Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gazan vermin prepare for war - "The Musical"

So, what are the vermin in Gaza up to, you ask? Why, they are just working hard, raising their children, helping their fellow man, doing good deeds, and, of course, smuggling in mass quantities of weapons to prepare for war with Israel.

Worldnet Daily: JERUSALEM – Hamas has succeeded in smuggling "hundreds of tons" of weapons from Egypt into the Gaza Strip and is preparing for the possibility of launching a large-scale conflict with Israel, according to a report by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party.

The report, drafted by Fatah's General Security Services and obtained by WND, stated Hamas has smuggled from the Egyptian Sinai desert between several hundred and 1,300 tons of advanced rockets; anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles; rocket propelled grenades; raw explosives; rifles; ammunition; and other heavy weaponry.

Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip last year. In a deal brokered in November by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Egypt-Gaza border, once controlled by the Jewish state, now is manned by Egyptian and Palestinian security officials and is observed by European monitors. The monitors reportedly have fled their duty several times the past few months.

"We learned from Hezbollah's victory that Israel can be defeated if we know how to hit them and if we are well prepared," Abu Ahmed said. "We are importing rockets and the knowledge to launch them and we are also making many plans for battle."

"The Sinai is an excellent ground for training, the exchange of information and weapons and for meetings on how to turn every piece of land into usable territory for a confrontation with Israel," Abu Ahmed said.

The moslem scum are just being handed a free ride to load up and kill Jews. How sweet, huh? Well, we all know what that surely means, don't we? Time for another Land concession, of course! Maybe even release some terrorists from prison. I can feel it, man. Feel it coming in the air. It's now "good will gesture" time all over again, baby! Whooo-hooo!

Sung to "Spring Time For Hitler":

Spa time, for Olmert, in Israel
He'll have a facial and massage
While Ehud relaxes in a nice mud bath
A page, comes to say, the moslems feel outrage and wrath

But it's Spa Time for Olmert in Israel
He won't let this ruin his day
So Ehud orders more Jews expelled from the Land
Perhaps - over lunch - he'll give away the Land God gave to Gad?

Because it's Spa time, for Olmert, in Israel
He gets a pedicure and bikini wax
While Ehud sips champaigne and eats caviar,
it's time, to arrest a Jew, for blowing the shofar.



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