Thursday, June 15, 2006

Olmert to Chirac: I will surrender Judea, Samaria

A more pathetic sight I cannot recall. Israel's Concessionist Dhimmi PM Ehud Olmert went to France to meet with French Capitulationist Dhimmi PM Jacque Chirac to discuss plans to forcibly expel the Jews and unconditionally surrender Judea and Samaria.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told French President Jacques Chirac on Wednesday that Israel has a new plan to talk about with the Palestinian Authority -- but will go it alone if the PA won't talk.

Olmert had glowing words of praise after his meeting with Chirac, "whom he called "patient and personal", and saying his meeting with the French leader was "emotional, encouraging and interesting".

He also said Chirac had expressed no objections to his unilateral withdrawal plan, which Olmert described as "unstoppable".

"My belief in this has only been strengthened after my meetings with world leaders,"he said. "Willingness to give up most of the territory, hold on to the blocs, moving settlers behind a secure border and forming a contiguous Palestinian state -- this is the convergence," he said.

Olmert and Chirac spoke with reporters in Paris prior to the meeting. Chirac echoed the statements of other world leaders in his statement to the press, saying that France and the European Union were unwavering in their intention to help Israel and the PA come to a peace agreement.

“It is time to impose peace in the region, based on two states living side by side with each other in peace,” he said.

I looked at Chirac, looked at Olmert, looked back at Chirac, and all I could see is Neville Chamberlain calling for appeasement of the Nazis as the true plan for peace.


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