Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moslem Bull Dozes Jews in Jerusalem, Part II

Time after time the enemy within attacks Jews, and time and time again nobody in Israel with power has the guts to call for the expulsion of the arab menace from the Holy Land. To the contrary, after every attack greater capitulations and whimpering are all that the tired, meek, corrupt Israeli leadership has left to offer.

( For the second time in three weeks, an Arab commandeered a bulldozer to commit a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. He wounded several people before being shot and killed.

The terrorist began his attempt to murder Jews on King David St. near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. He took a tractor from a construction site, and began plowing into vehicles along the street, hitting at least three cars - one of which he completely overturned - and a bus. One driver was able to escape from his car even though the tractor plowed it into a bus stop. When the terrorist reached the intersection of Keren HaYesod St., a citizen and Border Guard policeman shot and killed him. The entire incident was over very quickly, eyewitnesses said.

Less than three weeks ago, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem killed three people in a similar attack before he was himself killed by a heroic yeshiva student/soldier. The tractor used in today's attack was smaller than the one used in the previous one. Of the 23 injured, one is reported in moderate condition - apparently with an amputated leg - and the others have light injuries or are suffering from trauma. Among them are a woman and her nine-month-old baby son.

"We have long called for a policy of not hiring Arabs in construction," said Shifra Hoffman of Victims of Arab Terror. "We hold the government guilty of this attack for not implementing this policy."

The usual nothingness is being done to punish the arabs collectively for this heinous act. Once again it is washed away as yet another "isolated incident" by a "disgruntled worker" who had "personal problems".

Of course, the truth is that this is not an isolated act by a madman at all. It is part of the greater war as a whole that the vermin arab filth have been waging since they built the Golden Dome on our Temple Mount. The arab wants the Jews expelled or dead, period. This simple fact is non-negotiable, and as Israel continues to retreat in shame from the moslem scum, the vermin continue to press forward with their jihad with ever-increasing audacity.

Said Meir Kahane: "The beginning of Jewish wisdom, in this case, is to finally, in the name of G-d, admit to the truth even though that involves the painful admission of basic error, of a fundamental bankruptcy of ideology, of a lifetime of mistake. What has taken place in Eretz Israel and what will continue to take place but in more terrible ways, are not "disturbances" or "riots." There is WAR today in Eretz Israel, there is an uprising of the Arab stranger against the Jew in the Holy Land.

The blind Jews of both Israel and the Exile, in their utterly mad refusal to want to admit the truth - due to their liberal, gentilized illusions and delusions - allowed the cancer to fester and grow both bigger and bolder, until today it shakes the very core of a State of Israel that stands confused and perplexed, with none but gentilized dwarfs to guide it."




  1. Hey, MadZ, I will take one exception to your "Israeli leadership"...they are not Israeli, they do not belong to any country or religion...they are socialists, which makes their goals totally at odds with any nation's sovereignty.
    Yes the Israeli's are tired of it all, but, if the "leadership" followed a more masculine and muscular care for their people, the enemies would have been severely punished for every act of terrorism and war...then there would be peace, because the bullies only go after the weak and waffling, NOT the strong and resolute.
    Israel's "leadership" needs a daily dose of testosterone!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


  2. Nice to see you back again, TMW...been too long. Notice I have John Brown moderation in effect (ugggh), but the small delay sure beats enduring 5,000 worthless and insane rantings.

    Anyhow, Olmert is not as socialist as you may think. Economically he tends to be centrist and leans capitalist, but socially and in foreign policy he is a raging, radical progressive. He combines liberalism, corruption, and self-loathing into a neat package of wholesale slaughter and destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

  3. It's not only Israeli leadership which is at fault here. It is the Kadima constituency who believed Olmert would replace Sharon as the "Ultimate Leader" and finally bring peace to Israel.

    The public is tired of fighting. Every male must serve two month until he's 40. People don't want to endanger themselves any longer- which is natural. They want an easy way out. Problem is there is no easy way out.

  4. Eitan: You said it, brother.


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