, chanting "Allahu Ahkbar!", "Death to Israel!", and "Death to America!", and burning Israeli flags. In other words, same old sh-t.

So, the next logical step in this war would be for Israel to press forward with a full ground invasion and bombing campaign that would leave the vile followers of Mohammed the Terrorist laid to waste, utterly defeated, and forced to unconditionally surrender, right?


Ehud the Cowardly Concessionist decided that he would immediately offer a "good will gesture" to the moslem scum and declare a 48 hour cessation of air strikes. Yes, it's true. Taking his marching orders directly from Secretary of State Condi Rice, Olmert will stop all bombing and give the vermin 48 hours to regroup and reload their military offensive.



More evidence that Newt Gingrich is right: This is WWIII.
Worldnet Daily - A 30-year-old Pakistani man, announcing he was a Muslim and angry about Israel, pulled out a gun in the Seattle Jewish Federation today and shot six people, one dead.

The gunman, identified by law enforcement sources as Naveed Afzal Haq, 30, reportedly lives in Pasco, Washington and has a charge of lewd conduct pending against him in Benton County, Washington. He reportedly is a U.S. citizen.

According to several witnesses, Haq got through security and announced to staff members: "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel." He immediately began shooting randomly with a semiautomatic 9-mm handgun at the 18 employees and visitors in the offices.

OK, the time has come to expand the paradigm. Up until now I have focused solely on Israel's need to make the Land of Israel moslem free by force. Now, I see the same must be done here in America, too. There can indeed be no distinction between the terrorists and the nations who harbor them - as Bush himself declared in that famous State of the Union speech after 9/11.

Islam, as anyone with an IQ over 60 knows, is clearly a terrorist organization, so for the US to allow the criminal vermin to remain in America tells us that the US is violating Bush's own stated policy. Simply put, the moslem filth gotta go.

Mel Gibson

I've tried to defend the guy. I've really, really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, anyone who pisses off Hollywood's repulsive liberal elite must be my kind of guy, right?

No, not right.

He is a Nazi scum piece of shit - just like his father. Mel Gibson has just too much history being on the Jew-hating side of the equation for me, and this last explosion of drunken ranting about how the Jews are to blame for all the world's wars clinches the deal. The Jews??? We are always the ones getting slaughtered in wars, you dick.

Mel Gibson, has proven himself out to be just another two-bit, anti-Semitic asshole. I'm done with him for good.



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