Thursday, September 28, 2006

Christian Zionists gather in support of Israel

Want to know what scares the crap out of the Islamic/Leftist axis? The Jewish/Christian Zionist alliance, of course.

Ynet News - Millions of Evangelical Christians around the world support and constantly pray for the State of Israel , representatives at a meeting of the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus said Wednesday.

Dozens of Evangelical pastors, parliament members, and leaders from an array of countries gathered at the Knesset in Jerusalem to proclaim their support for the country, during a meeting of the Caucus, which was also attended by Knesset Members from across the political spectrum.

"We see Israelis as our spiritual mothers and fathers. It's an honor for us to be here," Pastor Norman Miller of Australia told Ynetnews. "We love your God, Israel," Miller told the meeting, to a round of warm applause.

"The line between the political and the biblical is disappearing," Josh Reinstein, Director of the Caucus, told the meeting. "Around the world, we see the rise of radical Islam come against our Judeo-Christian values, and we must meet it with a well organized response," Reinstein said.

"We formed the Christian Allies Caucus to coordinate cooperate and communicate with our Christian allies around the world… we want to work with you, and we thank you for your support," he told delegates.

Addressing concerns voiced by some about an alliance with Evangelical Christianity, Reinstein said: "Of course we have to be vigilant to make sure that we're not working with organizations that are just befriending us to convert us, but what we are doing is finding real friends and creating real relationships, so we can promote each other.

"Evangelical Christians around the world are the greatest friends Israel has. And for us to turn our noses at them because of past transgressions is a ridiculous idea… the relationship between Jews and Christians in the 21st century is going to be the most important issue of our time, I think."

Reinstein said concerns about the Evangelical belief in the second coming of Jesus were unfounded: "We also have our own beliefs. For our purpose, it's completely irrelevant. If you're a Jew and you're concerned about what's going to happen in the Christian faith, you're not really a practicing Jew, because that's something you shouldn't be concerned about."[emphasis added-MZ]

The last line is so true: If you are afraid of the Christian messianism than you are a Christophobe not a Jew. We have no reason at all to feel threatened or concerned by the Christian version of the End of Days if we are Torah believing and practicing Jews.

The future for Israel is bleak when put in the hands of western leftists, who have allied themselves with the moslem enemies of the Jewish people and seek to convert us all to secular humanism. The only way for Israel's future to be secure and successful is for it to be led by ZIONIST JEWS, and the gentile allies who support Israel's inalienable right to be a state of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews, so help us God.

My liberal, self-loathing brethren need to dump their bogus allience with the socialists, atheists, Christian humanists, homosexual activists, and peaceniks. Time for us to build on friendships of real substance, with real common goals and mutual respect, rather than bad marriages of shallow ideals and fickle loyalties. The liberal woman has done nothing but cheat on us, sell us out to the enemy, and get us killed. Haven't we had enough of this misery and betrayal yet?

An alliance with liberalism is an alliance with islam. An alliance with the Christian Zionists is an alliance with...the Christian Zionists. No phony fronts, no agenda to Hellenize us, and, let's face it, even if they secretly wanted to convert us, we Jews have proven over the last 2,000 years that we are far more vulnerable to Hellenizers than missionaries.



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