Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good riddance, Ehud

Hail, hail, the witch is dead! The wicked, wicked witch is dead!

Er...almost dead.

Apparently, the investigators had enough on Olmert to force his resignation at long last. He will not be actually leaving office until at least mid-September when Kadima announces their new candidate, and possibly will not be officially removed until March, but at least the end is near and imminent.

Although it thrills me that this criminal pile of sh-t is being run out of office in shame, my joy is tempered by the reality that the next in line will either be Tzipi the pile of sh-t, Ehud (Barak) the pile of sh-t, or Bibi the pile of sh-t...

Still, it's always good to see a bad man fall. In this case, it was one of the all time worst.



  1. this made my otherwise painful day extremely ecstatic!

    ::dental work::


  2. You need to brush more like your husband, I guess. ;)

  3. beamish: that's classic. I didn't know you knew Hebrew...

    MZ: You forgot to mention Shaul Mofaz, who's actually the best choice (in my humble opinion).

  4. Eitan, Mofaz was one of the leading political activists for the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Gaza. He is as bad as Olmert.

  5. Eitan,

    I don't know Hebrew, but that phrase is funny in any language, at least for people who follow Middle Eastern politics.

    kadimah = let's go! (and Olmert's political party)

    lamiklatim = "to the bomb shelters!" (where Olmert lead most of Israel)

    It's from a parody of the Kadima party bumper sticker. I imagine many Israeli right-wingers, if such a thing exists, have these on their cars.

  6. Yeah, last time i was in Israel I saw some slogans of that nature and yes, there are Right wingers in Israel;)

    MZ: Benny Alon and Arye Eldad didn't do much more than Mofaz to prevent the Hitnatkut. It was a "joint venture" so to speak.

  7. Not true, Eitan. They left the Sharon government coalition and openly opposed the expulsion with every fiber. Mofaz not only voted for the expulsion, but was also one of the leading proponents. He is scum.

  8. two 25 year old crown replacements with a fixed bridge...nothing to do with brushing! he's about brushed his teeth to non-existence.

    i heard bibi was in it for the long haul?

  9. Nanc, Bibi is going to be seeking prominance and celebrity for as long as he lives. Unfortunately, those are the only ideals tht mean anything to him.

  10. MZ: Ultimately the "settler right" failed to prevent Disengagement. Ultimately Benny, Eitam, Arye, and the entire N.U./Yesha Council failed the "settlers" of Gush Katif.

    BTW: Bibi was also an opponent of Disengagemnt though he stuck it out alongside Sharon till the last second. If anyone, I'd (and will) vote for Moshe Feiglin in upcoming elections.

  11. Eitan, Mofaz was the Defense Minister who carried out the expulsion. He has as much blood on his hands as Olmert and Sharon. He should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

    As far as Bibi goes, he was just a power hungry coward who didn't have the guts or character to resign from Sharon's coalition until the eve of the ethnic cleansing when it was too late.

    Of the two, Bibi is certainly the less culpable but he is not a friend of the settlers at all. He has worked to ban Feiglin just like they banned Kahane, and is in favor of the Oslo Land for Peace strategy.

    As far as Eitam, he broke from the NRP over their refusal to resign from the Sharon government, and was the among the most powerful forces of opposition to the expulsion. Same with Elon.

    The ones you are thinking of that let down the settler people were those in the Yesha commission, who sat back and did absolutely nothing as the process moved forward until the Jewish people were ripped from their homes.

  12. I stand corrected (accept the fact that Mofaz was the Ramatkal- not Minister of Defense during Disengagement).

    However, I view Mofaz as a potent military leader and Livni as a carbon copy of Olmert with less cunning (cunning is important when dealing with the Arabs. Shimon Peres is known to have it thouh he may not be a Right-winger).


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