Thursday, August 10, 2006

Olmert concedes defeat, sues for peace with Hezballah

In a move that is unprecedented in Israeli military history, Prime Minister Ehud Omert will reportedly concede defeat to Hezballah on Friday and accept a humiliating UN ceasefire agreement that will leave Hezballah completely intact, force Israel to release Hezballah's list of imprisoned terrorists, require all IDF forces to retreat from Lebanese soil and be replaced with Lebanese, German and French forces, who will be deployed in southern Lebanon for Israel's protection.

In exchange, Hezballah will only need to return the two kidnapped soldiers they took at the beginning of the war and promise to stop shelling Israel with rockets in the future.

Ynet News - Getting close to ceasefire? According to various reports, the agreement is based on the deployment of French troops on the northern border along with UNIFIL and Lebanese army forces. UN officials expressed optimism regarding the plan but are still waiting for approval from Jerusalem and Beirut.

According to sources in Jerusalem, the new formula is premised on four components:

1. The deployment of a genuine military forces, apparently French and German, in southern
2. The implementation of Resolution 1559
3. Negotiations on a prisoner swap
4. The establishment of a mechanism for future Israeli-Lebanese dealings

According to various reports, the multinational forces being designed for this end includes Lebanese troops, UNIFIL forces, and several thousand French soldiers who are already in the region and can be deployed quickly, at least temporarily, until a more efficient and powerful international force is created. French soldiers are slated to play a major role in such force as well. According to estimates,
Hizbullah will be interested in a ceasefire and will end its rocket fire once a truce is declared, while continuing to fight against IDF forces in Lebanon.

A senior Israeli official said the revised UN Resolution will stop short of requiring peacekeepers to disarm Hizbullah but will call for an embargo to prevent the group from bringing in arms from Iran and Syria.

Kadima Knesset Member Otniel Otniel Schneller met with
Prime Minister Ehuld Olmert , who told him that "at this time, a new diplomatic formula with positive implications that could end the fighting is being formulated. If it isn't accepted, Israel will take off the gloves."

Schneller said that he left the meeting with a good feeling and was impressed that the prime minister is decisive.

"At this time there's an attempt to produce a new diplomatic draft, and if what I saw will indeed materialize it would be fabulous. It would prevent Israeli victims," he said. Schneller added that during the meeting, Olmert received a letter from one of the families who lost their loved ones in Lebanon.

"The letter only strengthened the prime minister, but I also saw dampness in his eyes – this is in fact the dilemma, bringing about a diplomatic agreement or continuing the battle. This decision is difficult both rationally and emotionally," Schneller concluded.

My heart is sick and broken; Israel has been defeated. The only consolation is that this could spell the end of Olmert and bring about new elections. We'll see...



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