Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3 dead, 66 wounded by putrid moslem filth

Incredible heroism displayed by Moshe Klessner, 18, shooting the vermin dead.

Keeping terrorist scum in your midst is certainly no recipe for peace and harmony. Once again, we are shown what happens when you fail to have the courage to expel the garbage from your house: innocent Jews get murdered.

J-Post: Three people were killed and 66 were wounded - one seriously, one moderately and the rest lightly - on Wednesday afternoon when a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in downtown Jerusalem.

The attack, at the junction of Jaffa Road and Sarei Yisrael St., set off a panic in the area and left a large swath of damage in the heart of the capital. Traffic was halted, and hundreds of people fled through the streets in panic as medics treated the wounded.

A car was dragged several meters by the bulldozer before being crushed under the vehicle. The parents of a baby being treated in Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital have yet to be tracked down, and it is believed that the baby was thrown out of the car by one of his parents before the vehicle was crushed.

Police said the incident was definitely a terror attack, but stressed that they had no specific warning. Three Palestinian terror groups claimed responsibility for the attack, but security officials said the killer was acting on his own.

Police added that the terrorist, Jabr Duwait, a 30-year-old father of two from Tzur Bahar in southeast Jerusalem, was carrying an Israeli identity card. They said he had a criminal record and was employed by the construction company working on the Jerusalem light rail project. The man drove the bulldozer out of the construction site before perpetrating the attack.

The terrorist arab came from East Jerusalem. If the Israeli government would ever do what needs to be done this would never happen again, as their would be no arabs left in Jerusalem to commit atrocities on the Jewish people.

Give peace a chance: expel the filth



  1. Haloscan farted or blocked me, not sure which. Either way, I just removed it from my site and went back to Blogger commenting.

  2. Moshe Plesser, a true hero:

    "Finally, an off-duty soldier took a gun from a security guard at the scene and shot the terrorist, who cried "Allah Akhbar" (God is great) before being killed. The soldier, Moshe Plesser, was assisted in neutralizing the attacker by Eli Mizrahi, a member of police's elite Yasam anti-terror unit."

  3. The BBC's headline later today:

    "Israeli vigilante attacks Palestinian construction worker".


  4. someone said the israeli soldier is related to the kid who shot the paleoscum who shot up the yeshiva a couple of months ago - any truth to that rumor?

    hope the sorry excuse for a human being is enjoying his 72 year old virgin in hell! G-d forgive me.

  5. p.s. - haloscan hasn't been working all day.

  6. Yes,'s his brother in law.

  7. Mad Zionist,
    I am sorry.I hereby declare you mentally healthy.
    The 'mad ones' are those who are in psychotic denial of reality.They want and do kill us.

  8. Thanks, Josh. I wish there were more out there like us.

  9. This evil man was the father of two. Apparently, he thought that his most important goal in life was not to raise his kids but to murder Jews. This vile nation must be destroyed.

  10. A profile in courage:

    As far as what happened," Plesser continued: "I was bicycling from the center of town [westward] towards my home, when I saw a bulldozer battering a bus lying on its side and a lot of commotion. I immediately realized that it was a terrorist attack.

    I threw the bicycle to the side, and I ran towards the scene, trying to get as close as I could to the bulldozer so that I could get on it and stop the driver. As I got closer I tried to somehow get a weapon. When the bulldozer stopped, a policeman climbed up, and I climbed up right behind him, screaming at him to shoot."

    "Oron Ben-Shimon, with whom I was privileged to cooperate in stopping the terrorist, also climbed up, and he and the policeman tried to stop him with their hands. At first I could not shoot him, because the policeman stood in between us and the terrorist. The terrorist suddenly got up and started to drive again, screaming out Allahu Akbar, and Oron was able to turn the steering wheel so that the bulldozer wouldn't run over more cars.

    Finally, I was able to grab Oron's gun and shoot over the heads of the policeman and Oron, three bullets to his head. Then a Yassam policeman got on and fired again to ascertain his death."

  11. I guess that's why it's important that CITIZENS and not only policeman HAVE THE GUNS!


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