Monday, August 21, 2006

IDF war vets call for Olmert's head

Perhaps the sleeping lion is beginning to awaken in Israel? The people are pissed, and the call for Olmert's head has now officially begun.

Arutz Sheva - Lebanese war reserve soldier veterans, newspaper columnists on right and left, MKs, new Russian immigrants and more - are calling for the government to resign in the wake of the recent Lebanese War.

A group of reserve soldiers who fought in Lebanon will set off on a protest march today (Monday), calling upon Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz to resign. The soldiers say that Olmert and Peretz failed in managing the just-ended war in Lebanon.

The march will set out from the Kastel - an Independence War battle site near Mevaseret Zion - and will head towards the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, a 7-kilometer (4.5-mile) trek. The soldiers explain that the confused and contradictory orders handed down to them during the course of the war indicate an unclear strategy and set of objectives. They also claim that severe problems in logistics, manifest in outdated equipment and lack of food, helped lose some battles.

Olmert, his communist wife, his arabist daughter, and his draft-dodging leftist sons, all are on borrowed time as this cowardly government is about to go THUD! Let's just pray that what arises in its ashes is something for the better.

Remember this name: Effie Eitam. He is an ex-military commander, a war hero pilot from the bombing of Iraq's nuclear reactor, and a Greater Israel religious Zionist who proudly wears a yarmulke. Currently, he is an MK for the National Union, and, with Benny Elon's recent throat cancer problems, has become the leading political voice of the anti-concessionist right.

Now, KL, before you burst a blood vessel reading this because he is not a Kach warrior, and supported peaceful resistance to the IDF in the expulsion of Gaza rather than violent uprising, keep in mind he is a sworn enemy of Mafdal's corrupt, concessionist leader Zev Orlev, and resigned as leader of the Mafdal Party in protest of the other members refusal to leave Sharon's government over the impending ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

He also helped lead the protest against the Amona expulsion, and was hospitalized whent Israeli police on horseback trampled him. He is fiercely pro-settlement of Greater Israel, and rejects giving one inch of Land to the vermin.

That said, he has also done a tremendous job of outreach to the secular community of which he used to be a part (he's Ba'al T'Shuva), and advocated keeping the government together during the war for the sake of national unity. In other words, his "street cred" is actually pretty high for a rightwinger.

Anyway, you heard it here first: He very well may become the next Prime Minister of Israel - and in the process the first ever to wear a yarmulke in office. I've had the pleasure of meeting him personally and came away more than impressed with his positions. Maybe this is just hope speaking on my part, but why not think positively?



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