Monday, June 05, 2006

Intimidated Olmert grovels to Egypt

Israeli concessionist PM Ehud Olmert came to Egypt and groveled for their forgiveness. Why? Because the IDF had the audacity to kill a few terrorists who crossed over to Israel from Egypt, that's why.

(Arutz Sheva News) - "On behalf of the State of Israel," Olmert said, "I would like to express my deepest regret over the incident that occurred over the weekend in which two Egyptian security personnel were killed. We have initiated a joint committee to investigate the incident; we will consider its findings. Similarly, we have instructed our security and intelligence forces to cooperate on the issue and to make every effort to prevent a recurrence of such incidents in the future."
Well, isn't that special? Olmert is SORRY for killing terrorists because they came from Egypt. Of course, Olmert doesn't exactly have everyone's backing on his version of the events. Here's what the IDF's military commanding officer at the scene had to say.

"Today [Friday] at around 6 AM, our forces stationed here [Mt. Saguy, close tothe Israeli-Egyptian Negev-Sinai border] were attacked by a 3-man terrorist cell, which opened fire at them. They quickly took positions of cover, opened fire and killed two of the terrorists. We later found that the terrorists were dressed in uniforms of a foreign army, and were equipped with radios and Kalachnikov rifles, and undoubtedly crossed the border in order to attack our forces."
Apparantly, not everybody in Knesset is happy Olmert threw Israel under the bus to appease Egypt, either.

MK Yuval Shteinitz (Likud), who chaired the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee from 2003-2006, told Arutz-7 today, "In general, we must stop our fawning and groveling before Egypt, whose behavior is the main cause of the massive smuggling of arms to Gaza. Egypt should apologize to us! 90% of all arms and explosives used in Judea, Samaria and Gaza for terrorism against us comes from Egypt. They are no different than Iran and Syria in their support for terrorism."
Ehud, Ehud, are such a weakling it is even making many concessionists sick. This is what Israel deserves, though, for electing such a pathetic coward into office, and the price for that mistake looks like it is going to be very high.



  1. Of course Apartheid Israel is going to suck up to Egypt.

    Egypt - with its human rights violating dictator President - is the only country willing to take bribes from Uncle Sam to recognize your little UN mandated European settler colony.

    Concealed behind their racist land grabs and their brutality towards those whose land it steals, the fact that Apartheid Israel can't just run around killing Egyptians with impunity shows how weak and isolated Apartheid really is throughout the region and the world.

    Which is why, in the next few years, it will be back to Europe for your little European settlers who stole Palestine because the UN said they could.

  2. Mr. Brown,

    Did you forget your history? Wasnt it the oppressive "President" Nasser that was in the pocket of the Soviet Union? Wasnt it Egypt that became a refuge for war criminals fleeing Germany after WWII?

    While it is true that the US gives money to an autocratic government, there is a good reason for it.

    The US is paying for peace, you idiot!!!

    The Camp David Accords committed the US to pay annual subsidies to the government of Egypt. Since then there has been no fighting between Egypt and Israel. Other Arab countries have also followed Egypts lead.

    There is no price that you can put on saving lives you a**hole.

  3. As you say, Uncle Sam's bribes to Egypt didn't start until Sam's stooge Sadat took the healm. It was under Sadat that Sam started bribing Egypt to be nice to the little European Apartheid Colony carved from a UN mandate.

    So the bribes pay for "peace," do they? Would those who support democracy in Egypt call the Mubarak police state "peaceful"?

    Or how about Palestinians? Do you think they call it "peace" when your little apartheid colony steals land not given to it by the UN.

  4. the merry widow6/06/2006 1:05 PM

    As far as Olmert is concerned, the only thing I can safely say is "GAG"!


  5. MW:

    YOu can add to "GAG," "RETREAT! RETREAT! RETREAT!"

  6. you know he's afraid of losing the peace...he's forgetting about his own peace with G-d. well whats to happen? we arent to judge and assume, only to live and see. peace.

  7. "RETREAT! RETREAT! RETREAT!" cries the Zionist land thief.

    "Where's the UN? Won't they come rescue us?" cries Sharon... Oh, wait. Sharon can't cry, because he's comatose, pissing and shitting himself.

  8. Do you think a fat slobbering pig like Sharon can cry even though he's in a coma pissing and shitting himself, Zionist?

  9. JoBro,

    The man you call a stooge, Sadat, died heroically for the cause of peace. He dared to seek a peaceful solution to the problem in defiance of your Islamist allies. These "peace" activists that killed Sadat advocate a much more repressive country than Egypt has ever been.

    It is revealing that the US ended a state of war between Israel and Egypt (which lasted for decades) and you condemn it. Would you suggest dumping the deal we made with Egypt and rekindling the fighting?

    That shows that you are only interested in war and you are hypocrite.

