Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israeli responses still muted on the 17th Tamuz

Today happens to be the 17th of Tamuz on the Jewish calendar. It's a somber fast day upon which many tragedies have befallen the Jewish people over the past 3,300 years. Moses smashed the first set of tablets following the Golden Calf episode on the 17th of Tamuz. The Babylonians broke through the Temple walls on the 17th of Tamuz. The Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem on the 17th of Tamuz.

So, now we come to modern day Israel and see the islamic vermin launching full scale missile attacks from Jewish evacuated Lebanon to the north, and Jewish evacuated Gaza to the south, on the 17th of Tamuz. A bitter reminder to Israelis that cutting and running from the moslem filth only encourages them to use more terrorism to kill Jews.

Yet, despite the clear proof in blood that retreating from the vermin doesn't work, the nervous, cowardly leaders of Secular Israel refuse to use their superior forces to crush the terrorist enemy. As of this writing, the Olmert government still has not authorized the ground forces to enter Gaza and demolish the scum, nor have they allowed the air force to the north to do more than just take out a couple of bridges and vacant lots.

Meanwhile, as Captain Queeg Olmert nervously rolls his steel balls, paralyzed with fear and incapable of giving the tough orders for the IDF to do what needs to be done, the festering islamic boyles are preparing to launch long range missiles into big Israeli population centers like Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

Today, we all need to pray that somehow, some way, despite the feeble, cowering, whimpering leadership of Ehud Olmert, Israel is able to withstand the massive terrorist barrages that are soon to come from land that rightly belongs to the Jewish people to begin with.



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