Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poll: 97% of Palestinians support Hezballah

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I want to see Israel completely destroy the vermin and stop nipping around the edges with this "measured precision strikes" crap. There are those on the left (Olmert), however, who "feel" it would be "inhumane" to use such draconian tactics, claiming the civilians are not to blame for what Hezballah and Hamas are doing. Well, this ought to dispel that tired myth real quick.

Jerusalem Post - A public opinion poll published on Tuesday showed that support for Hamas and Hizbullah among the Palestinians has increased over the past few weeks and that the number of those who believe in peace with Israel has dropped sharply.

The poll found that there was an increase in the number of Palestinians who support Hamas's desire to eliminate Israel.

For the first time, a majority of 55% agreed that Hamas should not change its position regarding the destruction of Israel. Even 29% of the Christian Palestinians share this view.

The war in Lebanon has increased support for Hizbullah, with an overwhelming majority of 97% voicing their backing with the Shiite group. This position, according to the poll, is also held by 95% of the Christians.

Hizbullah's popularity intensified after the war began. More than 56% of the Palestinians said that their support for Hizbullah has increased over the past month, while 30% said it remained the same.

Again, the Christian minority also appears to have been radicalized by the war in Lebanon, as 66% of them said that their support for Hizbullah was now stronger than ever.

In yet another disturbing finding, most Palestinians no longer see Israel as a peace partner. About 75% of those polled said they do not believe there is a peace partner for the Palestinians in Israel, as opposed to 71% who said that Israel does have a partner on the Palestinian side.

Among Palestinian Christians, 63% also do not believe that the Palestinians have a peace partner in Israel.

Asked about kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl Gilad Shalit, who is being held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other armed militias, about 91% of the Palestinian public does not believe he should be released unconditionally. The vast majority of the Palestinians, 70%, believe that an unconditional release will not make any difference as far as the Israeli attacks are concerned.

I'm sorry, but when 97% of the vermin support Hezballah, 91% don't want the kidnapped soldiers released, and 55% say Hamas should not alter its stated mission of destroying Israel, driving the Jews into the sea, and establishing an islamic state governed by Sharia law in its place, why exactly should they be spared?

War is hell, kill the vermin, destroy their buildings, burn the villages and mosques, and don't stop killing them until they've unconditionally surrendered or are all dead. What could be clearer? How does anybody miss this?



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