Thursday, September 07, 2006

NFL football starts tonight

Wait a minute: The Mad Zionist is not posting his rage against the moslem filth, or the leftist scum, or Olmert? Yes, MZ is taking a rare day off from his political rants to post about his beloved FOOOTBAAALLL!!

Are you ready? I know I've got wings ready to be fried, beer waiting to be drank, and a TV primed for the game. There will be no FOX news tonight, no scanning the net for outrages against the Jewish people, no Torah lessons, and no commenting at my favorite sites in the blogosphere.

No. Tonight is Dolphins vs Steelers, and I will be glued to the tube, baby! WHOO-HOOO!!

*Regularly scheduled programming about forcibly expelling the vermin from Israel will resume tomorrow at its normal time. Meanwhile, enjoy some football for God's sake!



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