Monday, May 01, 2006

Shas whores sell souls to Olmert for 1.8 billion

Once again, the Sephardic Hareidi Party (Shas) has sold out Torah, and the Jews of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, for the love of money.

The concessionist Kadima government of Ehud Olmert, who has pledged that the number one mission of his party is to surrender East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the moslems as a "good will gesture", can now count on the Ultra-Orthodox Shas party to once again be his bitch, and bend over on demand, in exchange for a nifty 1.8 billion shekels ($400 million US dollars) and 4 cabinet positions.

Why? So that they can continue to study the meaning of life with their buddies every day and never get jobs, of course. That, and those 4 delicious ministerial (cabinet) appointments they'll be receiving, which offer juicy perks like a full staff to tend to their every need, plus free limousine rides to and from work every day, which are just so irresistable for these most holy and pius men of esteemed prominence.

How disgusting it all is. Nothing gives Jews a worse name than when corrupt hypocrites wearing black hats and a beards bring shame to Jews and Torah. I can accept it better when the leftist, self-loathing scum make a mockery of Judaism because they can be dismissed as lost souls who don't know any better. These pigs do, and that only makes their despicable actions all the more disgraceful and damaging to the Jewish people as a whole.

They should all be ashamed of themselves. I know I'm ashamed of them.



  1. Surely you don't see the real caving in was from Labor and the left, who are willing to sit in a government with a party like Shas, who discriminates against gays, women, and unorthodox marriage, just to get some of those cushy perks you mentioned.

  2. the merry widow5/01/2006 8:39 AM

    Could it be that in thier rejection of Israel they will even resort to treason to destroy her? That way the Messiah has to restore her(thier way they think)? It's funny, but in my limited experience, G*D does it HIS way not man's! Very presumptuous me thinks.
    Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem and her deliverance from venal men!


  3. madze - i found this wonderful site, you may be interested. let me know.

  4. oops! forgot to paste it:

  5. Dana

    So your problem with the religious is that they actually practice Judaism. Have you joined up with the Adam Schapiro gang ast ISM. I am on my way with a bull dozer .

    Pancakes anyone.

  6. the rachel corrie special, beak?

  7. I have a small Bobcat skidloader that will work just fine. Are you game for some chicken, Dana?

  8. Dana will never get it. She is so blindly anti-Israel and self-loathing that every post she reads is followed by a hostile, anti-Semitic rant.

    So predictable.

  9. At $2.75 per gallon for diesel, my offer is still good, one more piece of trash for the landfil won't make a difference now will it? She'll at least feel right at home with the other trash.

  10. I wrote about this on my own blog a short time ago, and I think it can be said that now, people are starting to realize that Shas can't be faced with kid gloves. The rabbi interviewed seems to understand for one.

    As a resident of Israel who's familiar with the reasons for why the right wing bloc was damaged, if you're interested in knowing, what caused it was that the National Union was viciously attacking and even slandering the Likud and Netanyahu over exaggerated accusations, putting out advertisements that implied the Likud was literally as corrupt as Kadima's own members, which didn't make any sense. And what led them to do this? The problem, as I realized, was that they seem to be plagued with some kind of greedy impulses and grudges, and only saw what they wanted to. And this had the effect of causing many people not to vote.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to whitewash Netanyahu or the Likud. But what the National Union did was simply inexcusable. It's something I've had to realize - the hard way. And if the Yesha communities are wrecked by Olmert and his gang, it could be the NU's fault. Which is why IMO the Israeli national camp will have to distance itself from them. If they cannot be rational in their approach, and focus squarely on the core issues, then they're simply not qualified to be politicians, and certainly not to be representing the Yesha communities.


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