Thursday, August 10, 2006

MZ wants to beat the crap out of Mike Wallace

Myron (Mike) Wallace, the 112 yr. old leftist, self-loathing Jew interviewer for CBS News, needs to be fired immediately. If Mel Gibson got crucified (deservedly) by the media for his recent drunken tirade against the Jewish people, it would only make sense that this smug, leftwing, geriatric "news" correspondent of 60 minutes fame should be flogged and beaten in the public square for doting and cooing all over Iran's militantly anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, genocide advocating president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Here's what "whittle Mywin Wahwice" had to say about "da cutesy wootsy pwesident of Iwan" after interviewing him for a special upcoming 60 minutes segment. - Of Ahmadinejad, Wallace said, "He's an impressive fellow, this guy. He really is. He's obviously smart as hell."

Wallace said he was surprised to find that the Iranian president was still a college professor who taught a graduate-level course.

"You'll find him an interesting man," he said. "I expected more of a firebrand. I don't think he has the slightest doubt about how he feels ... about the American administration and the Zionist state. He comes across as more rational than I had expected."

Zionist State? ZIONIST STATE?? Wow. OK, I thought it was called Israel all this time, but what the hell do I know? Ahmedinejad an "impressive fellow"; an "interesting man"; and "More rational than I expected"?? Uh, "Earth to Mike, earth to Mike!" He's one of the terrorists who took Americans hostage in 1979, denies the Holocaust, wants Israel wiped off the map, and is openly supplying Hezballah with rockets to shoot into Israeli cities.

You gotta be kidding me. "Rational?"

Think this is just an aberration from Wallace? That he's really fair and apolitical, and not a self-loathing piece of shit? Wrong! Look at this quote from Mikey from back in 2005.

National Review - Here he is in a recent interview, on what he'd ask Bush if he had the chance: "What in the world prepared you to be the commander in chief of the largest superpower in the world? In your background, Mr. President, you apparently were incurious. You didn't want to travel. You knew very little about the military. The governor of Texas doesn't have the kind of power that some governors have. Why do you think they nominated you? Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that the country is so [expletive] up?"

Sounds fair and balanced, eh? This guy is HORRENDOUS. Hold on! There's still much, much more self-loathing to digest. Check this beauty out from our friend Myron in 2001:

Jewish Press - The Washington Post's Lloyd Grove reported last September that Wallace was spotted ordering a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur at a popular Capitol Hill restaurant. When Grove asked him about it, Wallace nonchalantly confirmed that, yes, "I had a cheddar and ham sandwich."

Pressed further by Grove, Wallace turned smarmy: "I am a Reform Jew," he said. "The best thing I can do is serve my master."

His master: The Ham and Cheese Sandwich! Wow. But, wait! There's still more! Actually, this takes the cake...

Jewish Press - Several weeks prior to his participation in the Brookings forum, Wallace appeared on "Larry King Live" and expressed his admiration for a certain Palestinian terror chieftain. He also confessed to having had his perceptions about the Middle East permanently altered many years back through an encounter with another Palestinian he came to admire.

Wallace: ....I became a self-hating Jew to the Israelis for a while.

King: Self-hating Jew, yes. I know you have known Arafat for 25 years. What do you make of him...?

Wallace: You know something, Larry, I came to ? I came to admire Arafat beginning back in 1977 in Egypt and then in Lebanon on a couple of occasions, and then went to Tunis with him and then even to Gaza. As far as ? and then finally Ramallah, I guess, a month or six weeks ago. He has made mistakes along the way as all of us do....

A little later in the interview, Wallace made the following rather startling confession when King asked him whether it's tough for a Jewish reporter to be objective about Israel.

Wallace: It shouldn't be if you're a professional reporter.... I was fortunate enough as a young, much younger reporter back in the 50's, I met a man by the name of Fayez Sayegh who was a Palestinian, and he was really a Palestinian to his roots, and he helped to let the scales fall from my eyes about the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis, between Arabs and Jews. And you take on quite a chore when you go against your own religion, go against what you learn, what I learned from my folks growing up, but if you are a professional reporter, you do it."

Well, at least he honestly and openly admits to being self-loathing. That's something we don't get to see every day. Actually, I see very little differerence between Wallace and Ehud Olmert in the self-loathing department. The fact is, they both have been terminally infected with liberalism, and there's really little or no hope left for either of them to come out of it at this stage.

Hopefully, they will just go away and _______ (fill in the blank) already.



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