Thursday, July 24, 2008

Putrid moslem dirtbags assault Jewish worker

This is the 3rd terrorist attack on Jews by arab workers in the past 3 weeks. How many more attacks are necessary before the Israelis awaken and run the dirty vermin out of the Holy Land once and for all?

They rape, enslave and kill the women; assault, torture, and kill the men; crush the skulls of the defenseless children, yet, the voices of reason, the voices that understand the price for peace is the expulsion of the moslem crud from the Land of Israel, are silenced.

( Thirty-eight year-old Avi Turjeman, an electrician from Kiryat Gat, suffered moderate head and hand injuries when he was attacked Thursday by two Arab construction workers on a building site. The three were working on a building in the southern kibbutz of Masuot Yitzhak when the unprovoked attack occurred. The Arab assailants fled without a trace and without an apparent motive, after committing the fourth employment-related attack on Jews by Arab workers this year.

According to Rafi Ben-Tal, the security coordinator at Masuot Yitzchak, Turjeman was working on a house when the two Arabs, who were standing on the roof of the house, jumped on the Jewish contractor, and one of them began hitting him with the hammer. The attacker and the other worker then escaped.

"I had no argument with them and did not talk to them," said Turjeman. "They attacked me from the back, one hitting me in the head and hand with the hammer, and the other helping him near the door. I managed to grab the hammer and jump out of the window." Ben-Tal noted that the workers escaped in an unknown direction in a white Mazda 323 sedan. The motive for the attack remains unclear.

Indeed, these wretched moslem pustules need to be hunted down and killed. The answer is vengeance, for it is a holy and just thing for us to avenge. We must as a people live by strength if we expect to receive peace and respect. Strength means to punish the arabs collectively when arabs attack. The arab as a people needs to be blighted entirely from the land, expelled without haste and with great celebration.

Here's what Kahane had to say: Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge. The Torah dons sackcloth over the distortion of the concept of revenge, which has become a target for the arrows of all Jewish Hellenists and worshippers of the alien culture, as if revenge were negative and evil by nature.

The very opposite is true! No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place. G-d, Himself, is called NOKEM, Avenger: "The L-rd is a zealous and avenging G-d. The L-rd avenges and is full of wrath. He takes revenge on His adversaries and reserves wrath for His enemies" (Nachum 1:2). Our sages also said (Berachot 33a), "Shall we say that even revenge is great because it appears between two names of G-d? 'A G-d of vengeance is the L-rd' (Psalms 94:1). Rabbi Elazar responded, 'Indeed. Where revenge is necessary, it is a great thing.'"

In short, they MUST go.



  1. I don't know whether it's a question of just "They Must Go!" anymore. It seems like the just thing to do would to collectively punish them by kicking them out of post-'67 Israel but singling out the terrorists and killing them.

  2. You ought to start a movement to rebuild the temple. That would be something that would attract a huge following, I bet. It might have the side effect of causing the Arabs to raise pure hell, but on the other hand, that might well push your government to the point where they would have to do something about it.

    Even if it never gets done, it would be a great rallying cry.

  3. Pagan, rebuilding the Temple is a matter that is very complicated, and is tied to concepts of Jewish messianic redemption that remain a source of disagreement among various religious Jewish movements. Suffice to say that tearing down the mosque and shrine would be a necessary precursor, and I would be the first one to advocate such an action.

  4. I assumed you would guess what I was talking about. The Temple would have to be built on the original spot, and this would of course necessitate tearing down the mosque-the Dome of The Rock, I think it's called, or something like that.

    I'm surprised that your Meier Kahane never called for that. Talk about getting some attention, that would certainly do it. Of course, it would take a large group of people to make an impact, but I think many Jews would be taken with the idea and would rush to your side.

    It's hard to imagine what the impact would be of such a movement. Of course it would be all over the Arab press, and the downside is, I'm afraid there would be a great lot of bloodshed.

    The Israeli government would be the first to denounce such a movement, actually. On the other hand, if somebody like yourself and all your friends agreed in principle with the idea, and started a political party to that effect, what could they do if you attracted a large, significant following and won seats in the Knesset?

    Like I said, it would be a great rallying cry, and the threat of actually gaining large scale support for such a project would make an even better bargaining chip. On the other hand, things like that tend to take on a life of their own.

    Who knows, it might actually work.

  5. a christian theologian, grant jeffrey, has explained in one of his books that the original temple was about a 150 feet or so from where the al aqsa mosque stands (according to jewish calculations) - the temple will be rebuilt regardless of whether the mosque stands or not.

    they'll be expelled, madze - in G-d's time, not ours. we don't need to kill them; they are killing themselves in the eyes of the Lord.

    psalm 122:6

  6. Nanc, not sure about the credibility of your source, but here is where you can go to see for yourself that the mosque and the shrine must go.

  7. We can only rebuilt the temple when the Moshiach comes so why even bother at this point?

  8. Eitan, that's one opinion, but there are many others, too. There are those, like me, who hold to the belief we must do our part to build it, and not await passively for it to be done for us by God. That the moshiach (anointed one), a mortal man of flesh and blood from Davidic lineage, will lead that undertaking, and eventually bring us into the messianic era.

    However, as you can imagine there are many divergent beliefs, and among the hareidi many mystical and kabbalistic interperetations that are very different, so let's suffice to say we do not have a unified agreement on the nature and timing of moshiach's coming among the various Jewish movements.

  9. OK, MZ, thanks for the knoweledge!

  10. Maybe he's already been here-and I'm not talking about Jesus Christ either. What part of what Christians call the Old Testament does it describe the Messiah as having hair like lamb's wool? Is it Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc? Well, if the Messiah had already been here he would be a pretty damn smart guy, right?

    Assume that he might have already come and paved the way, then get to work. That's just my thoughts on the matter, not being an expert, but sometimes it helps to have the perspective of an outsider whose not surrounded by the trees.

    Just imagine the shock waves once it's announced that the Temple will be rebuilt.

  11. Lets face it, any concession by the Israeli's gets repaid with bullying and thugery by the Islamicists. And the only proper response to bullying and thugery is coordinated bullying and thugery (vigilantism).

    You're average Joey Jewish needs to get tough and start breaking the helots kneecaps. For it is only when they are severly "disadvantaged" in "the pain ratio" that thugs will finally yield to "reason".


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