Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What's next for Israel? MZ's Plan for Peace

Ehud Olmert's concessionist government has been fighting a war against the moslems both to the north and to the south, as we all know, for over a week now. To date, the vermin from the "Party of Allah" (Hezbollah) have unloaded over 1,000 rockets at the north of Israel as far south as Haifa, the third largest city in Israel behind Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Until the strikes hit on Friday, it was believed that Haifa was out of the vermin's missile range. Now, many believe Tel Aviv will be the next city on the moslem hit-list.

Sadly, it was Israel's cowardly retreat from Lebanon in 2000 that facilitated this whole disturbing affair in the first place.

Not to be forgotten, however, is the terrible appeasement that Jews are paying the heavy price for to the south. In what used to be the lush, fruit filled oasis of Gush Katif, and other thriving Jewish agricultural communities, the now terrorist state of Gazan Hamas continues to bombard the Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Sderot with daily rocket fire. Ashkelon, like Haifa, was thought to be out of range of the vermin rockets, but now that the scum can launch them from the northern tip of Gaza, from points where Jewish homes and schools used to be before the expulsion, they now can reach with tragic regularity. The fact that Egypt has supplied the vermin of Gaza with more sophisticated weaponry since Sharon retreated has also enabled more powerful and longer range missiles. Ashdod is the next major port heading north up the coast, and could very well be the target of the next wave of Gaza rocket attacks.

These are only some examples of the many gross miscalculations made by the past and present concessionist Israeli governments regarding the barbaric islamic enemy, which are, as always, ruthlessly imperiling Jewish civilian life.

All in all, this is now the biggest attack against Israel since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Though few doubt an arab invasion is remotely possible, the endless bombing and shooting against Israeli cities and towns is now a crisis situation. The message that is to be learned from this, of course, is clear: Wars must be fought until there is a total winner and unconditionally surrendering loser.

Sadly, Israel is just not willing to pile up the moslem death toll necessary to make that happen. If done properly, with heavy bombing of southern Lebnanon and Gaza followed by full ground invasions (without the foolish limitations demanded by the concessionist lefties wanting lower casualty rates) Israel's problems with the arabs would be swiftly solved. In short, a moslem massacre is the pre-requisit for any real peace to emerge.

Think this is too cruel? You are a war monger if you do. You see, no war can end until one side has sustained so many casualties that they sue for peace. Unconditional surrender doesn't come from "measured responses" or "restraint", it comes from destroying the enemy. Japan didn't surrender in WWII because they wanted to end the unfortunate "cycle of violence", they surrendered because they were nuked. Twice.

Same kind of story with Nazi Germany. Until they were completely demolished by the allies all the way to Berlin, without a building left standing, they weren't going to surrender. A war only ends when the enemy is totally beaten and begs for mercy - unconditionally.

Look at the mess left behind from the unfinished work of the Korean war. History has shown us now that MaCarthur was right; we needed to finish the job. The future for Israel would only be that of peace if they would simply inflict catastrophic damage upon the moslems.

The international community would fight such an idea tooth-and-nail, of course, but that's because they hate Jews and they aren't being shot at themselves. Israel must act sovereign of this hypocritical entity and do what's in their own best national interests: Wipe out the vermin.

How should they go about this, you ask? First off, Israel needs to reclaim Gaza and southern Lebanon with the highest possible casualties inflicted. Next, Israel needs to carpet bomb Syria. There should be nothing left standing - an all out war should be waged to eliminate the Syrian government and the vermin who pose resistance. Heavy bombing, even nuclear if necessary, so that the peace that follows is absolute and lasting.

Peace will only be possible, remember, when the enemy has been utterly vanquished. As hard as this sounds for many people to accept, death tolls must be astronomical for true peace to become possible. I can't emphasize this point enough.

Next step: Jordan.

Jordan must be declared the permanent home for the "Palestinians". It is inconceivable for anyone to believe that the vermin can live in Israel peacefully alongside the Jews. The only solution to the 2 million or so wretched moslems who are in Eretz Israel, lying in wait until the Jewish State is destroyed, is to forcibly expel them from the Land. The only logical place for them to go is either Jordan, which is where most come from anyway, or another Arab country in which they have ancestral ties to. Israel must make that happen as an unconditional pact with both Jordan, Egypt and the other surrounding arab lands. If these governments reject the Pseudostinians, they will in turn be crushed by Israel's firepower just as Syria was.

Iran? Let them try and get directly involved with Israel without the cover of the Hezballah proxy. A nuke would shut them up real quick, and end whatever threat they pose to the rest of the world, too. Seriously, Iran either must concede to what Israel does or they will be nuked - no questions asked and no other alternatives given.

Now, once the wars are over, the surrounding arab countries will finally be friends of Israel - out of necessity. Israel will then be able to live in real peace, with security, as a truly Jewish State without fear from within or without. The vermin will be beaten, submissive, and forced to capitulate to accepting the Jewish State as a permanent, unarguable reality that they have no choice but to recognize and live at peace with as neighbors.

MZ's Plan for Peace: There is no substitute!



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