Thursday, August 31, 2006

Media hoaxes prove Israel must kill more moslems, dhimmis

Predictably, we now know the story of Lebanese ambulances allegedly being rocketed by Israel was, in fact, a complete hoax just like the phony "Mr. Green Helmet" facade before it, and the false "Reuters reporters" ruse recently staged in Gaza. Bogus reporting by an anti-Semitic, leftist media that is clandestinely advocating for the moslem filth is such an old story by now that anyone with an IQ over 50 is abundantly aware of the fact that Israel has been the victim of a rampant pro-moslem media bias.

The question, therefore, is what to do about it? Can Israel ever hope to defeat both the anti-Zionist left and the anti-Zionist vermin without being vilified by the world's anti-Zionist media? Of course not. The deck is stacked, and any ideas of winning the enemies "hearts and minds" by trying to make "concessions" and "good will gestures" is pure suicide. Trying to befriend this unholy alliance is simply not an option.

So, once again, we must ask ourselves what is the answer? How do you stop the seemingly unbeatable axis of leftists, moslems and media who are united together in a mission to destroy Israel? The answer is simple: Kill more moslems.

You see, the reason why the leftist media bungholes give the vermin a sympathetic voice is because they fear them a lot more than they fear the "ultra-sensitive" Israelis, who bend over backwards not to hurt anybody's feelings or sensibilities. Do you think the dhimmi left is really going to go into Gaza and report negatively upon the vermin when at any time these barbaric sadists will chop off the head of anyone they don't like? Let's get real.

Meanwhile, if the "wimpy little Jews" are given an unfair shake by the MSM what exactly will they do to those who slandered them? Maybe offer a furled brow, followed by some pathetic pleading to the editors to be less biased in the future? Come on...that doesn't hold up to well against a beheading, now, does it?

Of course not. The only answer is for Israel to kill moslems - a lot of moslems. In fact, every moslem who is in Eretz Israel needs to be told they have two options:

1. Leave right now
2. Be killed

Next, Israel needs to tell all the quislings in its midst who support the moslems effort against the Jewish people that they have two options:

1. Leave right now
2. Be killed

Finally, Israel needs to tell all the surrounding moslems that they have two options:

1. Recognize Israel completely and surrender all claims against it
2. Be killed

Now, if Israel really started enacting these tough measures against the vermin and their dhimmis, how quickly do you think the bungholes of the liberal media would back off their chutzpahdik libeling of Israel with staged hoaxes and contrived stories, and finally become more respectful in their reporting of the Jewish State?

Oh, like, immediately, perhaps?

Hell, even Mike "self-loathing-dhimmi-Jew" Wallace would probably feel compelled to go to Israel and kiss ass to the great leader who made it all happen. Let's all hope that interview happens sooner rather than later, because both Mike Wallace and Israel are at a stage in their lives where they are just hanging on for dear life.



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