Monday, July 03, 2006

Vermin give Olmert ultimatum

Olmert the weakling says he won't give in to the threats. The vermin have given him until 6AM tomorrow to release 1,000 terrorist scum from Israeli jails or they'll kill hostage Shalit.
Ynet News - Israel will not negotiate a prisoner exchange deal with the Hamas government, the Prime Minister's office said in a statement Monday. "The Israeli government will not give in to blackmail by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, led by murderous terror organizations. We will hold no negotiations over the release of prisoners," the statement said, rejecting an ultimatum issued by three Palestinian factions.

"We give the Zionist enemy until 6 a.m., Tomorrow, Tuesday, the fourth of July," The latest communique [from the Palestinian terrorists] said.

"The Palestinian Authority bears full responsibility for Gilad Shalit's well being and for his safe and healthy return to Israel," the statement stressed.

Hmmm...The "Prime Minister's office" made this statement, but not the PM himself?? Hope I'm wrong, but I smell another capitulation coming. If Olmert was really serious about this he'd be in front of the cameras himself attempting to appear manly. We'll see what happens, but so far Olmert has done nothing but blow up a few empty office buildings, ship in truckloads of food, supplies and gasoline to the moslems, and keep the IDF ground forces grounded at the Gaza border.



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