Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jew barred from Tel Aviv bar for wearing a kippah

Things in the secularist state of Israel have really become hostile for observant Jews. Apparantly, now just wearing a yarmulke is enough to get refused entry into the Tel Aviv bars. Who'd have ever believed that in Israel, of all places, Jews would be persecuted for wearing a kippah? Kinda makes one wonder why we need this faux "Jewish State" at all.

Ynet News - David Rosenberg, a 30-year-old diamond dealer from Belgium, went through a very unpleasant experience last weekend when he went out with friends in Tel Aviv on a Saturday night. Rosenberg claims that a Bar located on Tel Aviv's promenade refused to let his cousin into the place, simply because he was wearing a kippah.

"I went out to party with a group of friends at the Clara club," Rosenberg told Ynet. "My cousin, an Italian Jew, came to Israel to get married, and we were planning some sort of a bachelor party for him."

"At about 1 a.m. we arrived at the place and bumped into the doorman, Doron, whom I know from when he used to work at the Erlich pub. This time he looked through me as if I was made out of air and didn't respond when I asked him to let us in," Rosenberg recounted.

Rosenberg called up one of the club's owners he claims to know, who said only Rosenberg can be allowed into the place.

"After waiting about an hour outside I phoned one of the other owners, Shachar, who came out and told the bouncer who to let in. Doron signaled us to enter one by one, and when my cousin, who wears a black kippah, wanted to proceed, Doron simply said, "him I can't allow in."

According to Rosenberg, when he asked Shachar why his cousin was denied entry, he told him: "I can't let him in, he's wearing a kippah."

"The bouncer told us that even if we spend a hundred thousand shekels in the place, he cannot go in," he said, adding that at this point the group left the club.

Funny, but in Israel's religious communities, even including hareidi districts like B'nai Brock and Me'ah Sharim, the non-kippah Jews are not banned from eating at their restaurants or frequenting their stores. As we can see, the true intolerance and discrimination really comes from ultra-liberal self-loathers who ban yarmulkes in Tel Aviv.

One more thing: The kippah wearing Jews have never expelled a Jew from his house simply for being Jewish. We certainly can't say the same for the militant secularists, who have already forcibly removed 9,000 Jews from Aza, and have another 75,000 kippah Jews planned for deportation from Judea and Samaria ASAP.



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