Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Land for Peace to Fiji

Time for another Israeli concession, gang! Fiji recently imprisoned, and then expelled, three Jewish tourists because, well, because they were JEWS, that's why! The best way for Israel to respond, of course, would be to expel some Jews from Judea and Samaria, then concede that land to Fiji as a "good will gesture" for peace . Maybe even give them some money and weapons, too - you know, just to show them that Jews are really nice people, and all. In return, Fiji will need to promise to never, ever terrorize Jews again, naturally. Yeah, that will really teach them Fijiers not to mess with Israel, won't it?!

Ynet News - Three Israeli backpackers were evicted from Fiji after a Muslim immigration officer ruled that they had humiliated Palestinians during their military service in the territories.

The three – Amit Ronen, Eldar Avracohen, and Nimrod Lahav – left Israel in February for a tour in Australia. In July they decided to spend a week in Fiji. On July 13 they arrived at Fiji airport where a surprise awaited them.

"We gave our passports to the officer, and when she saw we are Israelis she asked for ID cards. We told her we don't understand why we need ID cards and she responded shouting: 'You know very well how to ask Palestinians for IDs and humiliate them for three years."

That's what Avracohen wrote in a complaint letter he sent to Israel's Ambassador to Australia Nati Tamir.

The three were held at Fiji airport for six hours and officials rebuked their pleas to be allowed to make a phone call. Armed policemen took them to a cell at the airport where they spent the night before being sent back to Australia.

Just goes to show you, vermin are vermin wherever they may be. Fiji vermin are no different than Syrian vermin, or Saudi vermin, or American vermin, or Iranian vermin. All followers of islam are terrorist scum.

Again, Newt Gingrich is proven absolutely right: THIS IS WWIII! Wake up and smell the vermin!



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