Friday, July 14, 2006

Katyushas to the north, Kassams to the south

Tzfat, Haifa and other northern towns in Israel continue to be pummelled today with Katyusha rockets by Hezbollah, as the south continues to take regular Kassam attacks from Hamas.

Ynet News - Hizbullah continues to strike north: Katyusha barrages landed Friday afternoon in Safed, Nahariya, Hatzor and Beit Jan. one of the rockets directly hit a house in Safed, injuring 12 people. One person sustained a very severe head injury, another person sustained serious-to-moderate wounds and the other 10 were lightly wounded by shrapnel and shock wave.

At least 14 rockets landed in the town in three or four barrages and the town's residents still suffer from disruptions in the power supply caused by earlier rocket attacks.

And this from the south...

Ynet News - Three rockets landed in Sderot and another two in open areas outside the town. One rocket landed in the Neveh Eshkol neighborhood and caused damage to several buildings. A number of people suffered from shock. The rocket hit a power line, and consequently the electricity supply to one of the neighborhoods streets was cut off.

Another rocket landed near a factory of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, which was empty at the time. One of the rockets landed near Kibbutz Gevim, starting a fire in a grove. Fire fighters were working to put out the fire.

Sderot residents said that one of the rockets landed in a place where children usually gather to leave for summer camps, which are closed on Friday.

So, Israel retreats from Lebanon in 2000 and gets Hezbollah, then retreats from Gaza in 2005 and gets Hamas. These capitulations seem to really work out great, don't they? Gotta love those "good will gestures" Israeli leftists keep making to appease the vermin at the behest of the good ol' "international community".



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