Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hezballah expanding to Syria

Time for Olmert to buy some more tissues and ice cream. Syria announced today they'll be forming a Hezballah, too, following Israel's humiliating defeat to the "Party of Allah" in the Lebanon War.

Ynet News - On the heels of what it views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights, an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Ba'ath party told WorldNetDaily yesterday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria learned from Hizbullah's military campaign against Israel the past month that "fighting" is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory.

He said Syria's new guerilla force would be trained by Hizbullah leaders.

"Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force," the official said.

Time to call in "Peace Now" to save the day, right Ehud? If there is one place in the world where you can't afford to sue for peace it's the Middle East. Israel's surrender is going to have dire repercussions.



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