Monday, August 28, 2006

Part Two: Wake up! Wake up!

This past week's Torah reading, Shoftim, and accompanying Haftara, Isaiah 51:12 - 52:12, are chock filled with lessons that modern Israel could benefit immensely from if they only would open their eyes and shed the insidious PC liberalism that's infected the nation. This is Part Two of a two part series.

What's my sign? Shut up, you hippy freak!

The leftwing secular mystics make me sick with their humanist idol worshipping and fortune telling. Torah doesn't speak too highly of them either.

When you come to the Land that God, your God, gives you, you shall not learn to act according to the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you one who causes his son or daughter to pass through the fire, one who practices divinations, an astrologer, one who reads omens, a sorcerer, or an animal charmer, one who inquires to the sorcery of Ov or Yidoni, or one who consults the dead. For anyone who does these is an abomination of God, and because of these abominations God, your God, banishes these nations from before you. You will be wholehearted with God, your God. -Devarim, 18:9-13

This just in: God doesn't care for the ways of liberal, hippy freaks. Unfortunately, these leftist moonbats have infected Israel so perversely they have almost destroyed the country. Leftist vegan nutjobs taking nude mudbaths? Trying to feel the karma of the spirit of the stars, the sun, and the earth, while chanting to the nether world for guidance? VOMIT! Get rid of these freaks, already, and become a nation of decent, kind, Torah loving Jews who stand for what is right.

Don't touch these boundaries

There is nobody who is more noble and true in their devotion to the Land of Israel than the Settlers, who brave the most unbearable conditions to stand strong for what is right. What does Israel's craven leaders do to show their appreciation? Bulldoze their homes, villages, synagogues and cemeteries, of course.

You shall not move the boundary of your of your fellow [Jew], which the settlers before you marked out in your inherited Land that God, your God, gives you as a possession. -Devarim, 19:14

Ever notice how well it's been going since the corrupt concessionists started redefining the borders of Israel and expelling the Jewish settlers from their homes? After reading the Torah text above, one can't help but wonder how in God's name traitors like Sharon and Olmert have been allowed to get away with the crimes they've committed. Um, well, maybe Sharon actually didn't get away with it (he's not looking too good these days), and Olmert may find his own hell to suffer in soon enough, too.

This means war

War is not to be fought the way Ehud Olmert and his band of merry leftists would have it.

When you draw near to a city to wage war against them, you must first call out terms for peace. It will be that if they respond to you accepting peace, and open (their gates) for you, then the entire people within it will pay you a tribute and serve you. But, if they do not make peace with you, but makes war with you, you shall besiege it. God shall deliver it to your hand, and you shall smite all of the males by the blade of the sword. Only take the women, small children, animals, and everything that is in the city, all its spoils, for yourself as booty from your enemies which God, your God, provided for you. This is what you will do to the far away cities outside of the land of your inheritance. But, from the cities of peoples in the land of your inheritance that God gives you, you must not allow any of them to live. Rather, you shall destroy them: the Hittite, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite, the Hivvite, and the Jebusite, as God, your God, has commanded you, so that they will not teach you to copy their abominations causing you to sin before God, your God. Devarim, 20:10-18

OK, I think we all can be pretty clear now about this, now, right? Does God want the vermin to remain in the Land side-by-side with the Children of Israel? NOOO! Does God want the Jews to make "concessions" and "good will gestures" to the vermin? NOOO! Does God want the Jewish people to utterly destroy the vermin who refuse to leave the Land? Yes!

According to both Rambam and Ramban, however, the commandment to offer peace does hold for even the Canaanites, and, therefore, the vermin scum, too, by default. If they surrender to Israel and give their loyalty, if they accept living by the seven Noahide Laws, if they obligate themselves to perform national service, then, and only then, may they be spared.

Thus, to simplify further, here are the steps to properly follow for the milchemet mitzvah (the commandment for battle).
  1. Offer the ultimatum for peace
  2. If peace is rejected, then kill all the vermin who remain in the Land.
  3. Peace is realized

Wake up! Wake up!

To conclude the modern lessons of Shoftim, we turn to the Haftara reading of Isaiah. In this we will find the message that we Jews sing every Friday night during our Kabbalat Shabbat prayers in the song Lecha Dodi: Oori! Oori! - Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Don your strength, O Zion, don the garments of your splendor, O Jerusalem, the Holy City, for no longer shall there enter into you any uncircumcised or contaminated person. Shake the dust from yourself, arise, enthrone yourself, O Jerusalem; undo the straps from your neck, O captiive daughter of Zion. For thus said God: Without price you were sold, so you shall not be redeemed with money! -Isaiah 52:1-3

Wake up, O Israel! The time has come to rid yourself of the corruption, the derelicts who are running your defiled state, and turn to a leader who walks the path, who believes in what he does because he is righteous, because he looks to do what is good in God's eyes, because he respects the Land that He gave us as an eternal inheritance, and because he loves the Jewish people more than he loves money or power.



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