Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jewish girl mourns terrorist ex-boyfriend

The crisis that Israel faces can be encapsulated perfectly by an interview in today's Ynet News with the Jewish ex-girlfriend of the Bulldozer Terrorist. So often, assimilated Jews will wax poetically about the wonderful relationships they've developed with "really cool arabs", proving to the world that we really can all "get along" if we'd only "give peace a chance", only to find out later how foolish they had been, and how their naive humanism tragically betrayed them.

Below is the interview with the Jewish ex-girlfriend, followed by one of Rav Kahane's writings about the horrible pitfalls that become such "enlightened" pursuits.

Ynet News: "I can't believe he did what he did; he was a good, caring person," the Jewish ex-girlfriend of Hossam Dawyyat said Thursday, a day after the bulldozer driver's killing spree in downtown Jerusalem left three people dead.

According to the 27-year-old ex-girlfriend, who also resides in the capital, Dawyyat "liked Jews and had many Jewish friends.

"Maybe a domestic dispute led him to this," said the woman, who asked to remain nameless, "he did a foolish thing; he wrecked his family and ruined the lives of his children."

In February 2001 Dawyyat was convicted by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court of assaulting her and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. He admitted to threatening her, including telling her he would kill her if she refused to marry him; and physically assaulting her on a number of occasions, despite the restraining order that had been issued against him. The couple broke up eight years ago.

The ex-girlfriend said Dawyyat's life could have been spared: "Why did they have to put those two bullets in him (after the attack was over)?" she said. "I'm very sad today. At first my parents were angry with me because I cried over his death, but now they are consoling me, because the media are harassing me. I'm reliving the entire episode after eight years.

"He loved me and I loved him; we were each other's first love. He wasn't violent all the time, only when he had a reason to be jealous," she recalled. "I loved him despite what he did to me. He was everything to me during that time."

Rav Kahane: All of this doesn't bother the enemies of Kahanism, but it bothers me. That Jews who came after 2000 years in the exile, are assimilating inside Israel. When you visit Israel you are tourists, you don't see anything. You see the Wall, you see Masada, and the Plaza Hotel; you don't see the tragedy that occurs not far from the Plaza and on every town and every city. The Arabs that come into the towns, to meet Jewish girls.

In the morning the Arab wakes up in his village and he is Ibrahim, he comes to Jerusalem or Natanya and suddenly his name is Avi, "hello, my name is Avi." There are over 3500 Jewish women married to Arabs and over 10,000 Jewish women living with Arabs in Israel.

In Beit Shemesh I'll never forget the Jew that came over to me, a man in his 50's and said to me, "Rav Kahane," he said, "I have two daughters and they are both married to Arabs. One lives in the Arab village of Taiba." and then he said, "When I lived in Morocco did I ever dream in my blackest nightmare, that my daughter would ever go out with an Arab? In Morocco? Never heard of such a thing! We came to the Holy Land and my daughters married Arabs!" That doesn't bother anybody?

The President of Israel "hometz ben yain" - vinegar the son of wine, the son of the chief Rabbi, this Helenist goes to visit Nevey Shalom, a settlement founded by a Jew who converted to Christianity and is now a monk; a settlement where Jews and Arabs live together, and he says "ze keren or" - this is a ray of light. This is our President? this is our president!

On the beaches of Israel in the summer time, you see cars parked most with license plates from Shechem, Jenin, Tulkarm, Hevron, Aza, what are they looking for? sun and water? There is sun and water in Aza too. They are looking for Jewish women! The prostitutes in Israel are all Jewish, the pimps are mostly Arabs and we, we bare the shame, because this is not new, this has been going on for 30 years. When did you last hear, the religious parties in Israel, let alone the other parties, speak up about this?

The irony, it would laughable, it would be a joke out of Chelm if it weren't so tragic. The religious head of the Druze, Sheik Taari, appealed to the chief Rabbi of Haifa to come out and oppose intermarriage of Druze men with Jewish women. So when you saw in the paper that the chief Rabbi of Haifa came out... no! After 20 years he came out because the Druze asked him too.

A hilul Hashem, a disgrace upon God, is what the "enlightened" are imparting upon their children by teaching them "progressive" and "humanist" ethos. Until this madness ends, until the light clicks on and they abandon their suicidal mission, Israel will remain cowering in the fetal position, paying jizya, and hoping not to be destroyed by the the "merciful" jihadi assassins.



