Monday, August 14, 2006

"Muslims will unite and wipe Israel off the map"

Israel's unconditional surrender to Hezballah has officially gone into effect, and, with it, the open floodgates of moslem officials declaring victory and celebrating the impending destruction of the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Post - Expressing enormous admiration for Hizbullah, Palestinians across the political spectrum agreed that Israel had suffered a humiliating defeat.

"This war has shown once again that Israel is much weaker than it is perceived, especially in the Arab world," said Ziad Abdel Fattah, a Fatah operative from a village near Ramallah. "Other than kill hundreds of civilians, Israel failed to achieve most of its goals, particularly the destruction of Hizbullah. Everyone saw how Israeli soldiers were forced to retreat in the face of the heroes of Hizbullah."

Muhammad Atiyeh, who describes himself as a Hamas supporter, is convinced that the war in Lebanon could signal the beginning of the demise of Israel. "After 30 days of fighting, Israel had to beg the Americans for a cease-fire," he said. "Had it not been for the US, Israel would have vanished a long time ago. We have seen in recent years that Israel does not have the capability to confront Muslim warriors from Hamas and Hizbullah. The day will come when all Muslims will unite and wipe Israel off the map."

Echoing a similar view, Palestinian Authority Minister of Culture Atallah Abu al-Sabah said that the war in Lebanon has proven that it's only a matter of time before Israel disappears.

I honestly think the vermin might have a point. Israel's insipid liberalism brought about this tragic defeat, and now the next Holocaust has grown one step closer to becoming a reality (God forbid) as a result. After all, Nasrallah has announced that Hezballah will not disarm, Lebanon has declared that their army will not attempt to force Hezballah to disarm, Israel has not been given back the kidnapped soldiers, and Olmert is still vowing to expel the Jews from Judea, Samaria, and half of Jerusalem.

It's really a race for Jewish survival right now. Will liberalism successfully bring about Israel's death before the Torah Zionists are able to rise to power and save the day? We are getting to a very critical time now, and the next concession could be the last one that the Jewish state can endure. I pray that secular liberalism is defeated before it's too late and the Jews are brutally driven into the sea.



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