Tuesday, April 04, 2006

BIG NEWS! Couric leaving Today for CBS!

I care so much I can hardly type through the tears. Check this out.

Katie Couric will announce that she’s leaving the "Today" show tomorrow morning during her 15th anniversary celebration.

Expect this in the second half-hour of the show — between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. — when they roll out a cake and show clips of her many hairstyles. At that point, Katie is expected to say it’s been a grand ride, but that it’s time for a change.

The news is no shock at this point. The fact that Couric is leaving to anchor the "CBS Evening News" is the least well-kept secret in broadcasting since Howard Stern left regular radio for satellite.
Now, don't you wish you could have the last 2 minutes of your life back? Honestly, why does anybody give a crap. She's a flaming liberal bimbo taking over from Mimbo Rather, who got run out of his anchor job on a rail for gross liberal bias and brutal ratings. Don't they ever learn?




  1. My wife is as conservative as me, and yet she watches the Today Show when I was not in the room.--I do not get it, or the chipmonk.

    To start your day with that agitprop is stupid!

  2. as i've said before, i didn't know the three networks still existed. is there anything on them worth watching?

  3. Rightminded, my wife does the same thing. She somehow really likes that bunk. I am not much for AM tv watching so I pretty much ignore it.

  4. Nanc, how can you not watch 2 & 1/2 men?

  5. WHAT is that?

    have you seen this, madze:


    i tell you, G-d is not smiling much these days.

  6. I wonder how long that sneering little rip will last there?
    Her suck ass "pansy" partner Matt Laur will be like a lost puppy without her.

    Yuk, I can't stand either one of those two commies.

  7. You know that she'll be hyped by the leftwing media as a "pioneer for women" because she landed this worthless gig as a Teleprompter reader. The honeymoon will last a few months until the ratings return to the shitter where they belong.

  8. CBS guaranteed Couric big money in the sum of $20 Mil and a fresh guineapig to snack on before each and every broadcast. Can't you just picture in your mind, Katie, oppening up those hingeless snake like jaws to swallow the rodent, I can....

    Give me my talk radio afte my morning dose of Newmax, Autonomous and Madze

  9. janv - could we be related?

  10. I don't know, Nanc, what tribe do you hail from? There was a story of a great conservative that was driven out from Ca.

  11. i am a great conservative, but have never been driven from anywhere...hey, wait a minute...i was lured out! i cannot be driven anywhere unless it's in the backseat of a vintage bentley!

    i do know that jews adopted my native american father. what tribe they were from is another story. hmmm...i feel an aliyah coming on.

  12. Commie Couric does not pollute my home - ever.
    I don't care where she goes as long it's out of kicking distance.

  13. What about her commie replacement from "The View" Pravda look alike?
    It just gets better all the time. WHy don't we ask them to police themselves? Yeah, right!

    Liberals are about as trustworthy as a pedifile.

  14. who is katie couric? what is nbc? what is a cbs? 'splain it to me lucy!


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