  1. Have a happy, healthy Independence Day to all my American readers.

  2. Yad L'Achim reports that hundreds of Jewish girls marry Arabs and then are forced to live in their villages and cannot escape. They get tens of calls every year from women who want to leave.

    Assimilation in the Holy Land is a chillul HaShem. It was the bane of Ezra and Nechemia and it is back. Separation is the key to Redemption. Am levadad yishkon u'bagoyim lo yitchashav. That is our only hope.

  3. thankx madze - you too!

    as for the g/f to this slimeball - what the hell is she thinking?

  4. May her boyfriend rot in Hell!

  5. Aren't the children of Jewish mothers going to be Jews even if the father is Arab?

  6. Beamish: According to Judaism, they will be Jews. However, Arab women move in with the husband's family. According to Islam, the wife takes her husband's religion. The kids will live in his village and probably never know that they are Jewish.

  7. Given that a mother's Jewishness makes her children Jews as well, regardless of who the father is, can also a woman who converts to Judaism give birth to children who likewise are also Jewish?

    And, can this inherent Jewishness be "cancelled" by irreligiousness or being raised to worship Ba'al stones in Mecca? Can a Jew truly "stop" being a Jew?

    I don't talk about this much - my own little sister, once a Christian, is now a convert to Islam. This to me is different than a Jew taking up with a Muslim, because no one is "born" Christian, we're all converts. One can be raised in a Christian home by Christian parents, but this does not make you a Christian automatically, at least by Christian theology. When my sister stopped being a Christian, she stopped being a Christian. Literally, technically, whatever.

    How does one navigate the Jewish blood vs. Jewish belief distinction, particularly in terms of assimilation, integration, and conversion?

  8. Aren't the German's the same... once a German, always a German?

  9. btw - An interesting tidbit...

    A heroic off-duty soldier who yesterday shot dead a terrorist on a murderous rampage was initially rejected from the Israeli military because he protested Israel's 2005 retreat from the Gaza Strip, it emerged today.

    The soldier, 20-year old Moshe Klessner, was forced to fight in court to get accepted into the military due to his activism against the Gaza evacuation.

    Shocking video footage obtained by Israel's Haaretz newspaper shows Klessner climbing onto a bulldozer driven by a terrorist against traffic and that was plowing into cars, buses and shocked crowds.

    Klessner can be seen shooting the terrorist several times in the head, halting an attack that had already killed three – including two female teachers – and injured 57 others. Klessner had grabbed the gun of a nearby police officer.

    I guess they can't have Israeli's that love their country into the armed forces to protect her... and they give all the guns to idiots who don't know when to use them.

  10. A Jew can never stop losing his Judaism. If a Jew becomes a Christian, G-d forbid, and eats pork, he still sins. He does not have the status of a non-Jew for whom eating pork would not constitute a sin. However, a Jew who is a member of another faith cannot be counted upon as part of a minyan (prayer quorum), his food is not kosher and he cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetary. Should he wish to return to Judaism, he need not undergo any conversion. He needs but sincerely regret his actions and resolve to keep the Torah again.

    In the words of the Talmud: "Even though he has sinned, he remains a Jew."

  11. ...sounds a lot like IS-lamb.

  12. I guess that's a key difference. You can be a non-practicing or a practicing Jew, but with Christianity you either is or you ain't.

    And with Islam, everyone is born Muslim but most people grow up.

  13. Ever seen the movie Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman? Where the Cheyenne refer to themselves as "human beings" to distinguish themselves from "white people."

    I guess every crowd has their own way of identifying their identity politics...

  14. wow great post (though very sad.)


    i just shared this w/ 1700 people.

  15. Thanks David, I appreciate the compliments. Just got back from our family vacation to my hometown of Buffalo, NY... totally exhausted.

  16. interesting how this blasphemous jewish girl didn't mention (at least in this excerpt) any remorse for the Jewish people that were crushed to death.

  17. Bill,

    That's kinda what I was getting at with the either you is or you ain't Christian thing. I'd have trouble believing she was Jewish.

  18. I miss the picture of Kelly Clarkson!



  19. Whether Jewish, Christian, or Islamic, women are women, and girls especially are weak and foolish. They are easily led by their emotions, romanticize in inappropriate ways, and tend to be attracted to the "exotic".


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