Thursday, June 29, 2006

G8 to Israel: "You must appease"

The "G8" community , including the United States, is telling Israel to stop using force to combat islamic terror. How nice of them! Telling the JEWS that they need to sit back and appease what they themselves would never tolerate. What chutzpah!

Remember when those 9,000 Jews were being expelled by force from Gaza and the "international community" applauded? Remember how they said now Israel could justify using force if they were attacked by terrorists because they had the courage to give such an enormous "good will gesture" to the moslems? It's a crock, and those of us not so foolishly naive knew it all along.

This from Ynet News:

The Group of Eight industrialized countries said on Thursday the Israeli arrest of officials from the ruling Hamas party raised "particular concerns."US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other G8 foreign ministers called on Israel to show restraint in Gaza and said that diplomacy was continuing to secure the release of an Israeli soldier, who was captured on Sunday.

"We call on Israel to exercise utmost restraint in the current crisis," G8 foreign ministers said in a joint statement. "The detention of elected members of the Palestinian government and legislature raises particular concerns."

Time to tell the G8, including Condi Rice,to go f-ck themselves. If Israel does not have the right to decide their own security measures than they are not sovereign. If they are not sovereign than the whole thing is a big, fat sham. Tell them all, Uncle Sam included, that you are either with us or against us in fighting the terrorist vermin, and then go ahead and act unilaterally to do what's necessary.



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