  10. Brown, I have nothing but disgust for Sharon myself, but for you to be celebrating any man's vegetative state is sociopathic. Debate policies all you want, and make your points freely, but don't pull an infintile rant like that again or you'll be deleted.

  11. Brown

    Jews can not steal land from which they are indigenous. Arabs are the Colonialist but a Marxist is by definition an appologist for genocide, a traitor and an anti semite .

  12. Brown, you pathetic Arab-apologist,

    Israel has never stolen land from anybody. You obviously know nothing about modern Israeli history so I suggest you shut your infantile mouth and don't come back here. Unlike of others I won't give you or any other Marxisgt idiot like yourself a lesson on Israeli history 101. Get a college degree in Middle-East history and maybe you'll learn.

    As for Sharon I agree with you for different reasons altogether. The master of "disengagement" is now in a comma. Nevertheless, he's Jewish and nothing gives you the right to lambast him as you have. As a member of the JDL I used to bash the heads of pigs like you and did it with much delight.

  13. "apartheid Israel"...and to think, Israeli Arabs have full citizenship and all the rights a Jew has. That's after they've blown us up in our own country and after they've actor as traitors time and time again.

  14. Greg, nice to see you show your teeth again. Kol haKovod!

  15. MZ: I'm not for hiding them. I just take a break once in a while:)

  16. Greg,

    You're the one living in a fantasy world - clinging to a 2500 year old fantasyland myth that you believe somehow validates the UN stealing a bunch of land and handing it over to a bunch of European colonialists intent on creating a racially pure state not unlike the Nazis tried to do.

    If you think Arabs have the same rights as Jews, how come someone born in Palestine in 1945 can't return to their home but someone that has lived in Kansas City or Dallas or Vancouver or Auschwitz with no attachment to the land (aside from your fantasyland-myth land claim) can pick up and move there?

    JDL neo-Nazis are all talk. Sharon is a Vegetable because God knows about his massacres at Sabra and Shatila. He's paying the price for the blood he's shed. As soon as you condemn him for slaughtering innocent Palestinians, I'll stop mocking his condition.

    A condition, incidentally of total incapacitation - pissing and shitting all over himself!

  17. JoBro,

    Have you ever heard of terrorism? Your concern for the Palestinians goes only as far as you can benefit politically.

    They are nothing but potential recruits and allies for your pathetic cause.

    Of course the Israelis deny the Palestinian refugees the right of return. Who can trust them?

    Dressed in civilian clothes they blow up buses, weddings, restaurants and dance clubs. They shoot families in their homes or on the road. They kill their own people indiscriminately at border crossings.

    All of these attacks do not occur in war zones so there is no possibility that this is collateral damage, unlike your false claims against the Israelis. You would love to get terrorists into Israel so you can celebrate more terror attacks.

    On another note, Sabra and Shatila massacres were committed by Arab Christians who were retaliating to Arab Muslim attacks on them. It was their circle of violence that the Israelis did not participate in. You never fail to miss an opportunity to make yourself look like an ass.

  18. FN:

    Sharon was "personally responsible" for the massacres there because he ordered the Phalangists to attack (much like Apartheid Israel today is using the same group to go after Hizbullah). At least that's what Apartheid Israel's own tribunal said.

    Who can trust Apartheid Israel? Nobody can. Just look at their history: offensive war predicated on lies and ethnic cleansing in 47, offensive war in 56, offensive war predicated on lies and ethnic cleansing in 67, and offensive war predicated on lies and ethnic cleansing in Lebanon throughout the 80s, and offensive war predicated on lies and ethnic cleansing on Palestine for 2 decades.

    From the bravery of being out of range they shell and bomb innocent civilians, killing 4 or 5 times the number the 'aggressors' kill. And stealing tons of land in the process. As they withhold food, water and medicine, they kill people indiscriminately - shooting up ambulances and the like.

  19. Brown

    Are you eating Captain Crunch with LSD. Freedom Now explained the Sabra and Shatilla massacre. The stair way doesn't go to the top. Have you heard of a thing call archeology ? There is extensive proof that Jews were there long before Arabs.

    However all of that aside our nation will be hit by Islamo terrorism it is a matter of when. I hope that an agitated American people take care of your kind first.

  20. I am totally opposed to Israel's many illegal practices against the Palestinians, as eveyone here knows by now. I have also made it clear that Ariel Sharon should be considered a war criminal.

    However, the demented comments by this John Bown character are psychotic, and I agree that the way he is salivating over Sharon's condition is borderline perverted.

    Even though I agree with much of what he says about Israel, he is clearly an over-the-top lunatic that seems to only want to see more Jews dead. Though I am no fan of Israel by a longshot, please do not lump me in with this bloodthirsty anti-Semite psycho.

  21. Mr. Brown will be banned until he unconditionally apologizes to all who read this website for his crude, infintile rantings. People are welcome to come here and disagree with the host all they want, as evidenced by Dana who has been posting the leftwing pro-Palestinian position for over a year now without bannishment. I give her tremendous credit for distancing herself from the sociopathic Brown.

    When the line is crossed from angry dissent to perverse, sadistic ranting it's time for him to go. Here are the disturbing, twisted remarks that got him canned:


    "Where's the UN? Won't they come rescue us?" cries Sharon... Oh, wait. Sharon can't cry, because he's comatose, pissing and shitting himself.

    Do you think a fat slobbering pig like Sharon can cry even though he's in a coma pissing and shitting himself, Zionist?

    A condition, incidentally of total incapacitation - pissing and shitting all over himself!


    Need I say more? Brown's out.



  22. I'm sorry you feel that way, Dana, but I have precisely as much respect for Sharon as the Madman has for a pregnant Palestinian woman.

    All this proves is that Zionist is a glass-jaw bully who can attack the Palestinians with racist rhetoric but can't take a punch. It exposes him as a craven coward.

    Remember, Zionist: "The bottom line: the vermin gotta go - both for their own sake and that of the indigenous Jewish people. Expelling them does everyone a favor."

    I get it, now. Even as you censor me, you expose your racist double-standards.

  23. John, I have no issue with dissent, and if I ever make a graphic, sadistic rant about dying pregnant arab women I'll go check myself into the nearest mental institution.

    I believe that expelling the moslems is moral and beneficial to both Jews and moslems alike. Clearly, you would prefer to see it the other way around, and despite expressing an opinion which I obviously find errant, vile and offensive, I have not lost my temper or threatened to censure your opinion. As long as it is discussed from intellect and not hysteria I am extremely patient and open with my forum.

    You, though, have gone off on some crazy explosion here. I expect some heated expression now and then, but a certain civility is a must. We are all adults here and need to act as such.

    Lastly, I am disappointed in you, because even though we are the political opposite, I felt you were intelligent and capable of making this site more interesting by coming here and expressing your views in an articulate manner. Not that I expected you to persuade anyone to think differently, but I believed you would bring stimulating debate to this forum.

    All I ask is for you to do is apologize for going over the top with those disturbing comments, and in the future offer quality opposing debate and discussion like you are capable of, and we can move forward again without interruption.

    It's your call.


  24. kahaneloyalist6/08/2006 12:22 AM

    Before WWII the Arabs and Nazis created an alliance. It was orchestrated by the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj iman al-Husseni and Hitler himself. That alliance has never ended. Once you understand the source of Arab attitudes towards the Jews you will understand men like John Brown.

  25. KL, as you know the arabs deny that 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust, and the Marxists deny that 20 million Jews were killed under Lenin and Stalin during their reign of terror with the Soviet Empire. John Brown has managed to combine moslem, nazi, satanic and communist hating into a single, frighteningly evil ideology.

    He is an almost cartoonish representative of all things evil.

  26. the merry widow6/08/2006 7:05 AM

    It isn't very funny, but G*D has a way of exacting poetic justice on those who sneer and mock. jobro is in for a very bad surprise, he is soon to learn that those who attack the helpless become helpless themselves and no one will hear thier cries for mercy. There is a Judge who cannot be bribed, manipulated or lied too. I do not envy his lessons!
    Olmert is a Chamberlain wannabe! Except Chamberlain learned and ended up supporting the war effort! May he learn also, SOON!
    Good morning to all and G*D bless those who bless HIM!


  27. Another Infidel6/08/2006 10:41 AM

    Sickening! Someone kick this spineless fool out of office, please!

  28. John (Black): concerning the JDL: I was with them and can vouch for this...we gave skinheads, black racists such as yourself, and many an Arab a good, healthy beating and I'm proud to say I took part in some. We didn't gang up on them we just took them out one by one. Can you say that for your beloved black panthers(kitty cats would be more appropriate)?

  29. Dana,

    John Brown is insane but he feels the same way about Israel and the genocidal wogs that you do. He is the ugly face of honesty to your sly face of deceit.

    You're every bit as sick as he is but not as honest.

  30. John Browneye,

    what condition is Yasser Arafag and Abitch muslob Zarqueeri in? Last time I checked Sharon was doing better than them.

    All of your heroes are dead except for Zarafairy and Bin loser--who are dead men cowering.

    What do the voices tell you about this?

  31. You are wrong, Bargholtz. I do not desire to see Jews killed. It is my contention that lives on both sides will be saved by making a bi-National State for both populations to share. Brown wants the Jews expelled and killed.

  32. Dana, a bi-national state you propose would kill Jews and the fictional Palestinians you support have been killing Jews since before they even used their fictional identity.

    You know this. You want to see Jews murdered.


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